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Closed Struct data and templating for wip?

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


Convention Veteran
I don't know if we can move struct data around like this, but it would be cool if we could. Places like the species namespace have struct data associated with them and templates that are automatically there. However, if I'm creating something new that's not 100% ready, I'll start it off in the wip:species namespace. However, it doesn't have the struct data or the template for it. It would be cool for places like that to have the same template and struct data that would apply when we moved it to the main species namespace.
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
I brought this up to wes a while back, and it turns out some structs
A) are admin only,
B) will update struct charts even if it's assigned to the WIP page,
I'm not great on struct data, but to me me it sounds like a flexible data structure type thing. most of them allow you to exclude things on certain criteria. Perhaps if there was a struct field like WIP: Yes/No and then the tables could be "and WIP: No" type thing.

If that's a problem with struct, that's probably fine, but can we still get the templating thing?
Struct schemas are not assigned to WIP namespaces because doing so would cause the pages to appear alongside approved content in struct aggregations like lists and tables.

It is not worthwhile to add a WIP field to the 30+ struct schemas and then add a filter for WIPs to literally every struct table on the wiki when we can simply add the data after approval.