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RP [Task Force Inquisition] [Post Mission 1] The Miles Dilemma


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Mid YE 40
RP Location
YSS Shinigami - TF Inquisition
It had been 2 days since the battle and Miles was still neck deep in medical work, every patient required several headaches worth of paperwork after even the tiniest of injuries. On top of the paperwork everyone was scheduled for a Soul backup after hundreds had to be regrown from outdated backups. With a sigh the Minkan set down his pen and rested his head in his hands, it didn’t help that the other medics had been tasked with emergency ST protocols and helping to rehabilitate those with old memories. Staring down at the veritable mountain of papers on his desk he sighed once more and shakily picked up the pen.

As he continued to work through the stack a special sheet caught his eye, different from the rest for one special reason. The name he read on its surface was none other than Shasse Emiko, but her death on the battlefield was not new news. What had the minkan gasping was the action statement on the sheet, DO NOT ST. Now that was a surprise, one that Miles was not taking too well. With a trembling hand he put it to one side and opened his console, manually checking the crew medical records yielded the same results. Shasse had been killed and was not scheduled to be revived, in fact they wanted to erase her data and make her disappear forever. Miles was motionless, his blood ran cold and all thoughts stopped, he hadn’t seen her after the battle and this explained why but, why did they want to kill her?

Unknown to this Miles was the fact he too would soon be replaced, the YSS Kaiyo II, where both Miles and Shasse had originally served had made several dimensional jumps in its recent operation. The first of these jumps had prompted a choice, have a clone made to stay in the Kikyo sector, risk it with no backup in the alternate universe or leave the Kaiyo and have all memories of dimension jumping erased. Both Miles and Shasse had clones created with no memories to stay in Kikyo and they had been assigned to the Task Force, now that the originals were being transferred to Task Force to replace their clones the clones were not needed. Of course, clone Miles didn’t know any of this as the casualty rates of the battle had predicted him to perish as well making for a smooth replacement, but there were other ways to remove clones.

The original Miles now made his way down to the medbay of the Shinigami, clad in a bodysuit with helmet in the chance that his clone reacted badly to the news. The original Shasse was by his side however she simply held an NSP and a grim expression.
“You remember the plan right Shass?”
“We have to inform your clone right? That he must come with us or be put down and erased, and you’re dressed in a suit and helmet to try and hide the truth.” Shasse replied softly, she didn’t like all this funny business, but she had been ordered to do it and she complied without fail. The pair entered the medbay with the small hiss, a tell-tale sign that the door had opened to admit someone.

Clone Miles looked up from his paperwork slowly with remnants of tears still visible on his face, the Minkan’s eyes darted from the covered figure to the small neko beside them, Shasse. The confusion in his expression spoke a million words, he had thought she was dead and never to be reborn again but here she was standing before him. Rising slowly, arms shaking he stared into her eyes with desperation, a silent need the know that it wasn’t his imagination. The medic put one shaky foot in front of the other till he was standing just in front of his supposedly dead friend, hardly able to believe that the hair he had softly brushed was real. But he was no fool, his gaze shifted to the covered figure and stared into the blank faceplate.
“Why have you brought her to me, what purpose does this have?”
“Why she’s here is of little concern, we are here to give you a choice. Come with us or perish where you stand and meed the same fate as the girl you believe to be dead.” While it seemed like a choice the outcome would be the same either way, the memories of the dead Shasse had already been linked with those of the original who now had returned to being one person. The same procedure awaited Miles and his clone, and they would be able to perform it either way.

The original Miles had to force his own tears back, he hated having to trick his own clone like this but he knew that in the end both pairs would be able to see each other through shared bodies and one mind. He watched his clone process the choice, he would no doubt be confused and think the worst was to befall him despite the illusion of options.
“Tell me what will happen if I go with you.” The clone eventually asked, looking back up to stare into the faceplate.
“Your body will be destroyed and your ST backup along with it, after a brief procedure. You are not who you think you are, you are not Miles Belmont but simply an imposter in his body.” The original replied, sticking to the plan they had devised, it would be far easier to do what they needed to if he simply submitted rather than having to explain everything to him. The clone looked down, clearly expecting the death part but unable to process the fact that he was not who he thought, thoughts and possibilities raced through Miles’ clones mind as the minkan tried to put the puzzle together. He could still remember when he woke up in the medbay of the Shinigami and was told he’d been killed in an accident, which meant he was already a clone but maybe this covered figure was lying to him. He noticed that the figure was not in combat stance and had no weapons, so the person was here for intimidation, but if that was the case why not just bring a rifle? Perhaps the identity was a concern of whoever was orchestrating this plan.

Taking the element of surprise the clone quickly disarmed Shasse with a flick of his leg and kicked the neko into the wall, putting her down for at least a moment as he turned the weapon on the other man. Without hesitation he fired several shots at the helmet and faceplate before throwing the weapon at the neko, knocking her back from a blow to the head. Miles hadn’t been able to react to the sudden hostility in time as his helmet was damaged, they should have known his clone would figure out something was up, he thought as he shifted into a combat stance.
“Why are you hiding your face from me, WHO ARE YOU!” The clone roared as he leapt forwards and managed to evade the armoured fists that swung at him, quickly getting behind the original and going for the helmet again. Miles turned to face his raging clone and blocked his first blow, protecting the already damaged helmet from being knocked free, at this point he would need to kill him. The clone however didn’t intend to go down without a fight and instead used his strength to crush the elbow joint of the left arm that had blocked, rendering Miles’ arm useless as it was stuck inside the armour unable to bend. Next the clone went to sweep his legs, succeeding in bringing him to his knees where he drove his knee up and into the helmet.
All three of the people present watched the scene unfold in slow motion, the helmet popped free from the suit and flew into the air, but all the focus was on Miles who had been exposed.
“I knew it, I’m a clone who isn’t meant to be here aren’t I?”
“Yes, but I ha-“
“No!.. Don’t say anymore, they probably told you to lie to me, it would be bad if I escaped with knowledge I’m not meant to know right? Well I don’t need your lies and I don’t want them.”
“Then let me tell you the truth, what I said about your body being destroyed was true but-“
“I already said I don’t want to hear it, you hid your appearance from me which already says no one wants to trust me. Let me guess, you two have been off on some super-secret stuff and now they want to kill off the clones and have you replace us? Is that why you took my best friend from me!?”
“I’m sorry Miles, it wasn’t meant to go this way.”
“You don’t get to be sorry, she’s dead now and will never know the truth, and now you want me to willingly march to my own death?”
From her slumped position in the corner of the room Shasse looked up, both sets of memories meant that the argument had her on the verge of tears, having to lie to her friend and seeing him like this. Always known for doing things her own way the neko stood and walked over to the two Minkans, she gently took the clones hand and smiled up at him.
“I’m not gone Miles, that’s what he was trying to tell you. You just have to get yourself merged with him like I did, that’s why my old backup was removed.”

So that was the trick, they’d merged the ST memories of the two Shasses together to make the one standing before him, well that wasn’t so bad then if he got to stick around. “So do I get a backup before that goes ahead?” The clone Miles asked finally, staring into his own pair of mismatched eyes.
“Yes, we both do. So does that mean you’re ready to go now?” Miles asked him

“I am.”