Star Army

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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP [Task Force Inquisition] Mission 2, Ground Phase - First Strike


The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
Century 3, Leprechauns

Sora was trudging forward when what seemed like three times the amount of shots as normal started hitting her shielding. This is fine. Good, actually. I never liked being the one to get behind the enemy anyways. Leave that to the rest of my team. She offset herself from the rest of the squadron, the towering female putting herself out in front of them all, relative to the eager Rixxikor. Her massive, armored wingspan splayed out behind her, providing quite a bit of cover, the gatling-cannon-wielding woman shouted a battlecry as discharge after discharge slammed into her hardened shielding, she herself spitting waves of death back with righteous fury. A vehicle of some kind rumbled through her field of vision before obscuring itself with a smokescreen. Sora kept her attention on the normal troopers - for now. Let Miko's grenades take care of the crab.

The Skyyyyyy

"You see that, right?"

"Yup. Guns first, we know what they are. Miss-"

"Armed. You knew it was comin'!"

The mamushi's little turrets swiveled about, sending a rainstorm of aether towards the stationary weapons which were aimed skywards. A single one of her missiles armed itself, eager for a lock to hunt down and destroy. None yet... The brother waited, and waited - the inconsistent movements of these contacts was making it hard to identify them, harder than normal.


Everything Is Magical
Century 1

Miles looked around at the bodies, well thanks to Sacre's intense training half of the wounded still moving about were bodies to him already. His goal was to be an efficient medic and serve the army first and foremost, and if that meant leaving some of the badly wounded to die then so be it, they would take too long and be useless in the fight if he attended them now. Miles hung behind his group somewhat as he flitted from soldier to soldier and helped those most capable to continue fighting, his supplies wouldn't last forever, oh but lucky him this corpse had a top up for him.

And so the cycle continued.

Century 2

"Well I mean, I'm actually trained to use sniper rifles and long range combat stuff but ok! Also standing still means I can hit them better, what's your name anyway?" She asked while seeming to skip along next to the medic, taking in the battlefield as if on a sightseeing holiday, smiling somewhat happily.


Convention Veteran
Century 2

Aoi and Akane worked as one, Aoi just giving the other neko the data and Akane not responding with words, just a feeling. The fighter diverted to intercept the fighters approaching the third century. Aoi worked the communications with the fighters over the third century. "We are coming in to intercept the fighters headed for your position. If you come in on this vector, then we will have them flanked." She explained to the other fighters. She sent them the course that she had plotted out, with the enemy fighters being hit from both sides at the same time. Then she started working the advanced sensors her fighter was equipped with to coordinate and update targeting data.