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Forum Game The corrupted wish game

Commissar Farzi

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So I remember a while back on another forum back when I was in High School we had a forum game section, and in it was what was called The Corrupted Wish Game, and the rules are simple:

One person puts a wish up, and the other one grants it but with a twist so to speak and corrupts it somehow-I'll post an example:

Person 1: I wish for a Chocolate Chip Cookie
Person 2: Okay, you get a chocolate chip cookie, but the chips are baking chocolate and the dough is the stuff they put in dog biscuts.

Not the most creative example, but it will suffice. So I'll throw my wish out now:

I wish for a potato
You get a fantastically rare Lamborghini as a gift. Because of the car's high value, it counts as substantial income and your tax bill is greater than the value of your home. Also because of the car's huge price tag, it's almost impossible to find a buyer or insurance for it.

I wish for The Orville to last at least 7 seasons.
The Orville lasts the seven seasons, but hits its peak only three episodes in and becomes increasingly stale and repetitive throughout the series as the writing, plot and humor descends into the refuse of failed comedy and badly written adventure stories.

I wish to have the world's largest library.
The largest library got a great selection of various books, but most of the books are about Harry Potter and the different fanfics with some disturbing sexual genre as well with one title "True love between Potter and Sneep" that is way too detailed.

I wish for free food for life.
You get free food for life, free food made from biological waste sourced from your local hospital.

I wish I had a hotdog.
You get an actual haunted house, which drives most of your family insane before killing them with various kitchen implements and garage tools, leaving you emotionally scared.

I wish to be able to fly.
You get a ticket to see everyone you love, but they have turned into zombies and they eat you.

I want to go on a cruise.
Underpaid staff neglect to change a filter on a cooling line for the ship's diesel engine system, so it clogs and the engine overheats, resulting in a fire. The crew are able to put out the fire, but the engines are too damaged to be used again. The ship is without power for the water pumping systems, which, among other things, means the toilets won't flush. After a day or so the ship smells like sewage from top to bottom. The ship has to be towed to port but it'll take six more days.

Something similar happened IRL

I wish for light brown M&Ms to make a comeback (they were replaced by blue).
Light Brown M&Ms come back, but are ever so slightly different in a way that you can't place yet bothers you.

I wish to visit space.
You get a soda pop but your glass is constantly filled with the sugar free version of your favorite soda which is flavored with stevia plants.

I wish the Seattle Kraken would win the Stanley Cup.
They win the Stanley Cup, but immediately have all their wins abruptly revoked following the results of an investigation in regards to the use of performance enhancing drugs.

I wish for a bacon club sandwich.
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You get your sandwich, but it's turkey bacon, and there's only 2 pieces of it in there sadly, because someone is trying to make it "healthy" instead of delicious. The bread seems a bit stale. It's not the worst sandwich but it leaves you wanting a better version.

I want to visit Japan sometime.