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RP The golden band: Into the unknown

More spider-like creatures dropped from the ceiling. They died quickly, but he was burning ammo. “Unsure,” Ian grunted over the comm as he skewered a creature on his bayonet (50DA). Suddenly he didn’t mind the ridiculous thing. Nor the underslung shotgun. A spider blew apart in a hail of buckshot. “I’ve put about half a mag into his face but he’s still coming. He’s got weird glowing shit all over his body.” A distant memory nagged at him.

That damn singing was getting closer. “Davis, push through!” Ian yelled. The man was already ahead of him, charging ahead, clubbing the spiders that got too close. They burst out into the adjacent hall and forced the door shut behind them. While Davis looked for something to jam the door with, Ian loaded another shell into his underslung shotgun. Catching his breath he opened the comm again, “I’m an idiot, you probably saw a few stray hits send those dolls up in flames right?”

Thump! A fist sized bulge appeared in the metal door.

“Yeah… time to move,” Davis said, backing away, “Which way boss?”

“Just back up,” Ian said, voice level, as he pulled up the map on his HUD. He found the beacons of the rest of Charlie Battalion. “Follow me,” Ian said before taking off running, following the dots on his map. “Well boys and girls, we’re gonna kite them. Just maybe hold your fire till the good guys are out of the way.” He was on another mad dash, but this time there was a plan. More blips began appearing on his HUD, causing Ians steadily improving mood to flatline. More “spiders” above them and in the walls. As they rounded the corner towards Charlie Bat’s position, panels all around them began to burst from their moorings and many legged monstrosities began clambering out.

Minor edit in the first line for clarity. Spiders dying quickly instead of dropping quickly
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Hawke flew down the corridors her arm blades and wings decapitating Dolls as she flew. "I'm coming in and i got explosives. Prepare for possible decompression." Hawke was flying towards the rear of the formation towards the big guy. However she would wait until the door was opened and her allies on the other side could attack him in a crossfire. She armed the mini missiles on her arms and raised them at the beast as she faced him from behind. "Ready when the rest of you are."
Sharlett had thought she was behind cover enough but was proven wrong. Her mech crashed to the ground at the legs where badly damaged. "Fuuuuuuuuuck" She yelled out over comms. This was no time to be taking a dirt nap. There were countless enemies around and she was a sitting duck. "What am I going to do about my legs," She yelled out into the dirt. She thought for a moment and then the light bulb went off. As a proud Daur she had learned how to fight on both her feet and her hands. Now was time to see if she could manage the impossible and get back to the team.

After a few tries, she managed to get her mech flipped up so her arms would be her new legs. Her tail reached down and lifted the gun and placed it across her butt. She pictured this had to be the most ridiculous thing the enemy has ever seen. "That backup would be great. I don't want to have my ass blown off if at all possible." She called out over comms as she started to make her way back to the fire line.
Senti Ship

Priscilla moved quickly, before setting up on a different position along the balcony which would hopefully give her a better vantage point to shoot the monsters tailing Ian’s squad. Knowing that her allies needed her firepower, she pushed herself to the limits of what her enhanced form would allow, a part of her wishing that she had invested in more comprehensive augmentations so she could have done it even faster.

The horrific, ugly screams of the dying grated against her ears. She wondered how many she could have saved had she been just that much faster.

Regardless, Priscilla set her thoughts back on her part in the chaotic orchestra that was the Golden Band. While she couldn’t save everyone, that wasn’t going to stop her from trying.

“I’m in position.” Priscilla grunted as she gazed down the scope of her rifle. At will, she overclocked her digital in order to accelerate her perception, thereby drawing the world into the equivalent of slow motion bullet time according to her perception. Then, setting her sights on the crawling, multi-legged arachnoid montrosities that were attacking Ian’s squad, she let loose a precise, rapid salvo of high-caliber plasma rounds, each shot aimed to strike the creatures in their eyes or any other weak points she could assess in their anatomy!
As shots ricochet off surfaces and dolls keep dropping in numbers the golden band forces seem to finally being able to secure a win from all this fighting. Albeit many of their colleges are reduced to bloody piles of flesh bone and flak fibers on the ground from the various slag rounds being fired away at them. The golden bands shuttles are working in overdrive to make their way to the two secured LZ locations to pick up wounded as the fight comes to a close. And with the senti VIP’s secured. Ty’s shuttle would eventually land in the hanger closest to Charlie battalion.

Hopping off the shuttle Ty didnt bother grabbing his armor but instead a gp-1 as he moved up with the golden band forces holding the hydroponics area. While moving up to them a golden band recruit mistook him for another doll soldier and popped off a round into his chest. The round hitting him causing him to be sprawled out as a thick almost steam like smoke rose off of him as he got to his feet “Blue! Hold fire.” he yelled out as he got up the man most would see before him was outside his power armor. Ty is a nearly full conversion cyborg looking very much like the enemy doll soldiers exept for the fact that the tech on him looked far older, his body having been broken and put back together so many times that little of the original material remains. 3d printed bones and artifical muscle tissue replacing traditionally grown flesh and blood.

Furthermore, his body is encased in an attached exo skeleton. Angular, armored plates cover him, and an armored 3 panel visor covers his lower face. This armor is not intended to be removed, merely replaced when damaged, as his body is not intended for long term use outside of the armor itself. The face under the armored visor is somewhat mangled. Much like the rest of his body, his face requires the suit's medical maintenance systems to stay healthy.

Taking a look at the various doll soldiers dead near the firing line he bends down and grabs one missing its head, hoisting it up to get a better look at them. “All units Aim for center mass around the sternum and it should kill them that seems to be where the control system is.” Standing up he aims and puts a round in the headless doll soldier as he says. “Rest now your battle is over, you may go in peace.”

As the golden band forces holding the hydroponics area pulled off the impossible not only beating back the hades corp forces but taking their numbers down to way more manageable levels the doll forces seemed to be in a disorganized retreat. Ty keyed up his coms again. “Hawke and Grimm take Bravo and what remains of alpha battalion as well as your beauties, I want you to hunt and kill all remaining hades corp doll soldiers not occupying hydroponics. Not a single one of them leaves this ship alive, am I understood.”

Meanwhile in the Hydroponics Crew quarters Ian and Davis managed to fight off the last of the spiders earning them a reprieve. As a wall of focused guns fired on the spiders trailing the duo. Reily on the other hand called over the coms. “B-boss, where are you? That thing is still down here chasing me." Whistling could be heard over his coms followed by gunfire and a shrill scream of Riley as sounds of flesh being ripped from bone slowly echoed over the coms. Wherever the creature was he would be inside the barracks room making it impossible for flight as close quarters room to room fighting would need to be utilized to deal with it. With Charlie's battalion managing to finally secure the hydroponics area without any more Hades corp doll soldiers attacking them, they looked around to all those involved. “I need Volunteers i'm heading in there to deal with that thing. Would anyone be willing to go with me? Everyone else. If you're wounded but capable of moving on your own, get to the evac shuttle. If you're not and don't wish to go with me, assist the others in hunting down and eliminating the rest of those dolls.”
Fighting to catch his breath, Ian surveyed the carnage around him. Shit he wasn’t as young as he used to be. The troops had gunned down the rest of the spiders, but that slasher villain hadn’t followed. It was a smarter move than he’d thought the thing capable of.

His comm opened up, it was Riley’s voice. “Shit, man, I thought you were dead,” Ian said, a grin crossing his face before suddenly falling away at the sound of screams.

He killed the comm. “Shit, shit shit!,” he said out loud. Things were falling into place. Was that even Riley? He hadn’t known the kid well before, and Slasher could mimic voices. Also, the thing hadn’t given chase, instead just letting the spiders hunt them down. Why?

“Fuck,” Ian said, waving to the Battalion Sargant, “Comms are compromised.” Slasher must’ve heard him mention trying to lead him into a trap over the battalion freq. The NSMC had protocols for this, scrambling codes and switching frequencies, but he didn’t know if the Band had something similar.
Senti Ship

One dead spider after another.

Priscilla buried round after round into the eyes and brains of the foul creatures, a spray of blue blood erupting with each of the eight-legged monstrosities that she managed to kill. She derived a great sense of pleasure in doing so, and for a moment, she found herself falling into a flow as she shifted her crosshairs from one target to the next, cutting them down in precise, surgical fashion.

No matter what she did, she could never truly separate herself from the violent, martial lifestyle that she was made for. It was how she had found her way to the Golden Band after leaving the Duskerian Legion. In spite of her diminutive stature, the calling of a soldier was inherent in her design.

Before long, the last of the spiders were finished off and Priscilla came down from the stairs with her rifle ready, still wary of more Dolls or spiders. Seeing none, Priscilla moved to link up with Ian and Ty.

“I need Volunteers i'm heading in there to deal with that thing. Would anyone be willing to go with me? Everyone else. If you're wounded but capable of moving on your own, get to the evac shuttle. If you're not and don't wish to go with me, assist the others in hunting down and eliminating the rest of those dolls.”

“I’m coming, sir!” Priscilla answered back, as she pulled her katana from its place on her back, along with her hand cannon. "Let's kill this thing and get out." She hissed.

She was never one to shy away from a monster.
"Sir i'm in a good flanking position to hit the big bastard that's hitting Ian's squad." Hawke said over the coms to Ty stopping and landing.

Grimm however was doing her best to disrupt the enemy line with her suite of jammers and EMP cannon. "Roger that Ty." She responded and heard Hawk. "If Hawke is a flanking position i say we let her take it, i can take Alpha and Bravo alone and lead them to clear out the rest of the enemy force." She activated her cloak and slipped away from the enemy to link up with the element from Bravo she had found.
"I'll go with you." Vedica commed in from her spot. "I am not doing much up here now that the hostiles are cleared. As she was saying that, she was reaching into her assault pack for the 10mm barrel to switch to. She was going to need to be even more careful with shots since she only had 4 mags of 10x51mm ammo and she seriously anyone had any. How she so wanted to get or develop a portable fabricator to to craft more ammo as she went.
Sharlett was listening to all the commands being given. Minus the one to come save her. Since clearly she was in a good position to be aiming for center mass of the enemy. "Roger that, I shall ass blast the enemy as best I can." She said with a snicker before closing her comms. While this wasn't the best, given how flexible she was didn't make this the hardest thing in the world to do. The hardest part was getting the tail tip to pull the trigger but once more given the strength in her tail this wasn't impossible. "Making my way back to the team for support. And can someone bring me a set of legs that works please?"
"Negative Sharlet form up on us, and get out of the mech." Ty yelled over to her before looking to all who chose to come with him. "Move out." He stated before walking forward. the dead spiders, bullet and shrapnel in the walls a good indicator of where Isac once had been. It wasn't until they stumbled Upon the corpse of Reily missing its head with a note of the wall. <You left him behind so i Left you most of him in return.> Ty looked around. "He took his weapon...Isac what exactly did you see, I need to know what this thing is or at least a good understanding to what we are dealing with."

Meanwhile with Grimm and the other squads. cleanup was a rather easy chore as the dolls routed and I'm a panicked retreat taking them down was rather easy.
the platoon commander would Interrupt the lull in the combat to answer Ian. "Gee what was your first clue son the fact that were using basic civilian walkie talkies as com devices or what? this whole situations been a complete and total clusterfuck. half the combat force is dead. and a sizeable chunk wounded. the mechs wont be operable anymore with the amount of damage the functioning ones took and a large majority of the forces are green as grass with the command structure being mostly non existent." Ty would sigh before answering his radio. "Platoon leader you knew the risks of accepting the contract. were a expeditionary force."
"Thats right Mr. Sibo a expeditionary force not a search and rescue force. hell if i signed up and the documents stated we would be fighting horrors from beyond the stars do you really think we would have signed up." Ty would pause to answer the man. "survives will be compensated for their fighting and ill requisition new gear once the problem is dealt with do your job Platoon lead and we will finish this conversation Afterwords."
Ty Sibo looked over to Ian, "If you have any more questions or helpful advice Ian direct it to me understood." Ty asked with a icy tone before continuing into the hallway.
Pinging his coms Ty shook his head. Negative we cant risk the ship taking more unnecessary damage with the amount its taking so far the missile systems in your armor might cause unneeded destruction form up on my position Hawke."

Meanwhile outside of the crew quarters. the platoon Sargent called over to Killington. "Sharlet your fluffy ass out of the mech and join up with the rest of Charlee on their manhunt in the crew quarters." he yells looking like he was going to burst a blood vessel before tossing her a Gp-1 not really caring that the previous owner of it has their cold dead grib still attached to it severed arm and all.
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Senti Ship

A flash of regret.

It left as quickly as it had come, but Priscilla’s thoughts lingered on it for longer than she would have liked. Maybe I shouldn’t have left the Duskerian Legion, Priscilla had thought to herself. There she had been surrounded by trained, competent professionals, whereas the Golden Band seemed like a group of scared conscripts by comparison. Nevertheless, a part of her held out hope that it might get better with attrition, as callous as that line of thought was.

Another part of her could barely stomach the disgust at seeing what could only be described as a form of brutal exploitation.

Fortunately, Priscilla had ended up on the good side of the equation, whereas those who had fallen on the bad side were all around her, their mangled, stinking corpses strewn about the area. It made it easier for her to cope with their fates by rationalizing that they deserved it for being stupid enough to sign up for a mercenary gig with no real training or equipment. And yet, the ex-Legionnaire’s heart was not ready to harden.

Perhaps soon, it would.

“Forming on you, sir.” Priscilla said to Ty. “Has anyone gotten a closer look at this…thing we’re dealing with?”
Ty moved on ahead hearing noises further into the room. "Priscilla you're with me the rest of you wait for our signal" moving ahead Ty glances behin himself not wearing his usual armor he would seem like any other doll soldier they had just faced the only difference was he had way older cybernetics. "If you have any questions for me Nows the time to ask them Pricilla."

"None, sir." Priscilla answered, her tone focused and sharp. "Whatever this monster is, let's kill it quickly." She added. With her 25mm hand cannon held at the ready, the ex-NDC sniper sensed that if she executed this perfectly, she might only need one shot to put the thing down. Not to mention, in spite of the chaos that summarized the operation so far, she didn't think it was wise to bet against the cyborg supersoldier next to her. Perhaps he wasn't talented as a commander, but as an individual fighter, she had never seen anyone better, not even during her time in the Duskerian Legion.

Ty would continue onward fallowing sounds as he watched for any ambushes to their position. "I'll admit this fight didnt go so well, Im not great as a leader I know, Im trying though. Ive been a lone assassin for far to long." Ty admitted althogh no one asked He felt the need to explain his lack of leadership.

catching a glimps on the senti doll soldier as it walks into view. "Well this is a sight, A NDC and a Arkaic doll soldier that worked with section 6, tell me Ty how much is this group paying you to work with them or did they blow their budget buying you?" The doll soldier asked unaware of the real story with any of his assumtions.

Priscilla paused as the massive, cyborgized Senti approached, its hulking, twisted form a disgusting sight that drew a scrowl across the diminutive sniper's features. Simultaneously, her hatred for the thing caused her senses to automatically prime themselves for combat, her digital mind overclocking its organic processors to accelerate her perception, causing the world to go into slow motion relative to her senses.

"He's not bought." Priscilla answered coldly. "I am!" She added with a shout. Simultaneously, the diminutive sniper brought her hand cannon up in less than a heartbeat, setting her sights on taking out one of the monster's eyes, in the hopes of blinding it.

She had only one shot and with a firm squeeze of the trigger, she took it.

the creatures head recoiled from the handcannon as the round connected with his eye. a small trickle of blackish liquid seeped from the wound turning his head back around the same black liquid seemed to be moving around the hole in his face were a eye would have once been blocking the hole before hardening. "I seemed to have struck a nerve, lets see if I can find which nerve it was." he said pulling out a knife. as he began to walk towords her, Ty removed his own lower facemask. breathing out a faint greenish smoke.

"Priscilla Fall back down the hallway and set up your rifle. Ill buy you time to get a shot off." much like the senti's black liquid Ty had a redish black one start covering his skull and covering up various wires and metal on his head as it solidified into something that could best be discriped as a face with sharp teeth. shouldering the aquired gp-1 Ty aimed it at the Creature. and began fireing at will as it charged at him.

"Moving!" Priscilla grunted and turned back in a quick sprint, but she only moved far enough away so that she could get her rifle out and brought on target. She didn't want to leave Ty alone, in case he needed her firepower sooner, rather than later.

Stopping up a little less than 25 meters away from the rampaging cyborg Senti, Priscilla immediately opened fire with a salvo of four shots, each aimed for the monster's skull!

boss fight music: Aviators - Our Little Horror Story l Techno_Cinema_Remix
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one after another Priscilla's shots rang true hitting the creatures head causing more and more of the damage to be blocked up with more of the strange ikur coming from him. however it doesn't seem like she was even his focus. as he plunged the combat knife into Ty's shoulder. spilling blood and lubricants down his chest and back as the knife pinned him to a wall.
"Your a obsolete design old man, Do they know what happened to the last groups you lead, Scarecrows, alpha team, echo team? what about Thomas or Kara?" Ty fiddled with the knife tying to pull it out of his shoulder. Trying his best to ignore the creature as he tried to get under his skin with his questions.
picking up the rifle that was knocked out of his hands the creature turned the weapon on Ty and fired once. causing the false skin to drop off Ty as he began bleeding from a new wound channel. his healing systems pushed to their limits just trying to keep him from loosing to much blood.

"stick around Old man Ill finish you later. he stated as he moved down the hallway after Pricilla.
Ty called over the Radio. "All remaining Golden band troopers who haven't extracted I need you to reinforce Pricilla and I need a medic." Ty stated just as his hand slipped from the button of the radio. <remember your training Ty In for five out for five.> he thought to himself.
Vedica waiting for the signal, decided to open fire with her remaining mags of 10x52mm Sakura ammunition. Targeting the same areas the larger 25mm were creating, she had seriously doubt she was going to make any difference. Seeing how Priscilla are the more important one, if she had to die for her to live then so be it. She was well aware they would likely make another "Vedica" someday.
Grimm was heading up clean up efforts while Hawke supported her however two more of the girls joined in. Piranha helped in the agricultural bay her amphibious combat capability helped surprisingly well and Wolf went to go join Ty taking a enemies slag rifle to use. The four women were very effective at what they did and became a force multiplier when they aided the bands troops.
The fight was epic and the golden band fought hard. After they managed to put down the creature, and began leaving from the dead Senti ship with their wounded, Ty most likely had some explaining to do as well as overhauling and recruitment needing done. With the assistance of the Senti scrap cruiser. He sent out a message to the Senti's flotilla so that the survivors could be taken somewhere safe.
the next several months would be spent getting more recruits to replace the dead ones taking in more reds but also senti now. The golden band began to get its name out there. the trail by fire proving that the rag tag group could get the job done while exploring the wide expanse. he had several things planned for the coming months such as giving leadership and squads to the various golden band units that proved themselves. focusing on healing the wounded, updating the combat armor and creating a updated weapon system out for the slag rifle.