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RP: Neshaten The Beginning of a Coup....


Insane Story Writer Foxy
The council chambers were quiet right now, it was late night and most people within the city were now asleep. However, the chambers weren't completely devoid of life. Every so often, a small animal would scurry across the floor either seeking refuge or looking for food.

In one corner of this room, two Laibe stood with their backs against the wall, the two seemed to be staring at the blinds that covered the above windows - which was blocking the systems harsh sun-light from coming into the room. "So, it's been done?" one Laibe asked, the voice sounding female but their features shrouded due to the darkness.

"For now yes, the excuse is that we don't presently have the resources to devote to equiping the entire fleet with new systems. Weapons isn't something that I can easily lobby against, after all, the more weapons the Navy develops the more we can funnel to our breathren."

"We just need to becareful though, I wouldn't surprise me if at some point one of them begins to take notice."

"Bullshit, the likelyhood that any of them would is low. Besides, we 'are' funneling some of those new systems to some of the ships operated by our brothers so for now no one will suspect that we are intentionally keeping 'some' navy ships in the dark and isolating them."

The female Laibe shifted her position, crossing one leg over the other and folding her arms over her chest. "What is the current progress on the new fire control systems?"

"The Navy will be field testing new units in another season or two, I also read that they are developing an orbital defense platform as well to compliment our stations and to add to the defense of the system. Although, there is opposition in the council, some want us to restrain ourselves to using just starships. The old adege of 'a good offense is a good defense'."

The male Laibe scuffed. "Can't disagree with that, during the Great War, our brothers did just that and nearly wiped out the Federation..."

"Maybe they already have," the female Laibe said and pointed a finger at the ceiling. "Maybe one of these years we'll find out how the war ended, if our side won, then we can probably we reconnect and wipe out what remains of the Daur and My'leke."

The two laughed for a moment before a sound got their attention, the two looked around, their eyes scanning the floor before they fell upon a furry like animal with wide ears and a fluffy tail. The animal just looked at them for a moment out of curiosity before scampering away.

The two looked back at one another before they started to make their way out of the chambers.