The Dangers of Overreliance on Nanotechnology and Other Space Magic in Writing.


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Okay I just looked through the things under question, and I'm not NTSE, but I'm just gonna say this. The level of technology involved in this armor and the Honeycomb are just totally inconsequential to the setting. Most submitter would've just made something that operates as a wing suit, diving suit and armor all at once (pretty much any EV suit in the setting), so what if his armor constructs super low tech things via nanomachines? I wont get into specifics, but I will say, the staff and site have much more important things to do than argue about what essentially amounts to cosmetics. We have a fabricator that uses femtomachines in the setting that can deploy them at range and even in a vacuum, and harvest -any- material, and works at an unlisted speed and no one remotely considers that a 'broken'.