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Approved Submission Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser, by Yugumo Fleetworks with Osman Heavy Industries


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FM Approved, I can't be the reviewer on this one in good conscience as it's a production of my RP Corporation.
I've got to thank you as well for brining me on to the project for this one, and for coming to me for the art! I really had a blast working on this with you and brainstorming all of the different ideas for how it could work. I think one of my favorite parts was evoking the Ayame by adding on the docking ring!

Can you explicitly add dimensions and maybe a couple examples about what fits in the large docking bays?
  • Noted Approval, Will let @Yuuki hand the docking bay info requested.
  • @Yuuki Please fill out the struct.
The horizontal entrance to the bay area is 30m wide by 15m tall, and each vertical bay is 25m wide by 30m deep(front to back) with a height of 41m.