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StarArmy Headers

Re: StarArmy Banners.

The header images? They should be 750 x 128. About 550 (from the left) is where the linklist will start so the area past there should be fairly blank and dark. The left and right edges of the banner should fade into #000040 so it blends smoothly.
I don't have anything Christmas-themed as far as art goes and I'm too busy to make any art lately due to training for my new job.
Doshii Jun said:

In what? Doing what? For how much?
With AFLAC, selling insurance for commissions.
SNAP! INSURANCE SALESMAN! *gets the shotgun*

How's that work for you? Selling over the phone, or at an office?
I roll up in businesses and talk owners into letting me present cool heath coverage options to their employees. Aflac insurance rocks because instead of paying the healthcare system they pay the policyholder. Also, they stack with other health plans.
Tyler said:
We need a holiday header, like random female chars in skimpy xmas outfits :D
>> Semi-related-but-not <<

After reading this thread I suddenly had the urge to doodle a sexy Christmas-themed Neko on my laptop. Laptops aren't Photoshop-friendly due to RAM requirements so I did this in Microsoft Paint, thus the rough art quality of the drawing in the above link.

I thought it'd be hypothetically funny to have various ships' Morale Officers being forced into lingerie for a photo op, then have their photographs distributed fleet-wide via a complimentary Christmas pinup calendar to "raise the morale of the fleet" during the holiday season. Mwahaha. Yes, I realize there is no Christmas in SARP, nor are their Morale Officers. But it was funny to imagine at the time.

I only wish I had drawn her lying down instead of sitting up so she could fit in a header bar. >.>

EDIT: Spelling failures fixed.
SL: Paint? You're kidding...wow. I've never pulled anything like this out of MSPaint.

Doshii, she may be hippy, but she ain't any kind of happy!
A gift for my favorite people on the net.


Excuse the quality, it's been a while since I've drawn anything.
Merry Christmas, see you soon. ^^
Goddamn. Zairyo, your touch has not been lost at all.

I gotta e-mail you at some point and get those commissions ordered. I keep forgetting.
OH SNAP!! Wow, this is awesome (And totally unexpected!) Thank you so much, Zairyo. You are truly SA's favorite artist too.