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Starting Money and Items in the S. A.


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I see there's section for a character's fiances and inventory.

1)What would be considered 'standard' for both funds (of most officers)?

2)What sort of stuff are they issued(by the SA)?

3)Do PDA's exist and if they do are they in form of Neko PA(Personal Assitants)?
All new characters start with 3,000 KS minus whatever the cost of items you'd like to buy in advance. The Star Army issues a sidearm, rank pin, and 2 full sets of the appropriate uniform without cost to the soldier. Additional items may also be issued (like communications tablets) as needed but are usually the Star Army's, not the the soldiers, to keep.

PDAs are common, and are available in handheld form as well as the little neko variety.
Nekovalkyrja: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Type 27 NSP, Black with black grips.
Humans: WickedArms Industries Corp. GP-13 Pulse Pistol

Stats for each can be found under the uniforms section.