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Yamatai News (YINN) Slave Ship Captured

YINN (8月01日 YE40)

The YSS Ranger, YSS Mushu, and YSS Executor conducted a raid against a transport convoy between Essia and Kuvexia. In addtion to liberating signifigant amounts of raw materials, fifty thousand Separa'Shan were also liberated. The ship's computers indicate that the Separa'Shan were intended to be slaves in Kuvexia. Senator Volontany was both relieved and infuriated at the news. "We thank Naga'Shun and all of the sprits for sparing our brothers and sisters from the horrors of slavery. However, they are far from the first to be transported into Kuvexia. After we reclaim Hannako's World, Essia, and all of the other worlds taken by the Kuvexians, we must take the fight to Kuvexia and liberate our breathren." We will be following up with stories from the survivors in a new series.