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RP (18+): Hinomaru Sunrises Stardust Dreams


🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
YE 44.9
RP Location
Gemini Star Fortress, Jiyuu System

Gemini Star Fortress​


There was always something to do back at command, but now there were just as many things but spread out all over the place. One thing that made Akina feel fortunate was to have Katsuko around, and their reunion on Kyoto was a sweet one, but it also left her with quite the impression. Her wife was still amazing, and she realized to keep up she'd have to step up herself. Their journey would take them to unknown dangers, and she wanted to be in a better state than ever, too.

The fleet commander took only a simple duty uniform with her, she already had one waiting, and would have to make some changes to her wardrobe when things were done. The impressive entrance of the base hospital parted for her, and after walking about 10 meters she found an orange-haired Elysian medic working reception that rose to greet her, making her raise her hand to acknowledge her.

"Good evening, Taisho. They are already expecting you. Through the main lift, one deck up." She explained calmly.

"Good evening, and thank you. I don't think this will take too long. Are you doing all right here?"

There was a little pause from the medic, she wasn't expecting Akina to check on her or how things were going. "Fhh-fine! It is predictable when there are no emergencies but those go straight through." The desk did not have to be staffed, but she could do a lot of her work from there anyway.

A little smile worked over the Taisho, "Let me know if you think of something that can be better. Or just want to talk about a hobby or something." It was a short walk into the lift that would take her where she was going.

There was only a brief moment to think about all the things she would be able to do, it could even save lives if she ended up in the direct field. Things went that way before, and she never wanted to end up like she had before the Aeon found her. Her love really made it abundantly clear without trying to that it would be a good idea, and it helped that they were both Ketsurui, her by adoption, and Akina by marriage.

The double doors marked with, "MTBU" Parted for her and she found a specialist waiting for her, realizing the medic downstairs probably tipped her off. "Hello, admiral. We were able to get things ready easily after the approval came in. Come this way please."

"I thought it would be more simple to do this before leaving, than waiting while everyone is rushing around." The redhead admitted, smiling to the Nekovalkyrja. They moved to the first room, which featured two units, one of which was already occupied. "Well, that message was pretty explicit as well." She thought to herself as she gazed over at-oh-herself, on the bed. "At least this will be the fun way to try it." Though she could not help feeling a bit of a fluster as memories emerged right away. Very vivid ones. Of fucking. Into oblivion. It also counted as being fucked into blissful oblivion.

"Just lay down and I'll get started." Akina nodded and walked past her to put herself flat on the bed, a familiar one in the life of a soldier. It was standard practice to get a backup before a mission, and between them at regular intervals as well, in case of the unexpected. This was different to her, she always went from the same thing to basically the same thing. Katsuko made it look easy, so she had every confidence that she could adapt as well or she would not have gone through all the hoops.

The veteran soldier laid down on the bed and affixed the visor to herself. "I'm going to start the update, then begin the transfer. We might take up the hour given the data and verification involved. It will work like any other transfer."

"Okay, well recycle this one in a kind way." Akina replied wryly.

"We always do, taisho." Was the last thing they said to one another as the doctor began the download, and the admiral lost focus, only concentrating on the light music in the room meant to liven up the facility some.

A Time Later

New eyes, looking more bright as to be backlit fluttered open over lush eyelashes for the first time. The momentary shifting feeling of the transfer began to shake off of Akina while she awoke on the other side of the room from where she had started. It was a little strange to see herself on the other table, only a couple times had she been alive to transfer, after all. She looked down at her body and lifted her hand to her face, giving her fingers a little flex.

"This is..." Mumbled the officer.

"Welcome to your new body, Taisho. Everything went normally."

Even though she did not need clothes, Akina was still glad she had them put a uniform on her as she gazed down at herself. She waited a good minute, breathing, absorbing the new sensations and capabilities, taking stock as she ran a light diagnostic on herself while she was still connected to the visor.

She lifted it away herself and sat up, giving her toes a wiggle. "I feel great." She immediately went to the mirror and lifted her hair, which was the same unnatural red except more lustrous and full-bodied. She also kept the length, and under enough light it looked as if she had a sprinkling of stardust. This was in addition to filling out a bit more, all the more to give Katsu more to play with, she thought.

"I am not used to this either." She glanced at the elegant kanji stamped there: 衛兵

Oh, but there was so much time to get used to it ahead. She was truly looking forward to the end of year celebrations.