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RP [Task Force Inquisition] Post Mission One: Butting Heads


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
ye 40
RP Location
Midori was enjoying a moment of quiet within the power armor bay. Dressed in her uniform, she sat before her SARAH armor with legs crossed, eyes shut, and her black laquered sheathed sword resting across her lap as she simply sat there, trying to collect both herself and her thoughts as she thought back on her already busy time with her new posting. A battle as she had showed up, narrowly escaping once or twice, it was a nice change of pace from her duty back home, but it was a massive change of pace regardless.

The power armour bay's doors hissed open as another figure strolled in, Minkan for the most part but the tanned man's rather unique eyes hinted toward something else - booted footfalls could be heard as Kade made his way over to his own suit of power armour. An audible sigh left his lips as the boy looked at the rather beat up and bloodied Daisy II he called his own.

"It's funny really," Kade began to speak in a rather relaxed tone that was a stark contrast to the vibe he gave some people. "They want us to be battle ready at any point, yet it seems the armourer has been slacking off a bit."

Midori's white furred ears twitched and seemed to swivle almost, marking the approaching boot falls as the came closer. It took the man a moment to speak to him, but she figured that she would be popular being a new figure on the ship in the less populated areas. The man had a point though.

"I have learned it always helps to double check your armors regardless." To her point, Midori's SARAH was in great conditon. The shoulder turret repaired, the armor repaired, her ammo replenished and even having gone so far as to add a aether powered katana at the side of the armor, it seemed she was ready to deploy whenever needed.

Kade ran one hand down his green suit's chestpiece, feeling each of the scratches and various deformities in the metal shell. "If I had clearance to swap it out myself then believe me ma'am, I would," he spoke, pausing to risk a sideways glance at the sword-bearing woman with his dark eyes. "I'll hazard a guess and say you're the samurai people have been gossiping about?"

"I suppose I am, but I did not realize I was the subject of gossip. I pray nothing bad yet?" Midori asked of the man, finally opening her eyes to look at Kade with her blood red eyes.

"I figured with a ship this size that word would not travel fast, I must admit I am used to smaller ships. Less decks, less people..." Midori looked up to the ceiling for a moment, mentally trying to tally just how many people were on the ship, a hand coming up to idly scratch the scar on her cheek.

"People want to talk about something other than war, and I suppose you seem like the most interesting choice - it's mostly people quivering in awe" he spoke, letting the hand drift down before turning to face the woman. "Normally I'd shake your hand but I'm not sure if that is appropriate given your title," Kade continued before pausing to bow an introduce himself.

"Santo Hei Kade Daviad, Recon, ma'am" he finished, holding the deep bow.

"Quivering in awe? Last I heard we Samurai were not held in high regard. Regardless, it is a pleasure to meet you." Midori stood with a fluid grace, feet finding themselves under her smoothly as she let one hand grasp her sword. Turning to the man, she gave him a bow.

"Ketsurui Samurai Jo Midori. Though I suppose I would rank as a Santo Juni within the army. I am not sure how things translate now." She admitted, and she was indeed in a Star Army uniform, not the traditional Samurai garb. "I suppose I fillthe role of a Armor Pilot here on ship, though I have found myself in a wide array of positions on past ships."

"Don't sweat it much, this... all of this is new to me but you' seem to be doing a better job than I," the not-quite minkan responded with after rising up from his bow. There was a slight uncomfortableness to his stance, it was very subtle but Kade was still trying to grow accustomed to the posture this body kept shifting him into.

"It's a far cry from what I'm used to, that's for sure."

"New body?" Midori asked, tilting her head a little as she watched the man curiously yet seemingly dispassionately. Her face was a blank slate before she shrugged some.

"I prefer to be out here over back at home. This feels more confortable to me." She told him, looking around the bay for a moment and allowing a small upturn of the corners of her lips.

"That obvious huh?" Kade said with a slight smile, shaking his head inwardly. "But yes, new body in a new land... it's complicated to say the least but I'm grateful fate took the turns it did."

"I know how you feel. I am still getting used to this body." Midori admitted, looking down at her own free hand for a moment before she took a breath.

"If it is not rude to ask, what did you transfer from?" Midori asked.

"Of course you can ask, if the roles were reversed the I'd probably do the same thing," Kade spoke, taking a second to compose himself before continuing.

"I'm not quite sure how to decribe it other than, primal - this is a poor representation at best but imagine if you got a monster, compacted it into a man-sized package and told it to fight for the profit of another man."

"A gladiator?" Midori asked, confused but grasping just barely the idea he was attempting to present. She blinked a bit wondering how such things were allowed or even could happen, only to remember at one time even Yamatai had a coliseum, if only for a short time.

"As terrible an experience I am sure it was, it at least prepared you for your newly chosen profession a bit better." Midori offered to the man as another way to look at it hopefully.

"The past is in the past so I choose to move on and not look back," Kade said with a small, appreciative nod. "Thank you for the kind words but I'm still standing and that is good enough for me - but enough about me, care to shed some light on your own past?"

Midori nodded, glad to see he had a rather positive outlook on life and was looking to the future. When asked about her own past, Midori shrugged a little.

"Please, ask away, I am a open book." Midori offered to himtaking a seat on the floor again. If he was going to ask, she would explain, but that could take a while as she had wuiet the history.

Kade leant back against his armour and took a second to scratch his jaw and think up a question before asking, "So how does the whole 'Samurai' thing work? were you born into it? did you work up to it? were you **built** for it?"

"All of the above i suppose. I was originally a test weapon, trying to meld the abilities of the NH-22, NH-27 and NH-28 bodies together. But the experiment failed, and i was relinquished back to the Samurai. But yes, Samurai are born and built for what we are, and just like other nekos, we train for a year or more depending on where we are going or what we are doing." Midori explained, tapping her cheek just below her red eye while explaining the test weapon piece.

"If even half of what I've heard is true, then I'm scared to see a 'success' is capable of," Kade replied with a smirk that showed hints of his fangs, "It seems you and I have more in common than I could've imagined possible."

"Regardless I am still a samurai." Midori offered to the man, knowing she was the only experiment they had ran. When it had deemed to many systems crossing and overlaping one another to be stable, they had scrapped the project.

"It seems we do." Midori said in agreement.

"That you are, a mighty fine one I'm sure," Kade began speaking as he pushed off of the armour and walked over to Midori, offering her a hand to the seated warrior. "I've never had a chance to fight a Samurai before, ma'am, and this seems as good an opportunity as ever so what do you say - feel like knocking me on my stubborn behind a few times?" he asked with a warm look in his otherwise dark eyes.

Midori couldn't help but let the bark if a laugh ring out through the bay as she heard his unknowing praise. She had been a failure of a samurai, once even having been stripped of her rank, but regardless she took the hand.

"It seems no matter where I go everyone wants to spar. I do enjoy it though." Midori said as she stood. Taking a few steps back from the man she stretched out her back somewhat, looking to Kade.

"Any limitations you want to place?" Midori asked. It had actually been some time since she had sparred with someone not a Samurai, and had to remind herself not to use full strength.

The look of confusion at her sudden burst of laughter was quickly replaced with one of child-like glee as his challenge was accepted. "Just one, try not to kill me if you have the opportunity - I'm not quite ready to experience another re-sleeving so quickly," Kade half-joked as he moved over to his power armour and detached the blade from it's hip - a rather triangular short sword that was much wider at the base than at the tip.

"So, do we do this here or elsewhere?" he asked her, scratching the back of his neck slightly out of anticipation. He assumed after all the supposed sparring she would be somewhat of an expert on picking where they took place.

"Weaponry?" Midori asked, surpised a little but nodding somewhat. She drew her own sword, much different then before. The blade itself was made of transparent zesiuam, a call to her station as a stealth sentinal. Drawing her thumb across the blade to remind herself there was no longer a need for bloodshed, Midori turned herself so her left side was facing the man, her sword held down and at her side with one hand on the grip.

"Ah... that might've been a good thing for me to mention," Kade replied with a semi-awkward smirk.

"Here will be fine, enough space to move as needed." Midori offered. As she took her stance, her skin vision did take in the fact that a few nekos were filtering in, chatting to one another and not realizing what they were walking into.

Kade raised his weapon up to eye-height and dropped the tip slightly, his face dropping into a calm and relaxed position as the noted the newcomers - a crowd, just what he was used to. There was a very faint and guttural growl before he pounced forward, seemingly swinging his blade left to right before feinting into a downwards slash.

Midori was smart, she was used to combat with swords. It was what she did for a living after all. Seeing the left to right slash, Midori lowered gravity's hold on her body and slammed herself forward as quick as she could. Originally drawing her sword up to block the side slash, it wasn't tough to readjust her position. Pushing more power into her arms to help aid in the block, Midori even placed a second hand on thr back of the blade. With the block secured and her in closer, Midori would try her own strike, trying to slam her shoulder into Kade to try and knock him back some.

The shunt backwards reminded Kade of his own body's inertial control capabilities, he went with the transitioned it into a tight spin that pointed the pommel of his sword toward Midori. A mental button was pressed and the weapon extended two-fold into a staff as the minkan thrust forward and hoped his palour trick might catch the opponent off guard.

It was certainly a momentary surpise for the Neko, but nothing more then that as she carved a wicked trail with her sword, putting strength behind the hit to push the staff aside closer to the middle of the closer section. Even as she did, Midori took a second and kicked off the floor, flipping up in the air and for a moment before she simply hovered there.

Since she had returned to the samurai, Midori had taken to learning more and more different types of martial arts her sisters employed, including Sora-Mai.

Taking to the air? it was not the boy's forte but he would sure as hell give it a go. Kade hovered up to meet Midori, unsteady at first but quickly finding his metaphysical footing before starting to circle around to her left.

Midori would give him little time to actually get used to anything. She was much more comfortable in the air it seemed like as she shot forward, her blade striking out in a sweeping motion from right to left. A testing strike to see how well he could do airborne now, Midori put some power behind the strike yet still no where close to her full strength.

Kade brought his blade around to meet hers, they struck with a mighty clang as he remained rooted to the spot like there was solid footing beneath him. The blunt end of his spear was brought down in a swift motion toward Midori's neck, kicking some extra inertia into the blow to hasten it as a small crowd had gathered by the door - looking on and some even placing bets for the eventual outcome.

The assembled nekos even went so far as to broadcast the fight amongst the ship for those interested. Midori simply rolled her shoulder up to block the blunt end of the weapon, willing to take the strike. She grunted a little before letting her hand go off the handle of the sword to snatch at the spear, trying to wrench the weapon from his hands.

Kade pulled against the samurai for a second, trying to wrench the weapon back under his control before deciding to change up his tactics. Another low growl could be heard as his tanned hands released their grip on the spear and he accelerated forward as hard as he could, bringing his head forward to crack Midori across the nose as any sense of warmth completely drained from his eyes and something more primal took control.

Midori threw the weapon aside just as she felt the head connect. Eyes watered and a satisfying crunch was heard as Midori floated back and away from him. Staring at him now with narrowed eyes, one moment she was there, the next she was gone. Clothing, sword and Midori all dissapeared in a second as she quickly and quietly shot to the side and down, skimming softly just above the deck. Midori made sure to stop the bleeding before it gave away her position and readied her sword to attack next.

An aside that Kade and the nekos assembled would notice was that the entire timex Midori had effectively been fighting in the nude with her clothing being a hologram.

As the realisation his opponent had been nude hit him, Kade's cheeks blushed but he pushed through and adjusted his vectoring until his feet hit a surface - not the ground but rather the roof as he sought to eliminate one direction she could attack from and confuse her somewhat, not knowing whether she would be accustomed to this style of fighting but knowing he himself wasn't. The minkan shook his head breifly to rid himself of the stinging pain, nobody ever won when involved in a headbutt but he could still claim he was the one to incite the attack.

Kade's nose twitched as he tested the air, before remembering this body had worse scent receptors and that was something he truely missed - the more hidden scents of the world.

The upside down position on the ceiling mattered little to the samurai. Between her training under Nadeshiko Ebi as a stealth sentinel and under the guidance of her master in Sora-Mai, the positional combat held little concern for her.

Just the end game.

Midori floated up, slowly, a dozen or so yards away from the man as she spun in place to match his orientation. She was silent as dictated by her first school of combat she had been taught as she began to move closer and closer, ready to strike if he didn't move. Weaponless as he was, Midori had to make sure to control herself as she struck.

From his right the only warning he would get was the soft whistle of the tip of her blade, possibly audible over the talking of the nekos assembled who were still betting on the combatants.

The whistle met his pointed ears but it was too late for him to dodge, there was the faintest stinging sensation before a streak of blood came flowing away from a deep cut on Kade's arm that caused him to grunt in pain - rather than swing where the attack came from, Kade swung his other arm to where he felt Midori was going to be, a hand reaching out to grab her throat.

Midori wouldn't be there, her skin vision on as she ducked down , dragging the sword out only to try and plant the tip of the sword to his jaw. If she was able to, and he stopped, she would offer only one word.


Kade let out heavy breaths as the sword was held to his throat, giving a blood-stained smile as his arms were slowly brough above his head (or below if you look at it that way). He had one more trick up his sleeve however, he felt as though mentally controlling his spear would be cheating so instead one hand shot to sieze control of her sword arm, the other fought through the pain to push her head away, and a knee was brought up with the target being her gut.

Midori grimaced as she felt her sword arm controlled, but decided to go with it. She would duck her head down to avoid the push and using her free hand she slammed a punch down into his attacking knee, putting a little to much force into the ounch. If the attack stopped the knee, the sane free hand would come up to grasp at his throat still invisible.

Kade's knee stomped back to the 'ground' as it was struck, but as her free hand found purchase around his throat - the man's own hand sought to do the same to hers and ultimately put them in, more or less, a stand-still.

Midori was never one for a standstill. She would let go of his throat, arm wrapping her arm around the crook of his elbow and twisted sharply down and away, trying to get his hand from around her throat before returning the favor to throw a headbutt of her own at the man.

Kade squinted in pain as he felt the cartilage in his nose separate and shift sideways, letting out a short moan before spitting out a small wad of blood at her and bringing his head forward for another strike.

Midori grunted as the second headbutt landed, her mangled nose crunching again before she decided they needed some space. Bringing her knees to her chest best she could in this situation, Midori tried to plant her feet into his hips or knees, whichever could find better purchase, and drive herself up to bring the top of her head into the underside of his chin. All the while she was fighting to break her arm free, turning her wrist to where his thumb connected to the other fingers and wrenching toward that gap.

Blinding, white pain overwhelmed Kade's senses as the blow was struck, his grip loosened and the Minkan fell back down to what everyone considered to be the actual floor. He simply laid there for a moment as his senses slowly began clearing, trying to ignore the pain and drag himself slowly up onto his feet - gasping between words as he tried to speak. "I said... you'd kn.. knock me down... never said... I'd stay there."

Kade raised his fists once more, urging the Samurai closer with a flex of his fingers.

"Surrender, you are hurt..." Midori's voice seemed a little off and disembodied as she remained hidden, though touched down softly to the left of the man, well out of his reach.

"I do not wish to knock you out. It would be tougher to get you to the medbay that way." Midori explained to the man.

Kade's body flexed as if he was about to throw another punch, but all that came out was a defeated sigh as the man fell to his knees, "I submit, you've won, Master Samurai." His words were pained as the boy raised a hand and his spear flew over into his hand, he used it to haul himself back onto his feet and gave the deepest bow he could currently muster without falling over. It was quite clear that the action caused him pain yet he held it for as long as he could.

Midori's image shimmered into view, clothed as she was before though her nose was crooked and mushed in somewhat, blood on her upper lip. She gave the man a bow of her own as she walked to retrieve her sword. She was a touch wobbly as she bent over, but seemed fine as she stood to regard those who had gathered. She sheathed her sword quickly enough before walking back to Kade.

"It was a good fight. Care to accompany me to the medbay? I need to get my nose checked out." In truth it was a simple fix for the Samurai, but she was concerned for the damaged Minkan.

"One second," Kade spoke before releasing his spear and letting it float there, a hand was placed on either side of his nose before a loud popping sound was heard and it was straightened - somewhat. "Okay now we can go make sure that pretty face of yours stays so, and make sure I'm not bleeding internally." He gave a warm smile that quickly contorted into a look of pain before he looked over to the crowded door way.

"Would you mind stepping aside? the show is over folks."

The nekos seemed to scatter at his insistence, some snickering at his loss and damage, though others telling the two how good of a fight it was. Midori for her part seemingly bristled a little at the comment about her pretty face though quickly pushed it aside. She had to shake her head for a second as if to clear her thoughts, but followed after Kade. As she walked past the others she went ahead and reset her own nose with a grunt and a sharp crack of her own.

"Be proud. You are the first that is not my sisters that has drawn blood from me." Midori offered the man, following behind.

"I'm just honoured to have fought you, regardless of if I lost, which I clearly did," Kade grunted as the spear folded back into a sword and sat itself on his hip, one arm cradled the deep cut on the other one as the duo made their way to the medical ward. He ignored the looks that came their way, had it been a few years ago then he'd be revelling in it - but not today.

Kade paused for a second in realization and paused, turning around to face the Samurai, "Do.. do you know the way there? I think we're lost."

"That sword is rather interesting." Midori said as she looked around before blinking at him.

"I... I thought you knew the way..." Midori said aloud.

"I..." Kade paused for a second and looked off to the side, trying to remember the ship's layout, he pointed in the direction he had a gut feeling was right and spoke again. "I believe this is the way."

Midori turned to follow behind Kade, sheathed sword still in her grip as she tried to work some of the blood from below her nose. "Lead the way then."

"Ah right, the sword," he spoke up as they limped through the corridors, the weapon unsheathing itself and floating rather harmlessly in front of the samurai for her to inspect. "Custom as I'm sure you can tell, I got it from Origin Blade Works - perfectly weighted in either mode and sharp enough to split atoms."

Midori took the blade from the air to inspect it herself, hefting it lightly to feel the weight. She was impressed to say the keast and nodded. "It is a fine blade, rather impressive. Seems like telepathic control too? I am glad I did not use my hemosynthetic control now." Midori said aloud before letting the blade go back into the air.

"Aye, something like that it's m..." Kade paused as the blade made it's way back to his side but hesitated slightly. "Hemosynthetic control? now that sounds more impressive than some engines and a digital brain."

Midori blinked a little at his wonder, confused. "Have you never seen thay before?" Midori asked. Thinking better, Midori drew her blade a little and cut the palm of her hand on it. Allowing the blood to flow freely, Midori forced the blood to take the form of a two foot long tentclacle that flicked left and right dangerously.

"I and my sisters with my body type are able to do this, along with reforming limbs or creating more given enough time." Midori admitted before she drew the blood back in to let it heal her hand. The cut dissapeared without even a sign of the injury present which was odd due to the three scars on her cheek.

Kade watched all this over his shoulder, the weapon finding it's place on his hip as the sight took place. "That seems rather helpful, does it see much use?" he asked, chosing not to ask about the facial scars - he had requested the barcode remain on his currently bloodied bicep along with the rest of his unique features - the neck scars were gone though and he was glad for it.

Midori nodded. "I have used them quiet a few times in battle. They were useful for restraining the opponent. It made it simpler to deal a clean blow." She explained again and continued to look around, wondering how long it would be till they got to where they were going.

It was at this point that a modestly tall officer strode into the path of the two wanderers at a quiet crossroads, her lengthy crimson hair trailing behind the woman in a stream as she halted.

Turning a little towards the two, though she was side on, silver-chrome eyes taking them in and their battered forms. Epaulettes on her shoulders they had likely never seen before, "What on Yamatai.." Shosho Kier hummed, more in curiosity than outrage, though both existed.

Kade's eye widened as he heard the authority-fueled voice behind them, he span around on a heel and his dark eyes widened until they were comparable to saucers. "Just... just some friendly competition, ma'am," he tried to explain, giving a grin but forgetting the fact his teeth were stained with his own blood.

Midori for her part bowed at the waist, her slightly disheveled braid falling over her shoulder as she remained bowed. "Greetings Shosho." Was the only thing she said, her own nose and mouth covered in blood from her bloody nose.

Kade cleared his throat and bowed also.

Kimberly raised a single eyebrow, turning towards the two somewhat bloodied crew members, sword at her side bouncing a little. Reaching up, the Rikugun admiral straightened her cap with a sly smile. "Well, who won then? I wish I would have been there to give you both a good thrashing." Amusement radiated softly from her eyes as she lightly gripped her sword handle loosely in her free hand. "Rise, rise. A salute would have been fine."

"I did ma'am." Midori offered as she rose, taking in the woman with her red eyes. "Though he gave a good fight. Ketsurui Samurai Jo Midori Shosho. I came in during the last battle." She explained. She said nothing of the woman's claim of a thrashing though, her face a nuetral mask.

"The last fight huh? I'm glad you made it out, Journeywoman. We need all the old guard we can get for what lies ahead." Surprisingly, the flag officer stepped forwards, smiling a little cheekily. "Girl power, mhm?" She swung her gaze to the recon-patched man to one side, "Did you give her a good match at least? Looks like you're both pretty beaten up. I heard Recon boys were good."

Kade rose from his bow and spoke when spoken to, "It didn't look quite as graceful as her moves, ma'am, but I'll have you know I started the headbutting spree," the boy informed his superior with a slight smirk on his face.

"Headbutting?" Kimberly seemed impressed and in equal parts astonished, leaning in a little so she was very close to Kade's face, basically breathing on him as she inspected his nose with silvered eyes. "Damn, snapped that thing huh?" She let herself have a bit of a smile at the revelation, leaning back and regarding the Samurai's own at a distance. "Good on you..?" The Shosho left the question hanging, awaiting an answer.

Midori's red eyes narrowed slightly for a second at being called a journeywoman, but relaxed after barely a second. "I am a samurai Shosho, which brings me to a question. May I wear my Hakama and Yukata, or would you prefer I remain in Star Army uniform?" Midori asked, the Star Army uniform her current outfit though Kade would know it was an illusion.

Kade did not quiver, he did not squirm as the Shosho got closer, simply giving a curt nod once she backed off and a short respose, "Hoo-rah and all that."

Shosho Kier simply nodded at Kade's response, "Very good. As you say, Hoorah-hei." Her chrome eyes sweeping back to the Samurai, seeing her dressed sharpishly in the working uniform they all wore, taking in Midori's figure in the outfit.

"With the current changes, I would prefer you keep yourself in official uniform to reduce confusion in case of emergency." Kimberly explained, then gestured broadly to her own blade, "You may wear your daisho, however, and of course your own dress whenever you're in private company. Don't worry, I'm sure Hoorah-hei would agree you look very nice as you are."

Midori gave Kimberly another bow at her ruling on the clothing with before she straightened up. Midori did cut a rather nice figure as was seemingly common for her race, but the slight scowl on her face offset the soft blush across her cheeks. It seemed she felt slightly conflicted by the idea of getting compliments, or maybe just from Kade. It was a odd picture for sure.

"I understand Shosho, arigatou for allowing my blade." She responded to Kimberly after a moment.

"Jokes aside ma'am I am Kade Daviad, Santo hei," he added with a slight smile, just to be sure if shit hit the fan agains soon then they would be yelling the right names.

Kimberly nodded, stroking and caressing her own katana idly as the others spoke, smiling in a friendly manner. Maybe someone like her needed to keep things joking just to get past the kill count. "It's my pleasure, Samurai Midori. I'd like to speak with you sometime about some ideas I had to use that expertise you and your fellow bannermen hold."

The Shosho then regarded the Recon, nodding in acknowledgement, "Santo Hei Kade Daviad. I'll remember you. Not often a Hei of any kind holds their own as well as you did." She offered the compliment seemingly genuinely, "I'm only recently versed with your profession, I must say I can't wait to see how you act on the field."

Midori nodded a little to Kimberly, wondering what questions she had as she listened to her and Kade talking.

"Born and bred for war, Shoso, I'll be sure to continue striving for success." he said with a knowing nod, maybe she didn't now his name but Kade assumed she had read each person's file.

The redhead nodded with a broad smile, seeming to have had her fun with the two for now, No doubt they would see her again, their faces now present and locked into the admiral's memories.

"I'll leave you two to get patched up. Nothing like a good fight to get to know someone, mhm?" Kimberly asked the rhetorical, her words undoubtedly of authority as she stepped around the pair. "I hope you find our Shinigami as welcoming as the late Sakura. Have a good evening, Midori-juni, Kade-hei."

Midori's brow raised a little as the Shosho brough up the Sakura painful memories flashing through her mind, but she bowed to Kimberly regardless as she left.

"Arigatou Shosho, I hope you have a good night as well." She said aloud before straightening up again.

"Shall we?" She asked Kade.

"Evening ma'am," he called after the captain as she made her leave, his posture dropping as she moved out of sight and he turned back to the samurai. "Some hemosynth would be well appreciated by us both, I am sure," Kade replied as the med-bay's sign came into view.

Midori nodded a little, her own wounds and issues already healed over though she figured it would be good to at least make sure her nose had been set right. She saw the sign, glad they hadn't gotten completely lost.

"The ship doesn't have...medical sprites does it?" Midori asked, and for the first time Kade could hear a hint of worry in her voice.

"Sorry what is a medical sprite?" Kade asked quite seriously, the name wasn't ringing any bells.

"Nevermind. It is better you didn't know." Midori offered, shaking her head as she pondered on the craziest of the sprites she had known.

"Sprites were the physical manifestation of the MEGAMI as it grew over time through watching crew interactions. Each one seemed to take on personality traits as they were born, and one medical sprite I knew was obsessed with making everyone beautiful."

"Huh, obsession is a dangerous enough thing - nevermind if it is an artificial construct that you are trapped with." Kade spoke before giving her a curt nod and a friendly smile, "I'm sure you will be quite safe here, I've only seen doctors made out of flesh and blood so far."

"The sprites were Nekovalkyrja born on the ships to aid smaller crews. They had to server aboard said ship for a number of years before they could be considered crew." Midori told him as she tilted her head a bit, remembering some of the other sprites from her past assignments.

Kade watched a quite short Neko with deep purple walked past them, his eyes widening as the boy leant in to speak to Midori, "Are there any tell-tale signs I should look out for? anything notable?"

"People typically not on the crew roster as they aren't considered part of the crew." Midori offered the man, leaning away as he leaned in. Even in the corridors, Midori kept a decent distance from Kade.

Kade could tell he was crossing some kind of unspoken line when he leaned in, so returned to his side of the hallway just in time to come upon the medical bay's door. "Well I'll be sure to keep an eye out," the boy spoke as he pressed a button and the doors hissed open, he stood to the side out of politeness and waited to enter second.

Midori frowned inwardly, though Kade would see her grip her sword a little tightly. It wasn't that she was mad at Kade, mostly herself for still not having gotten over her own issues. Bowing her head a little she stepped into the med bay quickly. She began to peer around to see if she could find the doctor to get Kade seen after.