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The Calling


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RP Date
YE 44.8
RP Location
During Operation Fireplace

For Alastair, this mission was like many before it. A person, group or entire race who were on the run. A story as old as time as far as he knew. Once during his stay on the YSS Kaiyō II during another mission he had the opportunity to save a group of enslaved persons. Interesting enough, these Norians came from the same universe as those saved while on the Kaiyō II. This caused him to chuckle thinking back to when he kicked in the door into the room of evil Eden. He was upset by the sight he saw but he smiled knowing he was going to make a difference in their lives.

Alastair was busy with the coordinated efforts of his small fleet he had put together. A feat which was no small under taking. Given that Star Army was involved, getting permission for someone else to have some of the glory could be tricky. None the less, Alastair knew who and how to get what he wanted in order for this to be a success. The ships were mainly tasked with taking refugees to the designated ships in the local area. He left the security up to Star Army. He was more than content with having them run interference. A task he felt that was very fitting for them.

Alastair had retired to his quarters after another long day. He was looking over his paper work when a young Norian came into his office. Though this was unlike a normal entrance for she simply walked in without announcing or permission to enter. Alastair had one rule when it came to his quarters. Should a crew or VIP be in need of support, his door was always open. He viewed them as family and family does not lock doors. This was also a telling sign to him that this wasn’t business, it was personal. The young Norian walked over and took a seat on the couch. She never once looking in his direction and instead kept her focus on the floor. Alastair walked over and took a seat next to her. He looked at her, a deep concern in his eyes for the young lady. He did not speak a word, instead waited for her to speak first. He then looked up and over towards a picture on the wall. It was of him, Hoshi and Eden. A reminder of those before him who carried the burden. He then felt a small tug at the sleeve of his shirt. A moment more he felt drops of water fall onto his clothes. The sobbing tears began to soak his shirt as she cried. She cried and cried so hard as they they sat together on that couch. He knew not why or who the tears were for but knew they needed to be shed. He knew there was no amount of aid, warm beds or food that could wash this away. Only the support of those who are willing to leap into the abyss of despair could bring hope into their lives. After awhile the sounds went quite. The young girl seemed to have fallen asleep against him. He gently laid her on the couch and covered her with a blanket. As he went to move away, he felt a tug on his coat. In a low quite voice, in a language that was part trade and part Norian she said, “Thank you.” He reached over and gave her a light pat on the head. In crystal clear Norian he spoke. “Sleep well, for you are safe.” His smile glowed bright as he walked back over to his desk.

After many long days and nights, the Koun along with the fleet had completed the mission. While most of the fleet had split off to return to normal operations, a select set of ships had followed the Koun back home. There preparations had been made for a new district to be constructed to house those who wished to follow. The Belmont compound was growing in size and proud to be home for the Norian.
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YSS Koun,
en route to Compound Belmont,

Stutterjump in five," Aliset spoke up from the console, the starmap splayed before her like a holographic aura of the starborn metal woman, ethereal and enraptured in her work.

"Four," the timing was rough, but served its purpose. Very few aside a computer had that tenths of a thousandth of a second timing that Aliset had brought to the table as Koun's navigator, her grey uniform making her skin seem bright and soft, a flash of pink and green as she turned in the light, fingers flying across holographic controls, entering parameters and split second times.

"Three, two, one, Mark!" The ship juddered, the reverberation of the twin FTL drives clamoring for dominance causing a ripple, a single, sharp note of song to sound through the Koun's hull as she dropped from Hyperspace, already jumping to several thousand times light speed at continuum distortion, shattering the light speed barrier before the Hyperspace window even had time to close. "Stutterjump complete. On course for Planet Yamatai. Recieving lane instructions now. Marking final course... Helm, adjust course, zero point zero two two degrees pitch, yaw negative zero point zero zero one seven degrees, on my mark..."

Her voice trailed off as she watched the numbers, one hand up in the field of vision of the helmsman, before turning up, palm flat. A flick of her wrist and it dropped to level, her voice simultaneously speaking, "Mark. Reduce drive power to twenty percent. We're going to use the hill sphere as a brake as we orbit the star and drop into the lane. Comms, please inform the Kyoto Port Authority that we will arrive in their airspace in eighteen minutes, plus or minus three seconds and counting. We will be deorbiting and landing at that time. Calculating the burns and times. Helm, you have deorbit maneuvers at your convenience. Give them a show, a lovely splash of plasma across our bellies. All hands, please be prepared for landing at Kyoto Spaceport. Please inform the Belmont Compound of the YSS Koun's arrival."

Looking to the First officer for approval, Aliset offered Akino a soft smile. "Sorry, my timings are a little shaky. I'll do better, ma'am."