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Submission Secret Santa

Charmaylarg Dufrain

🦾 FM of Nepleslia
🎖️ Game Master
Didnt, feel like something that fits in the ideas and suggestions as that seems to be proposed changes to the site and setting. Figure I'll take advantage of the currently relaxed submission rules for a fun idea~

For those who do not know what a Secret Santa is; It is essentially a goodwill event some groups or workplaces host where you put your name in a pool or lottery and in turn are given somebody else's name and someone will get yours. You buy a present for this person and someone is buying a present for you.

Secret. Santa.

Anyway, I want to propose something along the lines of that for SARP. A number of players will put in their willingness to participate except instead of a present the gift will be Wiki Articles.

In this case for IC Corporations. If it takes off really well we can branch into other stuff in the future like next time for characters, factions, etc. Corporations specifically because factions are already pretty fleshed out and most corporations have only one player to their name trying to make every little thing in most cases.

The process is simple:

Players will put forward an IC corporation that they control.
The same corp cannot be submitted twice (Looking at you, Galactic Horizon.)
When an even number of corporations are submitted and no more interest seems apparent each player will be given the name of one of the corporations (You will not get your own, obviously.)
You must make a submission for this corporation that fits its theme and product lines. (An item, a weapon, clothing, foodstuffs, a starship interior, a module, a detailed location, etc.)

* By participating you are giving automatic approval for someone to create a submission for your corporation.
* You may not dictate to whoever gets your corporation what they must make.
* You may not nitpick or backseat the creation process of someone making something for your corporation.
* You can ask someone for ideas on what might fit their corporation or if they feel what you have in mind is appropriate.
* You are accepting that somebody other than yourself is making an article(s) for your corporation in the spirit of goodwill and mutual trade and you should do the same.
* You are accepting that the submission made by another player for your corporation may not fully align with your headcanon of your corporation.

* You have one month to create and submit an article for your assigned corporation.
* All submission rules apply.
* Except for art requirements. Seek help from those with access to Midjourney, art skills, modeling skills, etc. If necessary.
* The submission should/must fit the theme or product lines of the assigned corporation such as what they usually produce or provide.
* The submission should be a full article and not a half-baked skub page with three paragraphs.

* Only one corporation per player may be submitted.
* The corporation must be run/owned by said player
* Corporations owned by virtue of being FM (Such as faction-government corporations like NAM which is owned by the FM of Nepleslia, etc.) are not eligible.
* The corporation should have been made by, inherited by, or adopted by said player.

* Submission examples are Items, weapons, clothing, technology, locations, starships, powered armor, foodstuffs, drugs, materials, vehicles, starship interiors, ETC.

Is anyone Interested? If so please comment. I will let this thread run for a week or two as mothers day is coming up and not everyone is active around holidays. When those couple weeks come to a close if there is an equal number of participants the event will begin and each participant will be given a different corporation to submit an article for.

If the event is successful we can do it again at a later date.

Current List of Participants and their corporation:

1. @Charmaylarg Dufrain - Shasta No Sekai
2. @club24 - Galactic Horizon
3. @Kai - Origin Industries
4. @Whisper Noval Heavy Industries
5. @demibear -Advancer Enterprises
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Origin is waaaaaay more streamlined as a conglomerate. Keiretsu is a strange structure to simulate. Might convert them into the Korean model with a Ryu-Mizumitsu in charge of everything. Once the daimyo starts popping out clone heirs that is. lol

The whole secret part of the thread is the description of how a secret santa works. If I kept it hidden for the surprise factor it only lasts until someone sees the recent changes on the wiki.

Also to ensure nobody assumes their corp never got chosen if that person drops off here are the results via an online spinning wheel choice picker:

1. @Charmaylarg Dufrain - Advancer Enterprises
2. @club24 - Noval Heavy Industries
3. @Kai - Galactic Horizon
4. @Whisper - Shasta No Sekai
5. @demibear - Origin Industries

One Month sounds appropriate as a timeframe to make an article for your assigned corporation, so 6/20/23 (20/6/2023). Just for results sake I would ask that you post the article when approved in this thread as well for future reference for people to see what you did as if this works out I want to do this again and maybe keep doing it using this thread~

Don't forget to give the corporation you got page a glance to get an idea of what they make, and if unsure you can reach out to the corp manager for ideas or to spitball. Please give it your best attempt at making something nice for the corporation you got in the knowledge that someone else is doing the same!