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Thanksgiving Plans?

This Thanksiving, you plan to have thanksgiving dinner....

  • With my friends

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  • I'm just going out to eat at a restaurant.

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Just out of curiosity, what are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?
Home potentially, unless the volunteer org I have applied to accepts my app, then I'll be working that day feeding the homeless turkey and other stuff :3
Will be waging war against the turkey menace yet again ;)

Also, yes, we must keep track of our maple syrup providers ;D
Some combination of families houses, have to say hi to people ... I really just want to stay in and play videogames.
I shall be up at 0500 to be at the church by 0600, and baking a shit ton of bread, then through my disguise, sneak, and hide skills, I shall avoid people for the rest of the day, and then maybe on friday I shall have something to eat that is TGingish
Question 2: Do any of you guys have a thanksgiving food you're making?

I'm not exactly sure what I'm bringing this year, but I could make acorn squash perhaps (I just tried this and it turned out delicious).
I just signed up for sweet potatoes for the company potluck, now I have to learn how to overdo sweet potatoes.

Potlucks are a contest, and I like to win
To answer the first question: I am going to have Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents' with my mom, daughters, and other family members. And I do have to work that night as well.

Question 2 Answer: My mom and I got a butternut squash from the local foodbank and will make that roasted up with some onions and spices/herbs/who knows?
Butternut squash is pretty simple to cook. I usually just brush a little olive oil (butter works too) and salt on it and cook it for 25 minutes at 425 F.
Same thing for acorn squash (I actually cooked some last night). Butternut squash also makes a good fall soup if you're handy with a food processor.