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The Day the Kakushi Nekoba Reopened


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YE 44
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It was after training from Giretsu School that Yayoi, Nito Heisho of the Star Army Rangers found her way at the future named Kakushi Nekoba Bar. She’d spotted it, and she couldn’t help but think of the place. Then it occurred to her why it was so familiar. Her old friends from her former squad used to run it before they were drafted to join the military to fight the Kuvexians, but sadly died at the battle of Glimmergold.

She immediately went to the government and discovered that the one they trusted to run the place just abandoned it, so she was able to gain control over the place, and with the new key to allow her entrance she’d returned to the place and looked around. “Looks like it needs work and admittedly it will be interrupted while I am in training and returning to the resurgence, but I think I can make do.” She said as she looked around” still... I should see about getting help, Yugumo Corporation has experience with the Takeda House and other places I could see if they are willing to help… yeah!”

She immediately activated her communications device and she chose to call Tachiko Takeda though she knew being military she might instead get one of her people.

"This is the Takeda Foundation. I am Takeda Sayako. I see you attended S-A-I-C with Motoyoshi-sama. I will put you through immediately." Apparently Tachiko's comms were screened by her assistant, herself a newly minted cadet in the Star Army reserves, a Science Officer in training. "One moment, please, Asakura-Heishō."

"Asakura-Heishō, it's nice to hear from you. How is your ship and crew?" Tachiko never spares the formalities of Yamataian etiquette, the sort to bow, unseen, to the other party on a voice-only call.

Yayoi allowed herself to smile as she heard the voice of Sayako. She’d heard of the woman, and heard Tachiko sing her praises to the others during training. She knew that Sayako was an excellent assistant. “Thank you Takeda-san!” she replied before she was transferred to Tachiko.

“I am pleased to hear from you as well, Motoyoshi-Chui, my ship, and the crew are doing well, and have since learned that one has delivered a little boy. But that’s not the reason why I called. I need your advice on something. Are you on Yamatai? It’s a Bar that used to belong to some old friends, but due to circumstances they’d died in the final battle of Glimmergold, and don’t have themselves backed up. I don’t want their legacy to end, but there might be issues, so I’d like you to come and maybe, if possible, see if this place could be saved. Would that be possible?”

Try as she might, she couldn’t hold back her nervousness. She didn’t have experience running a bar but didn’t want her friends’ legacy to end like this.

"Well, I suppose I do know a thing or two about the restaurant industry, but really, Sayako-Shōi actually knows more, as do the highest level employees. I can't stress how much of the success of my concepts has hinged on my managers' talents and Yugumo's money, more than anything I've done myself but come up with a few recipes," Tachiko humbly demurred. "I'm actually on Koukotsu II, but I can be there soon. Is tomorrow morning, relative to Yamatai standard time, good?" And just like that, Tachiko had volunteered. "I'll be bringing a few of my assistants with me."

Yayoi listened as Tachiko spoke to her and she could hear how humble she was just by her speaking. It was what made her decision to contact a good idea. Yayoi was pleased when she volunteered to help and she nodded her head” certainly will be fine with me, I have shore leave and I believe there is time for us tomorrow. I am looking forward to meeting both you and your assistants. ” She replied to Tachiko before deactivating the call and giving a one last look at the interior. “This place will be thriving, I’ll make sure of it!” he said to no one in particular before closing and returning to her quarters.

The next day she was back and waited for Tachiko outside. She had sent a message with directions to the bar but thought having her wait outside as a sort of navigation beacon would help Tachiko and her assistants to find the place.

Yue sat comfortably beside Tachiko as she stared out the window. Her hands were on her lap as she saw the buildings pass by. Light shone into the area of the vehicle, dancing over the blue-skinned Minkan like some kind of fairy full of mischief. To the outside onlookers, they assumed she was dressed, but they couldn’t see her. All the assistants could see of her was her face and arms which the hands were petting her tail. At her feet was a case of her new drink Moon’s Nectar.

When Yue heard her Tachiko was going she volunteered herself to come along, to assist in addition to the others, and to also show off her drink.

With a trio of KAIMON Ascendant Consort drone assistants, and a pair of studious-looking Minkan in tow, Tachiko arrived with Yue close to precisely on time– only a few minutes early. She disembarked from the Yugumo-liveried hovercar and waited on her hologram-clad associate to emerge before approaching the disused façade.

"Well, it does seem like there will be some work involved," Tachiko mused. Her assistants, spurred on by wireless command, began to survey the building's exterior while they waited on Yayoi to open the doors. Handheld scanners, high-definition camera drones, and e-paper clipboards were pressed into action on behalf of her expert team.

Yue climbed out after Tachiko had and stepped into place beside her. This allowed her to check on the building they will be going to. “Yeah, ” she said to Tachiko as she thought of her past and how she’d stay in buildings like that for shelter on Vice. She couldn’t quite go to a hotel or apartment after all. “Despite its appearance, it looks structurally sound. Depending on the inside, could find lean-tos and other smaller things, ” she said in a whisper that only Tachiko heard.

Yue turned her head to look at an e-paper clipboard held by another KAIMON Ascendant Consort drone and watched as things were noted before glancing as she saw Yayoi move.
Yayoi watched the two and she couldn’t help but look at the blue-skinned girl. She was cute, of course, and she reminded her of Kiyo, making her feel a little family sick. Yayoi was quick to open the doors for her guests and waited for them to enter the bar properly. Once everyone got inside, she looked with the others.

The inside appeared to be worse than the outside, with some dirt and bugs crawling around. This caused Yue to gasp and began using her Minkan ability to hover so that they couldn’t get her. “Tachi-chan, Fly,” she told Tachiko, also not wanting her to get bitten or get invaded. “Looks like there needs to be cleaning inside as well as repairs.” She then nodded to one of the drones with the scanner, specifically a SachiTech Tech scanner, that was immediately used on some of the technology inside to check on how they were.

Tachiko had nodded at the silent transmission and floated just above the surface as she entered, with a pair of KAIMON Companion orb-drones floating beside her, being her lights and cameras. When the insects approached too closely, the Companions used their weapons to fry them with frightening precision. "I see. Well, we will certainly need that fixed. I'm relaying all this in realtime to Construction. They'll have a plan put together."

Tachiko had Yue and Yayoi’s rapt attention as did the companion orb drones that killed the bugs that dared come near them. Yayoi nodded “indeed, I’m glad to hear they have a plan, we’ll need to review it, and see what we come up with. “ She said as she noticed Yue staying close, and wondered if they were lovers. “By the way, who’s your blue skinned companion? I get the feeling she’s more than your assistant”

Yue blushed and soon realized she hadn't introduced herself “My apologies, I am Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue, Tachiko-chan told me about this business opportunity, and I thought I could come along, and bring in a drink I’d made some time ago for a taste test by both of you” she said.

Tachiko also blushed, in unison with Yue. "Yue is my Clan-Sister. We are closer than lovers." She smiled at Yayoi, then continued "Construction is already sending back time estimates and a bill of materials. Our people work fast. Yugumo rebuilds entire planets. Remodeling a restaurant to get up to code isn't a problem!"

Yayoi raised her eyebrows at the closer than lovers comment, but she didn’t say anything. It wasn’t her business nor a concern for her. “She’s cute, ” she commented before Tachiko spoke of Construction sending back estimates and a bill of materials. She nodded as she heard about Yugumo ”indeed, I’ve heard from other nations about Yugumo, the citizens of DracoTown the capital of Draco Eridanus currently in the NDC sing their praises, how hey love their homes, which were made by Yugumo.

Yue listened, thinking she needn't say or add anything more, she was surprised how unconcerned Yayoi seemed to be about money. She wondered how much Star army soldiers made in terms of money.

"Okay well, how is this. We'll take care of all of it on a speculative basis through our capital financial branch, they'll pay it off, open an account, then probably... I don't know. Maybe a 15 or 20 to 25 percent net profit thing until that's paid off, then slope down to 10 or so for the next couple years, depending on how much you want Yugumo to help out with things." Tachiko shrugged, "It's not my department and a lot of it is individualized so that's going to be the next people you talk to, but I think we can work with this."

Tachiko smiled broadly, "I think it will be a really nice place! Hey, you're on the Resurgence, right? How is that?"

As Tachiko began speaking, Yayoi turned her head to pay attention to her. She was surprised that they were willing to take care of it all, though it was on a speculative basis. Her head nodded, thinking that she could handle those numbers. It would be difficult, of course, but she was sure nothing would come between her and helping her old friends. “I think those numbers work and certainly will be talking to the people you recommend.” She said, and was about to turn her attention to Yue when Tachiko asked about her ship.

“The Resurgence is a fine vessel, and with some great crew members, though one… is a concern. I’m enjoying serving on her and hope to do the Star Army proud.” She told her in reply though hoped that having indirectly mention Thad that it wouldn’t bother her too much. Yayoi soon turned to Yue, and spoke to her directly “Yue-Sama” She said having heard she was a member of a prestigious clan. “You mentioned you had brought drinks for us to try?” She asked her.

Yue nodded, and then glanced to one of the drones that brought forth a case which contained three bottles of a color reminiscent of honey, or apple juice. “Yes, I practiced making a drink and this is the result, I did plan on sharing it with Tachiko-chan, but I think now would be good too, if you like it, since the bar is Yamataian, I’m willing to let it be sold here.. We.. we could toast to new partnerships and new opportunities, if you two are interested in that?”

"Sounds good to me, once the Companions and Consorts have finished their bug-duty." She looked back to where the drones were using their sound projectors, solid volumetrics, graviton beam projectors, and, in the case of the Companions, their energy pulse weapons to clean up the buggy mess. One of the Consorts had cleaning supplies, and assisted the Minkan with getting the top of the bar and the stools in suitable condition for having a drink at. "To new partnerships, and new opportunities!"

Yayoi turned and watched as the invasion of bugs was dealt with swiftly. She felt almost gleeful as she watched them. Ever since Hanako’s world, she hated bugs with a passion so to see bugs even if they weren’t Rixlor dying like this made her feel good. Yue had brought drinks so she found herself interested only since she wanted something easy to get at. Her attention went to the consort, and remembered that Yugumo sold them, and it made her think she might want some to work for her at the bar.

Once the area was cleaned and a consort had poured their drink, she lifted her glass, “To new partnerships, and new opportunities!” she took a sip and allowed her tastebuds to savor the taste. “Tastes delicious, what do you call it?’ She asked Yue specifically since it was the drink she’d made. Though she noticed something when the Minkan sat down but she payed no concern over it.

Yue watched as the buggy mess was cleaned, and with the stools cleaned and in good condition to drink on, she moved to sit down, the volumetric outfit didn’t move as she did and her legs could be seen too. “To new partnerships and opportunities!” She repeated, before she lifted her glass, though she glanced to Tachiko to see how she liked the drink, before replying to Yayoi. “I call it Moon’s Nectar.” She said and took a sip of her drink and smiled at how she’d made something delicious.

Yayoi nodded “clever, so it's like your name” She commented, “yeah, I think I’d love for this to be sold here.” She said while making a mental note to discuss how much Yue wanted to pay for the drink later.