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Approved Submission Stinger Chemical Laser

Commissar Farzi

🌟 Site Supporter
🎖️ Game Master
When you need to poke a prick through his tin can...well you could do better but you do what you gotta do.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Due to my involvement in design etc. for Iron Company stuff, I leave the review up to @Wes

A few things I noticed, however.
  • The history section needs dates.
  • An aesthetic suggestion - avoid going from a headline to a bullet list, put a sentence or something in to separate them. (example below - there are a few instances of this in the article.)

You have:
=== Optional Attachments ===

* X4 Scope: 15KS
* ACOG Scope: 10KS

It looks better if you change it to:

=== Optional Attachments ===
These are some optional attachments and their prices for the Singer Chemical Laser Rifle:

* X4 Scope: 15KS
* ACOG Scope: 10KS
Make sure all references to years are linked at least the first time they're mentioned, because it lets us see what happened in any given year by checking the backlinks for that year. So like [[timeline:ye_44]].