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RP [Task Force 1] The Second Sting of the Bee


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Nataria System

Nataria System​

YSS Yasuragi - Bridge​

Task Force 1: PEARL​


The assembly of the elven Nozomi-Class Scouts that belonged to Task Force One was finished with the arrival of the YSS Yasuragi, the lead ship under the command of Taisho Anzai that had just finished shore-leave on Yamatai for the Year End Festival. Saya's return to the command chair, rather than a desk at Fort Minori was cause for more than a little internal celebration on her part. She had even given in nostalgia and augmented her experience back to the elder Nekovalkyrja look with blue eyes and blue hair that had been typical of those assigned to the uchuugun. Her investigation into the disappearance of the YSS Yuurei, a Plumeria 2D that had been lost in service to SAINT in YE 30. The investigation information she had shared with SAINT had been followed by a personal interview with Motoyoshi Sayuri, despite the fact she had been restored from a pre-mission backup, she was able to give some insight into the traitor Motoyoshi Misato's mindset at the time the Yuurei had left the International Relations Conference.

To most, the Nozomi Class was a thing of the past, but for someone like Saya, it was seen as a gem. She had actually been relieved that older ships had been assigned to her command. "The rest of the Task Force is ready to depart," her XO, Shiratori Megami a Tasia that had served under her before during the First Mishhuvurthyar War, reported to her as she lowered herself into the command chair and her SPINE connected to the ship. "Where to Anzai, Taisho?" she inquired.

"Set a course for the Bufarks Debris Cloud, send to Star Army command that Task Force One is en route to continue its active investigation," Saya ordered in a rather firm voice, there was something about that chair that just put the drive back into her. Within moments the eleven ships were in hyperspace in a dash toward the first site of their physical investigation. In the meantime, Saya put herself to the task of updating Taisho Shida on the fact the Task Force had been deployed.

Hours Later - The Bufarks Debris Cloud​

In terms of information, Saya had the intelligence as she had stated in her original correspondence that the YSS Yuurei was stashed in a system to the galactic southeast of the Tsuya Nebula. Why if she knew that had they come here? The Taisho gazed at the volumetric main screen's presentation of the hot pink plasmatic nebular effect that was riddled with the rocky debris from the remains of the Bufarks System. She figured she should start where they started, regardless of the intelligence something else may be there to be found, plus no one was certain where or if there had been a Soul Savior Pod ejected from the ship. The small pack of Nozomi's formed a wide formation as they burned through the debris field collecting data as they did. Very few ships had visited the cloud since the YSS Yuurei, or for that matter even in the days that had come before Uesu's destructive path out of the Sector.

Her cheery mocha in a thermal sat in the cupholder on the Captain's chair, an occasional comfort as she continued to review other PEARL cases as they were underway.

"Anzai-Taisho, we have something..." the Science Officer chimed in, as he transferred the image and scans to the main screen.

Saya dismissed her reports and she squinted slightly as she looked at the image, then had MEGAMI magnify. On a rather large piece of debris, a T8 Kuma shuttle crashed upon its surface, with the ship of its origin's name visible on the side; "YSS Yuurei". The shuttle was inoperative, so it would have to be retrieved. It was not the ship itself, nor a pod, but it could have something on board or in its memory banks about its mother ship or its crew. "Let's see if we can get that into the shuttle bay, graviton emitters lock onto that shuttle," she said as she examined the scans. It appeared to be intact, she didn't want to risk moving it

It was surprising to Saya that they had found something that quickly, however with it being so long since a Star Army ship had even passed through the cloud it was not entirely ridiculous.

Six Months Later - YE 45.7​

Grid 1706 Kikyo Sector
Task Force One - PEARL
Tsuya Nebula

The examination of the T8 "Kuma" shuttle months behind them, Task Force One, continued their search of Grid 1706, a region of space that included the southern extremity of the Tsuya Nebula. Due to the nature of PEARL's mandate, the search had to be stopped and started several times as in other cases in the Taisho's active list had to take priority over what had been considered a cold case. In 45.5, Saya had considered calling off the search for the YSS Yuurei, but two months after she had taken a new interest in the vanished SAINT vessel. The Empire was back at war with the Mishhuvurthyar and she had come to the conclusion that since the ship's disappearance was tied to their enemy the recovery of the vessel would still have some value. It put things on a timeline however, with the war commenced, it would only be a matter of time before battlefield recovery and matters with POWs took center stage.

The YSS Yasuragi emerged from the southernmost region of the nebula as it returned from its most recent sweep for the missing vessel. The Taisho was frustrated, the look was clear on her face as she cleared the cloud of volumetric displays and brought up the search map. "Deeper in the nebula?" she said to herself, then zoomed the map outward to get a better look at things. "Where did they put you?" she asked, almost wishing that somehow the missing SAINT ship would reach out through the ethereal like in some horror literary work and tell her where the Mishhuvurthyar had hidden the vessel.

"Katsuyoshi-Taii," the Taisho addressed her Science Officer, "Can you pull a map up of the region captured between YE 30 and say...YE 33?"

Fujita responded respectfully, "A moment, Anzai-Taisho," A moment later, an older version of the star map was projected in front of the Taisho. It showed the state of the sector progressively between the dates she had specified. "Most of the Galactic South was under Mishhuvurthyar control during that period, ma'am," she said.

"Thank you, Katsuyoshi-Taii," Saya replied as she studied the older version of the map. "What if you didn't take it into the Nebula at all, what if you just took it somewhere nearby." She hummed as she normally did when she was in deep thought, she then moved the focus to a nearby system and began to read the old report on the planet. "The NMX had a starport on HX-10 II, if I was them I'd take it to a defensible position. Let's check it out," she said as she swiped away the map projection. "Set a course for the HX-10 System, hopefully, that starport is still there and is abandoned. I'd hate to kick a wasp nest," she ordered. It was another stab in the dark, but after months of searching on and off, Saya wanted to put things to rest.

The Nozomi-Class Scout lept into hyperspace and headed for HX-10.