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SACN Star Army Medical Safety Bullitens


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Medical safety Bullitens for species in the Star Army. Avoid personally identifiable information when possible.

Please state the circumstances of the injury and species of the patient. Note if treatment went as expected or if new interactions and mishaps occured.

YSS Tokyo YE42
Senti patient, presenting with abdominal cramping and digestive issues.

Treated with pink bismuth oral liquid

Within four hours, patient was reported as overly energetic, overheating, and suffering minor hallucinations. Described by peers as "Cracked [sic-explative] out"

Upon review of Senti drugs and toxicology, pink bismuth is used as a metabolic accelerant and highly addictive stimulant with minor psychoactive component. This patient had been given eight times normal "safe" dose. Recovered in medical bay with intralymphatic fluids and sedatives.