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Approved Character [SS Inquest] Chance Tierney


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Well uh, I sort of cannonballed into this place and I might need... a little extra time to get completely familiar with everything and to read all of the prior roleplays, but I did spend a whole night on the wiki and stuff so I know about meganuts.

Anyway, here's my character, I'll be making edits and padding some things out with time as well, of course.

Chance Tierney

And I put a little tag in the thread too, right? Like, @Kai ?


Game Master
Retired Staff
Sorry for taking so long to make a post, but I give my seal of approval as the head of Origin!


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Heya Ray, awesome looking bio you got there. Also, you received the blessing approval of Kai. However, to get the final approval I would like to see a bit more content on the history part. Where is he born, what was his youth like, does he have friends, how are his parents? If you can fill that up a bit :) that would be awesome ^^ Additionally what might help to create a backbone human for your history is the following page: Human. As true humans are a rarity in SARP :)


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Ahh yeah, I know it's posthuman almost entirely. I'll be trying to fill out some history as I can think of it, I did sort of rush it to this stage.

Lemme read this thing up and then I'll see about making amendments tomorrow (Today, after sleep. You know what I meant).


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Sunday being Actually Tuesday, I have added a little more history.

I'll still be working on it of course, stuff like parent names, that sorta thing.