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SYNC Smells like trouble!


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To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui (@Wes)
From: Hokusai Akiyo

Taisho Yui,

Saw the news out of Gashmere. The situation looks pretty bad. Really unfortunate. Those terrorists' grievances seem like nothing but a ridiculous excuse to cause an uproar! Someone's got to want to fall for their lies to buy into that stuff. Everyone knows Imperial constituent worlds can maintain full autonomy while only benefitting from your Star Army's protection, right? Makes me sick to catch the news these days!

Anyway, it doesn't look like you ever put my retirement papers through. Regardless, I've been enjoying some me-time at home on Tami and boppin' around the core worlds ever since you gave the Third to Shizuka (our Lioness really does a great job keeping things together, I'll have to send her a hello sometime). But if you ever need help at Star Army Command or Operations or wherever else, don't forget that my Ninth Fleet pioneered and set the standard for anti-insurgent operations. So I'll gladly lend my expertise or advice if you need the brain power. Rooting out baddies like those evil bears is my speciality after all!