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RP [Star Army] Nataria Tour

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Washran realized there was discussion happening around him again, only to properly engage when the offer to get a picture taken came up. Though such a thing was usually the first one would think of when playing tourist, the old Azorean could only feel as if he had been offered up as prey to the Neko Army. "I will pass," the elder finally managed, "though I thank you for the offer."
Nibbi looked over to the assembled formation and looked over to Yui, "I think I will have a picture on the way out," she politely declined, "I'm pleased to meet you, Ketsurui Yui," Nibbi inclided her head towards one of the most powerful people in perhaps the known galaxy. Just those red eyes peering into hers made her feel vulnerable, but she did her best to put it aside. She was here to relax and unwind after all.

And she was curious as to how Nekovalkyrja were made. How did one print soldiers? Nepleslians and Lorath didn't have that luxury - and having the privilege of seeing how the Yamataians did so was going to be a truly rare insight. She rested her palms on her belly and waited for the tour to proceed, rolling gently on the balls of her feet.
Yui got into the driver seat of a nearby light utility truck and invited Coast to drive a second one. Nibbi could ride with one of them and Yui's truck thoughtfully had the truck bed filled with water for Washran. Once they were clear of the large troop formation they approached a large complex of fortress-like stone buildings.

"These are our mass cloning centers," Yui explained. "Come inside." The guests, once inside, found themselves in a large hall filled with Nekovalkyrja in various states of dress from totally nude to wearing the duty uniform and carrying bags. As the Nekovalkyrja would emerge from the the five cloning wings of the building they traveled in organized lines with a worker guiding them along. There was a supply station where the new soldier-girls were getting their first clothing, dressing themselves on the spot and stuffing the excess into duffel bags. When Yui entered, the whole building froze for a moment and got silent.

"Carry on," Yui spoke loudly.

The commotion started again as NCOs shouted directions, assignments, and shuttle numbers to brand-new platoons on their way to socialization courses and basic military training.

Yui bought the group to a stop near the issuing area, next to a huge open box full of blue wool sailor caps that had black silk ribbons on them that said "STAR ARMY" in gold. Reaching in, she got a cap for each of the tour participants to keep as a souvenir.


"Nekovalkryja are mostly the same in size, which makes it easier to equip them," Yui explained. "Here is what we give our soldiers." She pointed to a huge display on the wall that listed what every Star Army Soldier would get:

The water presented to him was an interesting gesture, having not expected it among so many land dwelling species. Washran looked and sniffed at the water, soon checking the temperature, before making a bunch of aching noises as he rather painfully climbed into the truck bed. The result was rewarding, however, and he was soon able to allow himself to relax on the way to the complex.

Leaving the water was yet another painful experience; however they had arrived at their destination and he had come for the experience. Once out of the truck, the Azorean elder made his way into the facility with the others, looking around at the expansive rooms and the technical set up. As good as it looked, much of what was happening was beyond him pas the basics of getting kitted out as they Nekos went along.

"All this to stay safe," the diplomat sighed, "The wider ocean is truly a frightening place."
"That's correct," Yui confirmed. The admiral extended a hand to Johnathan.

"Glad to meet you, though, that sounds like a shame," he warmly remarked, taking her hand in his. In comparison to his own, it felt soft and delicate, like that of a woman of some high nobility. This was deceiving of course - behind that was enough strength to crush the average human hand. "I honestly prefer more mature women," the Senator added with a sly glint in his eye. Despite knowing this about Nekovalkyrja such as Yui, he was perfectly willing to poke sleeping dragons if it meant he got any fun out of it. When the Azorean hesitated however, he playfully jabbed out at the older man with his words. "Oh, don't be a spoil sport! Why not? It'd be a pretty interesting piece to take back home and show everyone else, right? What could go wrong?" Despite his words though, it was clear the picture was best saved for later, considering the fact the others were more interested in what was waiting.

After the short ride, he found himself and the others staring at the vast hallway of Nekovalkyrja, all fresh from the vats with nothing but mere minutes between them. On the heels of Yui's order, a high-low cat call rang out from the Senator as he whistled. "Hey, welcome to life girls!" he yelled out at them with a laid back wave. The many reactions they could see at his blunt call were as numerous as there were Nekovalkyrja; some blankly stared back, blinking with confusion and uncertain as to how to respond. Others frowned and flattened their ears in disdain at the Nepleslian, while others still smiled and waved back, or even just sheepishly so. And of course, some just jolted with surprise and grabbed the nearest thing they could get to cover themselves. Even this early out of the tubes, their personalities were already forming.

Amused, he gladly accepted the cap and placed it on top of his head - it fit snugly against his dirty blond hair.

"It depends on what you call safe," Johnathan replied to Washran. "Keep in mind the Star Army was still pushed to the breaking point by the squids, and nearly snapped even with all this," he added, arms out to gesture to everything with them. "Looking between the lines, I say they lucked out." Turning to Yui, the Senator asked, "What's your honest opinion on it? That last, big touchdown of a battle?"
Nibbi held the cap in her hand with a grimace before she smiled at Yui. "Oh, thank you," she replied softly before tucking it under her arm and observing the tour. One of the other first things that these newly born, minted Nekovalkyrja would see would be a strange looking woman who wasn't a Yamataian on tour with a motley of others, whose head tilted as she made eye contact with the new arrivals - both essentially ambushing each other, introduced to new worlds.

This was how the military machine worked. It was 90% machine and military with the seamless synthesis. These... people, rather, things were just coming out, starting out in the world as all did: naked and confused. Just, the length of time between gaining clarity varied greatly between all that set foot on the planet. Nekovalkyrja got the basics in minutes. Lorath took years and years to grasp theirs. Even now, Nibbi's mind would still be awash with infantile confusions about the world. There were some things that she simply didn't understand, even now as she saw some of the answers to her questions answered directly by Yui - the Yamataian analogue to God, with a capital G.

Still so many questions, but she kept it under her hat. "Your gear seems rather extensive. I'd expect no less," she commented, looking at the array of gear. "How many iterations of all of this have there been?" Perhaps the question would be answered later in the tour, but she was interested in seeing the iterative design processes of their gear. Lorath tended to model from history and iterate the technology while keeping the look of what was - mixed with the newer, alien sensibilities.
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Cloning Center - Nataria Fleet Depot

"If you are referring to the Battle of Yamatai," Yui answered Johnathan, "It was a matter of opportunity. War is a game where deception is deliciously effective and you have to be able to predict and be prepared for what your enemy might do. We gave the Mishhuvurthyar their most desired target on a platter and showed them the end of the war was in sight. They could not resist. Once they took the bait, it was just a matter of springing the trap and crushing them. Some pundits have complained I put planet Yamatai at risk, but they are idiots, because Yamatai was at risk throughout the war and it only seemed at peace because the Star Army's soldiers were continuously defending it just outside the camera shots. The only real increase in safety came from ending the war."

"Only a few," Yui answered Nibbi. "The Star Army's equipment has not changed that much over time. The basic formula continues. Nekovalkyrja in a power armor, moved by starships, remain the core of the Star Army."
Washran did what he could to keep up; however the story about the Battle of Yamatai bothered him as well. "Sounds like trying to feed a starving family by using one's fries as bait," the old Azorean offered, "Though I suppose in cooler calculus, you're mostly hoping that for every mouth that is lost you can feed six more. The only thing you have to watch for is cutting too close to the bone and, though having no one to feed, you also starve from lack of bait."
"Many civilians died and they had never signed up to be in the war...but only a fool could believe that war puts only the military in harms way. I admit my tactic resulted in their deaths, but it was the Mishhuvurthyar who were murdering people. Not me. I refuse to feel remorse for their atrocities," Yui elaborated. "Instead, I feel an enormous personal satisfaction at ending the war...or at least this part of it."
Washran was taken aback by Yui's response, wondering if he had inadvertently hit a nerve.

"My apologies. I do not recall questioning whom should feel the remorse or hold the blame, though I seem to have spoken insensitively. I only likened it to how it seemed in my admittedly foreign and civilian attempt to understand," the elder offered, "In the end, you did win before the world was lost. You did not run out of fries before you were fed. The ends justified the means this time around."
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