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Interest Check The Joint Operation “Dojo”


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So this is just to get an idea of whether or not this would be viable and enjoyable. Basic principle is that of a neutral combat space. A location, where individuals or squads/groups would be able to come to be able to engage in mock tactical operations either with or without joint exercises with other factions. More than anything it would operate as follows.

- A neutral ground to allow for military style actions and training.
- A safe location for various styles of combat to demonstrated outside of what is the social norm.
- A place for anyone to learn self defense, fire arm training, or weapon operation to a limited degree.
- Cultural meet point.
- Testing grounds for prototype gear or exchange of ideas.

This is just an idea, and I am not sure if anything like this already exists as I am still very new. If not I think it would be great for anyone to have a location to train who are independent or faction based without any strings attached.

If this isn’t a feasible idea, then just consider this more of “who is interested in sparring or having a character learn to fight”
sounds fun. There are exchange programs and other joint trainings so yeah. Seems doable. Probably in Open RP
That is the idea that would work best I suspect, an Open RP thing that would let people test stuff or have characters engage with or learn new skills and ideas. Specifically with a combat focus.
We have a few styles of martial arts but not a lot of great opportunities to share them or learn them ICly, so this could be a really cute way to do so. And as Locked_Out said, it's definitely feasible!
Fort Hikari is the Yamataian version of this and is where the officer exchange programme is headquartered, however it's in the Virgo Defence Sector which is restricted for anyone not historically SAOY-aligned.

It'd certainly be interesting to see this established in an unclaimed system, however given it needs to be free use I'm not sure how a faction would designate somewhere inside them for other militaries to use as they see fit without compromising their claim on the system.

The easiest way would probably be to make it in the new frontier somewhere given that's already shared space, but it's your call :) I really like this idea