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SYNC Special Forces Collaboration


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Highest level encryption started.. Encrypted.

Security clearance codeword embedding.. Done.

TO: Taisho Nakaide Shida, Director, Star Army Intelligence

TO: Shôshô Kanachi Hibe, Ranger-General, Star Army Reconnaissance

TO: Taisho Mizumitsu Benji, Chief of Rikugun Staff, Star Army Rikugun

TO: [Err: 404], Provost Marshal, Star Army Military Police

Greetings all,

I've been encountering some difficulties lately I wished to discuss with you.

I've included you all in this dispatch as best I can tell from my security clearance, it pertains to at least a number of your direct reports.

Some of my classified teams, especially those involved with the containment and research of esoteric or strategically important discoveries/developments, have been running into issues.

As some of you might know, SAINT operates its own independent team to do almost the same duties and has done for many years. While we've collaborated at times, recently it's become clear that when the reports come in for assistance from local forces in these matters, there's notable redundancy and confusion in the response.

I've been given reports of at least one instance of where SAINT and SARA have allegedly both sent teams to a site with near exactly the same composition and equipment, on separate transports, before realising each others' presence and conflicting interests.

Such events make me believe that some sort of collaborative body for organising and potentially merging some of our special forces would be a good idea.

It would eliminate this sort of waste of resources, confusion of intelligence and how outside officers may not know what body to request support from, leading to multiple special forces attending a situation, potentially at the deficit of other places that require their attention.

Additionally, SARA has considerable extra overhead of staff just for dealing with sensitive situations in the field. Our experimental UMBER field teams (for when scientific scenarios are too sensitive for local SARA units) require staffing and administration beyond our normal labwork and field experimentation, but there is no doubt in my mind that SARA personnel are best suited for these incidents.

I imagine that several of the bodies within the Star Army that employ Special Forces as part of their roster may increase efficiency and minimize overhead by having a central body.

For example, Rikugun and Reconnaissance have some - but not total - overlap in some areas, which I'm sure probably leads to a similar scenario when it comes to intelligence mismatches, administrative and deployment redundancy. Both forces are required, cannot be merged, but would benefit from some unification.

The same may be the case with SAINT and its many special forces teams, some of which likely fall into very similar categories as other teams but there have been no attempts to unify. For example, AEGIS, SDF and non-shipboard SOFT teams. The same case as with UMBER and SAINT science teams.

Equally, there is no naval equivalent of the Giretsu, which I'm sure would be quite the asset but would need to be handled differently from the standard Star Army Infantry management, likely with collaboration and advice from ship-board special forces and the Giretsu.

Similarly, hostage rescue units or mutiny recovery units in the SAMP could likely benefit from the experience and robust control of this unified command, rather than the Military Police having to account for such scenarios that are rare in comparison to normal duties.

Please let me know your thoughts.

FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration

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//Highest Security Clearance, No Foreign Release//

TO: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration
FROM: Taisho Mizumitsu Benji, Chief of Rikugun Staff, Star Army Rikugun
CC: Commander of the Star Army

Chujo Iemochi, while going through your proposal I noticed there was a glaring omission on who this was distributed to. You are not under my command structure, but if one of our Army Commanders was to omit the Commander of the Star Army it would not end well for them. But I will digress.

TO: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration
TO: Taisho Nakaide Shida, Director, Star Army Intelligence
TO: Shôshô Kanachi Hibe, Ranger-General, Star Army Reconnaissance
TO: [Err: 404], Provost Marshal, Star Army Military Police
CC: Commander of the Star Army

I see potential in organizing the command structure of our more specialized units into an unified structure. Especially if some are duplicating the exact same missions, at the same time as you claim. I do not know the situation with other units like the Rangers as they are not organic to the Rikugun or detached to us. So I will discuss what I do, the Giretsu. There was an experiment of sorts between the Naval Fleets and the Rikugun on unifying some of our surviving Giretsu Centuries.

Task Force 501 was organized as a quick reaction force with Giretsu Centuries (the Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion being among them) being assigned to Plumeria's with Rikugun Configurations. A leading reason for this was in response to the misdeployment of the Giretsu Century of Legion II.

They were annihilated during boarding attempts of key Kuvexian ships. A large reason for their defeat was the use of Kagai Assault Ships instead of gunships. Until the Battle of Glimmergold when they were formed up as part of Task Force Murasaki, Task Force 501 deployments were largely at the behest of the surviving fleets and Star Army Command.

I would also likely to point out in light of Task Force 501's operational history, there is an opportunity to create Naval squadrons of Space Giretsu should the Fleets desire it. The current pace of training new Giretsu Infantry is at a snail pace at best with the way the School of Advanced Infantry Combat is currently structured. I have suggested to Area Armies that they should use existing Giretsu trained personnel they have to establish local schools and send personnel to SAIC when the can.

I will not discuss SAINT, but from the Rikugun this idea has provisional support. I look forward to hearing what other sections have to say on this.

Mizumitsu Benji
Taisho, Star Army of Yamatai

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TO: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration
TO: Taisho Nakaide Shida, Director, Star Army Intelligence
TO: Taisho Mizumitsu Benji, Chief of Rikugun Staff, Star Army Rikugun
TO: [Err: 404], Provost Marshal, Star Army Military Police
CC: Commander of the Star Army

My thoughts on this matter are very similar to my close colleage, Taisho Mizumitsu.

Star Army Reconnaissance, and the Rangers which we manage, have always occupied a uniquely distributed position in the Star Army. Our mission statement is force reconnaissance, low-support operations and other, related activities. This often leaves Rangers in many roles across the galaxy. There are Rangers working with Rikugun and Giretsu, essentially delegated to their command structure. There are others which are aboard mixed-occupation fleet ships as force multipliers. More still are on all-Ranger ships, manning the borders of the Empire or scouting around a fleet-in-being.

This leaves us often having to manage a multitude of different deployment types and needing to liaise with everyone from fleet admirals, to ship captains, to Rikugun commanders. While our missions are clearly defined and there isn't much overlap with other special forces like is the case with other bodies, there is still benefits that can come from centralisation. Sometimes we have obvious redundancies for where we were deployed. It would be much easier to simply delegate Rangers to Giretsu units, or elsewhere, and have them actually share command staff using the new system.

It would be quite useful to not need so many liaison officers in our employ whose function is coordinating between Rikugun, SOFT and others. Equally, being able to formally have equipment sharing based on needs to requirements would be good. There have been times in the past where parts of SAINT's command has refused to allow Reconnaissance to requisition some of their equipment for operations that could sorely benefit from it, unless we really twisted some arms. It has forced us in the past to develop similar, if partially redundant, technologies to work around SAINT's embargo - for example the much-delayed Shadow Mindy which we had to work around by having SARA procure the TARSA.

This proposal has our support. If it is approved, I can envision myself folding the majority of my administrative staff into the new command structure.

Shôshô Kanachi Hibe,
Ranger-General, Star Army Reconnaissance

Addendum - It looks like the Provost Marshal position isn't registered to anyone in SYNC, so unless Taisho Yui or SAINT wish to input, it sounds like a fairly well supported proposition.
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From: Chujo Jinja Emi, Deputy Director of Star Army Intelligence
To: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration
Cc: Star Army Command, Chief of Rikugun Staff, Office of the Ranger-General, Office of the Provost Marshal

Greetings esteemed colleagues. I have come to know you well over the past year since the establishment of Star Army Special Operations, although you may not know me as intimately. During the course of that year, the study of SASO's impact upon the efficacy of intelligence gathering operations was added to my portfolio in the interest of maintaining SAINT's cutting-edge status in the Kikyō Sector and wider galaxy. A year-in-review report of my findings has been previously submitted to Taisho Ketsurui Yui and Star Army Command for early review, and is now available to SASO Command.

In summary:

1. Full participation in SASO would significantly impact SAINT's intelligence gathering and processing mission. Over the past year, SAINT has maintained formations of Special Deployment Force and Alert Emergency Group — Intelligence Service units alongside those operatives seconded to SASO. It was found that SASO teams were rarely selected for quick-react missions in support of intelligence operations when compared with SAINT's established units due to the extra layer of command routing required by SASO. In fact, SAINT's organic teams were always selected over the option to use a SASO unit since the latter command's inception.

2. Security uncertainties cannot be ignored. In addition to issues with the agility of direct action teams, SAINT cannot completely guarantee the required clearance and national security risks inherent in cross-command communications. Although SAINT strives organizationally to completely ensure the security of cryptography and communications in Yamatai, this command ultimately only has absolute informational control over itself. Such absolute confidence is required in the course of quick-react missions in support of intelligence operations.

3. Termination of SAINT combat support units would gravely harm Yamataian national security. The Tokubetsuna Tenkai-Ryoku and AEGIS are among the Star Army's most veteran special operations units. Both have been in continuous operation since shortly after the creation of Special Operations Fire Team doctrine was handed down to us from Star Army Command with a mandate to use special operations teams in pursuit of intelligence gathering missions. Both units have served with distinction. Losing the institutional knowledge contained within the SDF and AEGIS units would be a grave mistake and would doubtlessly harm the national security of the Yamatai Star Empire.

4. Allegations that AEGIS and UMBER teams have been deployed simultaneously and conflicted with the ultimate mission at hand are completely unfounded. SAINT has searched thoroughly to verify such concerns in the interest of addressing them and cannot find any instance of AEGIS and UMBER units encountering one another in pursuit of their duties. While both units address similar threats in the field, the parameters requiring the deployment of either unit are completely separate and divergent.

5. In conclusion: SAINT is hereby withdrawing participation of all direct action field operatives from SASO. As a collaborative command SAINT's participation is neither mandated nor required by Star Army Command. SAINT is a fleet-level command and is in the best position to continue operating its established forces in pursuit of intelligence gathering missions. SAINT Director Nakaide Shida (who has served with distinction longer than any other) as well as myself and every single SAINT officer ranked at least Taisa, warn Taisho Yui against the destruction of key components to the Star Army's intelligence gathering capability. SAINT operatives are best commanded by SAINT.

6. Further: SAINT is willing and able to provide non-combat personnel in the interest of SASO's continued success. Too often throughout the Kuvexian War, SAINT special operations units were pressed into service outside of their mandate and shoulder the burden of combat beyond vital intelligence gathering missions. Particularly, the necessary deployment to protect Nataria severely depleted our in-sector special operations teams and necessitated the early recall of forward-deployed units. SAINT's leadership applauds SASO for filling the needed gap in special operators who can more fluidly deploy in pursuit of regular Star Army operations. Thus, SAINT will continue to provide support personnel, SAINT training activity advisers, and intelligence liaisons to SASO for staffing of command-and-control installations as are requested.

On a professional note from me to you, Iemochi-chujo, please know that SAINT will use its operatives and create units as are required to meet the needs of the Star Army and our specific mission. Both the SDF and AEGIS were created in this manner. If this command is forced to deactivate those units then it will likely be required to create new internal standards for operative grouping and deployment. Any future communiques regarding SAINT and SASO should be delivered to SAINT as orders from Star Army Command.

Authorized by: CHUJO JINJA EMI, Deputy Director of Star Army Intelligence
23日6月YE45, 1724 Yamatai Time
Executive Intelligence Directorate, SAINT


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From: Taisho William Fletcher
To: Chujo Jinja Emi, Deputy Director of Star Army Intelligence
Cc: Star Army Command, Chief of Rikugun Staff, Office of the Ranger-General, Office of the Provost Marshal, Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration

This is highly irregular. Ending cooperation between Star Army Intelligence and Star Army Special Operations would be HIGHLY counterproductive to ongoing operations. SASO and SAINT integration is vital to the safety and security of Yamatai. I am therefore countermanding this order for all units under the command of, attached to, and operating with the seventh fleet. Operations will continue as previously planned and specified until this issue can be resolved with a higher authority.

Taisho William Fletcher
23日6月YE45, 1622 Yamatai Time
Seventh Fleet


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TO: Chief of Rikugun Staff, Office of the Ranger-General, Office of the Provost Marshal, other SASO Command
CC: Fleet Taishos, Star Army Command
FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Chair, SASO


As I'm sure you received the message from SAINT, I'd like you to rest assured that our Commander has the matter in hand and the order has been, to my knowledge, countermanded across the Star Army.

I have received no communication in the past year since SASO's formation regarding SAINT's negative thoughts on our joint board. This is despite two SAINT Assistant Directors also sitting on the board.

As stated in the message, SAINT appears to have maintained undeclared SFs contrary to the spirit of SASO and doubts that SASO Command has the competence to be worthy of high levels of security clearance. Of course, TANTO teams are part of SASO not SAINT, and operate on a level to the point that only 5 people are fully aware of their operations. Assistant Directors of SAINT are not included in that pool, only the Director of SAINT. This should speak for itself.

I will be looking to have the new Director of SAINT sit down with the half dozen or so admirals of SASO Command so that we may iron out these undeclared forces as well as a positive working relationship moving forward between SAINT and the rest of the SAOY, represented on the joint board.

I won't touch on the rest of the message, but will just affirm that SASO isn't an intelligence gathering body and is simply a body that decides how to best action on intelligence that has been given to us. This intelligence provided has always been flagged as unlikely to be able to be usable by a conventional force. Cutting links between SASO and SAINT would be catastrophic, especially as SASO maintains most border garrison forces, and has access to SFs that SAINT cannot emulate, to name only two reasons.

SASO has no intention of filling an information gathering role and to that end intelligence gathering roles like Operatives will never be part of our purview as far as I am concerned. However, special forces that are sent to action on collected intelligence are - the matter of who and what to send where and when should be collaborative wherever possible, otherwise we run all kinds of risk, from overdeployment to potential blue-on-blue.

Chujo Iemochi Feyani
23日6月YE45, 0301 Valentine Time
Star Army Special Operations Command, Valentine
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((OOC: I saw here that Ethereal had said there were no rejections to this. I was ICly rejecting it to avoid OOCly anyone thinking I thought it worked. I've already tried SASO and found them wanting severely. I just came back to write cool stories and they don't work for them for me, so I said so bros. Then you all acted like old times, pitching a fit. Please remember I want to write a story not this drama. You're selling me short with this.

There is no directive from Yui therefor there is no insubordination to Yui for sending this message. Pushing a narrative that this collaboration of forces is a direct order from Yui already is false. I was saying hey I don't want this to be official and therefor something Yui could direct me to do. What I was saying to avoid by making it official happened without an offficial directive @Wes. I want to clear the air for the character's part here. No insubordination took place.))


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((OOC: I'll note that SASO integration that your responding to has been in place for a while at this point, so having them unilatterally and without warning trash it and pull out is jarring. I'm personally quite happy to have us figure out a different path forward and work that out instead of what we currently have down. So to further that, what doesn't work for you about SASO? How can we change it while not having such a jarring roleplay and get what we all want? I'm happy to figure out a comprimise or something that works for us all.))


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((Middleman? My understanding of how things work is just like if you wanted something like say a SOFT, you are just asking someone else rather than SAINT for them. They would work on a ship the same way they always have with no extra middlemen.))