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Ok, I've recently come to the conclusion that Star Army needs a setting primer of sorts so that the major ideas and such of the setting can be explained in a single place. A place where someone can get the major aspects of the setting by just reading a single page. We have an entire wiki for "In depth" and "Comprehensive", I think we need a place for "Easy to understand" and "Overview".

Towards that, I created a page for the Primer. It is currently very very very far from complete because I've been very busy the last few days and will continue to be busy for a while. I also created the pages for So you want to be a Player, So you want to be a GM, and So you want to be a FM as next steps for after someone reads the primer and wants to get involved in Star Army. They are intended to be in the same easy to understand overview style that the primer is going to be in.

This is far from complete as I was planning on releasing it when it was very much closer to completion then it is now. I intend for this to be a community project, one that everyone who has a stake in the Star Army setting can contribute to and improve. With that said, I do intend to lead the project. One of the important things that I need will be to get over veiws of the major factions and independents. My original plan is to have one subsection for every major faction and then one for all of the independents. I've been asking around about technology, and this is what that was for. This thread is going to be the space we use for thoughts, updates, and contributions to the primer.


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Something like this could be very good for the site. We do have guides for a lot of different things, but they're not all in one place, and you can only really find them if you know they're there. But one thing we're really missing is a guide to "What is SARP" itself.


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I like that the primer ideas extend to GMing and FMing as well! I've been playing with the idea of GMing a plot and having a resource to look at would be really helpful :D


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I like the idea, though I would like to say early on that we should limit or at least discuss 'historical interpretation' and instead put in what can be backed up by facts wherever possible.

Example: I read that the attack on the Great Lighthouse had massive civilian casualties and was an outright genocide, and believed it for a long time. But when I read the actual RP thread recently, it was profoundly underwhelming and not as I had seen previously parsed. I think someone pulled a "make Yamatai look bad" and blew the outcome out of proportion. Specifically adding things after the fact to the narrative that were never actually stated in RP.
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