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Art Survivor


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Originally just going to be quick sketch for Anastasia with shorter hair, I saw the opportunity to cross it with an earlier idea I had of drawing the Mindy armor (again), but with heavy damage and charring and such. I wanted to draw it in such a way that it didn't depict a suit in a state of failure, but rather a suit that had achieved its ultimate design goal- to protect the user from ungodly amounts of harm. Basically, the aftermath of this escapade.
Ultimately, all the pieces fell into place pretty well I believe. Ana has honestly gone on to become both the most badass, and all around most well-developed of all the SARP characters I've created.

Tl;dr: Anastasia is a badass and so is this suit.

I did some experimental lighting shenanigans, because I felt like this would be a good place to experiment around with glowing and background light. I've got a "clean" version of the suit as well, with most of the char layers removed. Also, one with the glowing experiment removed.

Check out the folks over at, again!

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