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RP Concluded Task Force Inquisition: Scouring Skadi


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RP Date
YE 39
RP Location
YSS Shinigami, Task Force Inquisition

Shôshô Kimberly Kier stood aboard the YSS Shinigami, looking down upon the planet of Skadi below, big and brown in the black void of space. How the Rixxikor had laid waste to this one prosperous land, with their disgusting lifestyles and corruptive influence. The admiral's chrome-silver eyes swept to her XO, "Alright, Number One. Let's get this party started. Open fleet-wide comms." Crossing her arms, Kimberly broadcast to her flagship, but also the Orochi Squadron that was flying in formation with them.

"All stations, listen up. Our good friends in the Research Administration have sent us over some goodies which should help with our little crusade." The commander began, pacing back and forth across her bridge. "Apparently a bright spark from Jiyuu put together a Nodal Command which should effectively sterilise the Rixxikor. Today, we're going to bomb the hell out of those anthropomorphic bastards and end this once and for all."

"Following our fallback and resupply after last mission, we've stocked up on enough of these weapons to cover the entire planet. Once we've done that, the underground stores of eggs that have been getting in the way of bombing the hell out of the surface are no longer an issue. Taking Skadi becomes less a war of attrition and we should be able to mop it up within the year." She paused, looking back to Skadi with a look of victory. She could smell the burning insects already.

With a deep sigh of finality, Kimberly returned to her central position and nodded to her chief weapons operator.

"All ships, open fire." The final transmission came from the admiral, as she terminated the link.

A Few Minutes Later

With the order, Ke-Z1 Series Anti-Starship Torpedoes and Ke-Z2 Strategic Aether Bomb were deployed en-masse, using the newly developed Nodal Command 2719 encoded into the Nodal payload it was carrying. They streaked towards Skadi's surface, some carried by bombers and some being sent from the ships themselves. A few detonated, then more, until Kimberly's XO looked to her. "All weapons have found their mark."

The Shôshô nodded to her junior officer, "Have all the weapons platforms re-arm with conventional munitions. We'll give the Nodals a day to work their magic, then it's time to wipe them out."

A Day Later

The second wave of bombardment began, with torpedoes and bombs scouring Skadi's surface, the flashes visible from the Task Force very clearly. Everyone not part of the direct action were glued to their viewscreens and windows, seeing the surface of the planet become a glowing, burnt mess. Not that it was much better to begin with, after so many years of Rixxikor and Graxlat pollution. Nothing a bit of terraforming couldn't fix.

Kimberly sat in her command chair, sipping some herbal tea as she enjoyed the show. Once the fireworks had died down, she looked to her Rikugun officer, Fukujima Nima. "Once the surface has cooled down, be ready to wipe out any signs of life. By any means necessary."

After the Invasion

With the Rikugun and the extra units that had been requested by Inquisition to help with the effort, it took an indeterminate amount of time, but the surface seemed clear from lifeform scans. There had been pockets of resistance, but the WMDs had done their job and what little remained was easily swept aside. Once all was said and done, Task Force Inquisition regrouped.

"Okay- I've contacted Command and Rikugun to relinquish control of the planet to them. Hopefully they'll establish a forward presence on the planet before whatever survived and hid down there crawls back out of its pits. In the meantime, we're going to RTB to gather our strength. It looks like we're needed to reinforce the effort on Gashmere." Kimberly's crimson red hair swayed as she gave her final words, before striding in the direction of her quarters. Time for a well-deserved break.