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SYNC Takeda Fleet Purchase Order – Origin Fleet Yards


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RP Date
2 月 YE 42
To: Sales Department, OFY
From: Administrator Drone B, Takeda Fleet, Yugumo Corporation
Re: Purchase Order, Small Transports

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, Takeda Fleet would like to purchase three (3) Starlyte C Model. Delivery to Noval Station, Sanctum System preferred, Jiyuu System or Yamatai System acceptable.

Enclosed are samples of Takeda Fleet brand colors, as all vehicles will require livery and branding.

Thank you,
Takeda Fleet Management
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To: Administrator Drone B, Takeda Fleet, Yugumo Corporation
From: Signal Slinger Echo 1212, OFY Sales department

To Administrator Drone B,

Thank you for your purchase request. We can deliver these units posthaste to Noval Station in the Sanctum system, as we have that many plus more available for immediate delivery. Do you have any preference for colors for the interior or exterior of the craft? If not, your total will be 90,000 KS, due upon delivery of the Starlyte craft.

Thank you,
Signal Slinger Echo 1212
Takeda Fleet Logo
Takeda Fleet
Yugumo Corporation Logo
A Yugumo Corporation Company

Tokyo, Jiyuu III

From: Mitsu Haruna, Administrator, Takeda Fleet
To: Signal Slinger Echo 1212, Origin Fleet Yards


Thank you for your prompt response. We have reviewed your request and funds have been made available for immediate release. We look forward to further business with Origin Fleet Yards.

Enclosed is our current brand color scheme.

Enclosure (1): Color Reference

Thank you,
Mitsu Haruna, Jōtō Shain
Administrator, ISS Mitsu
Takeda Fleet, a Yugumo Corporation Company