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OOC The Lundin Saga - Psionics, Mind-Fuckery, Conspiracy, and More!

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While I can't speak too much to the upcoming plot, there is currently an ongoing discussion on the GM board about how to proceed with a set of plots that will provide a new "big bad" to the universe.

This thread is going to be used to post further updates on development, and allow players to ask questions and discuss the topic.
The premise for the saga is as follows:
A shadowy organisation (the lundin foundation) is slowly manipulating the sector. The players will face challenges along the way, going up against this organisation at the very end, eventually causing their demise. GM's and FM's will be using this shadowy organisation as a plot device to accomplish their goals. The organisation is built up of psions, and various other people with ESP and TK capabilities. Think SCP Foundation x Psi Corps x Men In Black.

Again, not much can be revealed right now, that is up to the FM's and GM's to disclose.
Feel free to ask questions here, and voice your concerns about the asnwers.

If interested, make it known here and we'll get to you as soon as we can.
The current faction statuses with the event are as follows:

NDC - Plot Planning Ongoing
Plot plans coming soon. see @Alex Hart for more details.

Yamatai - Discussions Ongoing
Possible Resurgence Plot being worked on, see @Wes for more details.

Nepleslia - Discussions Ongoing
No official stance as of yet, see @Charmaylarg Dufrain for more details.

Neshaten - No Plot Coming
Neshaten will not be involved, see @SirSkully for more details.

Random Alien - Plot Planned and Ready
Plot elements are scheduled to be revealed in the coming months.

The Senti - Plot Planned and Ongoing
Plot elements are actively being developed, see @HarperMadi for more details.
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Who should I ask about that?

When I see Lundin in RP I will know if I should and how to respond with my plotship.

On a side note, your creative input and your clear forward presentation of your ideas is much appreciated. Because they're so out there for precedent, having concise and clear information is so helpful. Thank you.