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Interest Check TANTO VIRGINIA: Needle's Point


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Greetings, prospective Operators!

Given there's been a few mentions of interest in TANTO teams and SASO plots in general, I've decided to open up an interest check for an RP plot that I've been planning.

I don't know how exactly it might go, or turn out, but hopefully it will be an interesting - and challenging - ride.

TANTO VIRGINIA is one of Star Army Special Operations' fabled new TANTO teams. With so many personnel serving in the Star Army, what happens when you take the few most experienced and whisk them away under false names and false faces?

Are you willing to become a lie - a secret - pretending to live an ordinary life, never seeing your friends or family again? Giving up everything in service of your nation and Empress?

Can you hide the fact that you are a killing machine at the top of your field, with decades of real field experience and entrusted by the highest Admirals to be there when called to handle the very toughest of situations?

Are you willing to serve with four other ghosts, in a unit that only a handful of people even know exists? To face and close situations that no amount of ships could hope to resolve?

Well, then. Maybe you're exactly what we need.


Below is some more information, although apologies in advance for the strict requirements. You must be looking for a challenging writing experience.

Additionally, this plot will have a LOT of GM interaction, similarly to in D&D. If your character performs an action, I will feedback about that action. Everything will be very tailored to what exactly you wrote and there should not be occasions when you write a block of many actions without my input between each one. Wording matters!

Plot Restrictions:
- I can only accept 4-5 players as a hard cap! That's just the nature of TANTOs!
- You must play a Neko, or another race that has been serving in the Star Army for decades, given your character must have been.
- You must play a very experienced and professional (when it comes down to it) character. I encourage inner demons and such, and you can explore that both in mission threads and in civilian downtime between them. However, remember you're a TANTO operator at the end of the day - no crazy or criminal people.

Player Requirements:
- You must be willing and able to JP at times closer to European than American time. The majority of our RP will be JPs.
- You must be very well versed in the lore of the Star Army of Yamatai, as well as its technologies.
- You must have roleplayed for a number of years on the site, ideally in an Away Team.
- You must be willing to think laterally and theorycraft as you go. D&D experience is highly valued.
- You must be okay with getting GM whispers every now and again. This could occasionally go as far as me discreetly asking for edits to things that may disrupt the flow of the mission.

Disclaimer and GMing style:
I'm aiming to make this a good challenge for you veteran writers and lore experts. My GMing style for this one is likely going to be different from what you might be used to. As your characters are experts, and hopefully if you sign up you're looking for a challenge, I am going to be adversarial. While we are looking to write awesome stories, I won't be holding your character's hand or pulling punches. If your character is doing something, I'll have expected you to have thought it out carefully and be aware of any repercussions. That doesn't mean you're going to die instantly or anything - if you're smart that is - I'll be impartial on that.

Every mission will be intentionally tough and you'll have very little support or protections for your character. You're a TANTO - the last port of call. You use what you can get to the scene and oftentimes you'll need to improvise and be creative. I will be using a lot of random dice and chance calculators, especially when it comes down to combat.

So, if you're still reading, post below and I'll let you know regarding any updates in future :)
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I might be interested in making a character of a ghost tied to Mikael Harris when he was an operative.