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RP (non-canon) Starcraft In SARP?


🔞 Under 18
RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
On the Outskirts of Nepleslian borders
Let just say that the Korpulu Sector is real and its nearby the Nepleslian border. Well, problem is, Shiet like that would eventually spread.
This is the journey of the Regalis Fleet, a fleet of Dominion Battlecruisers under the command of General Edmund "Rayed" Raymond, on a mission to find more beyond the Korpulu Sector.
Little do they know, that a fleet of Protoss vessels and a Zerg Levaithan has charted the same course to find " Gospel,Gold and Glory."
Whatever that means.

PS: I need time to prepare and plan out. So far,this is a draft, but anyone interested to join is welcome to.