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SACN Species Restrictions

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1. Members of the following species are eligible to serve in the Star Army of Yamatai:
  • Nekovalkyrja NH-27 (recommended for combat arms)
  • Nekovalkyrja NH-29 (recommended for all positions)
  • Nepleslians (recommended for non-combat jobs) until YE 30
  • Yamataian NH-22 (recommended for admin and technical jobs)
2. Members of all other species should seek immediate upgrades to one of the above species. Most Star Army ships, bases, and Star Fortresses should have the capability to provide upgrade services. Failure to obey these orders will result in disciplinary action. Nepleslians have until YE 30 to upgrade.

3. Nepleslians and members of species not included in section one who wish to join the Star Army of Yamatai may apply for a free upgrade. Nepleslians, for instance, would have to upgrade to Yamataians during the recruiting process.

4. Other species may permitted with permission on a case by case basis per soldier.

5. Geshrins and Nepleslians refusing to upgrade are not eligible for promotions or any new starship-based assignments.


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