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SYNC The Now Full Box - To Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lita, From Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko


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RP Date
YE 43
To: Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lita
From: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

The Empty Box

Our paths have crossed in the past when your children were born, but this is in regard to a rude "gift" I received many years ago from your brother (See: Package to Ketsurui Katsuko and Yuletide Gifts from the Lorath.). Months ago, the promotional video you were in was called to my attention by one of my daughters. I have had a long time to think about the bitterness that was exchanged between us, and regardless of how rude your brother was it did not reflect on you. I remember our previous meeting, long before my children tried to decide the future of my entire Clan. From what I have seen you've been through a very similar journey, one that took you away from your own people and now faced to live with the consequences of decisions that you too were not part of. It is amazing the reliance of women, of mothers, regardless of which species we are born or flag we live under. I returned to Jiyuu after many years to lead the way for it to become a gem once more for Yamatai, a transition which has left the hauntings of the past exposed. It was my first time there since the 5th made their original claims on the system. I know we ended up on different sides of things, but such is life. I've never regretted my remaining in the Empire, and unfortunately, the actions of Kiyoko have made it so I can never forgive her. I've realized through life that it takes everyone on different paths. I believe though that the rest of us, can make better of these old shadows that haunt us.

In hopes of ending the bitterness that this gift was sent under, in an age of reunion and forgiveness, I have filled this box with many things of varying importance and worth. I'm not sending this as an act under a flag, or any official duty. I'm sending you this gift because this is truly the type of woman that I have become. One like you who has had to claw their way out of the deep, dark holes that rumors, lies, and prejudice in the universe have dug. I hope you enjoy the contents of the box, I enjoyed the time I spent personally putting it together for you. I hope this gift, this now full box finds you well and in the hands of a new and prosperous future.

Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

The Contents of The Full Box:
To: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
From: Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lista

I am glad to hear from you, someone I consider a friend in a galaxy that has continued to make me question what that world truly means. I have seen... and am still learning of the many things my traitorous brother did in my absence, and I must apologize in full for such blatant disrespect. I was not here, and know that if I were I would have considered beating the fool to within an inch of his life for such an action... But that is neither here nor there. That is the past, and while we must remember... only a fool trips over the future for focusing to much on the past behind them. As such, and something I am also glad to see, is that you are extending the branch to repair relations between our people. Know that I had planned to once I had... settled back in.

Dying, or being thought dead, certainly has an effect on a person, especially on one who was in such a high profile position, relatively at least. I have taken my time to return for the simple reason that I realized I needed to learn to be a person, and not just my station, yet another thing my parents never taught me. But the time away... The time amongst the Exodus and Origin fleets has given me a chance to learn, and I plan to use that to lead my people to a new life.

Your gifts are greatly appreciated, the wine is simply wonderful, it has such a rich and vibrant taste, the care that went into the plants is easily felt, I can tell those that cared for this vineyard truly love their craft and what they do. The Jam is delightful, and I have plans for both the painting, and the hand written note, something lost in this day and age.

As for the invitation for Matriarchy scientists to join your people to reverse the effects of my brothers... Ifmir led decisions... I will gladly accept. Our people had not wanted to touch those places out of reverence of those that left, but I refuse to let my brother's mistakes lead my people anymore. I am currently picking out and sending our brightest people from all of our houses to aid the Yugumo Corporation in their research and discovery, to figure out what can be done to reclaim our worlds. We lost Lor, I refuse to lose Nyll.

That said, I would like to extend an invitation to you as well. One of a more personal note, once things have calmed down and you are free to. I promised once, long long ago, to treat you to a Shwezuma boil, and I will hold up my word in the interest of making sure our people can once more call each other friend.

I look forward to hearing from you when I can, and I look forward to sitting down and talking in person.

Xiaah Harr'Ikke Destiny Tur'Lista

Contents of a Gift in return:
An Assortment of Lorath Wine, a bottle of each blend save for the bottom of the barrel.
1 - Lorath Searing Blade Done in the Motoyoshi colors, with the Evening Orchid pressed both into the blade, and the sheath.

1 - Plushie, created in the image of Katsuko, dressed in a traditional Kimono with the Motoyoshi colors and Evening Orchids across the Kimono.
An Open invitation for Katsuko to invite whoever she wished to the dinner, with Harr'Ikke's signature on the invitiation
The hand written letter above, stamped with the Matriarchy's logo and signed with Harr'Ikke's signature.

To: Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lita
From: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

I firstly wished to send my sincerest hopes that you are well. Unfortunately my hopes of providing you with a "clean slate" diplomatic situation as Premier has fallen through, as you have no doubt seen in the media releases. Our scientists at the Yugumo Science Symposium continue to work together in finding solutions for your traditional homes. I have faith that there will be a breakthrough soon enough. The presence of both your scientists and those from the Yugumo Corporation has served as a reminder that even those nations who have had challenges in the past can step forward and turn a new leaf.

I have put the uniform back on and the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet has been reborn, and with that, we're taking a step to undertake what I hope will be Yamatai's first great endeavor to settle outside of the Kikyo Sector. At the same time our mission's civilian side which has several corporations and a few out-of-nation endeavors that have already been extended an olive branch gives me the opportunity to offer you something that may prove just as useful as that clean slate diplomatic condition between our nations. I'm inviting you to send a few ships along, I know you enjoy a good adventure.

The wine and other gifts you sent have been enjoyed and I hope you've had a chance to enjoy some of what I sent in that box.

Let us keep up this tradition of filling the boxes between us.

In hopeful cooperation, your friend,

Ketsurui Motoyoshi Katsuko