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RP The Opportunity (Pre-Final Battle)

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RP Date
9月 YE 42
RP Location
Ketsurui Star Fortress
Deep within the old Ketsurui Star Fortress built in YE 25, surrounded by gray metal walls and and under a large, glowing ring of lights was round table with a volumetric map of the Kikyo Sector in the center. The smell of fresh but recycled air and freshly-brewed tea filled the air. A caretaker in a pink-paneled uniform passed out mugs of steaming tea emblazoned with the Star Army Hinomaru on them as Taisho Ketsurui Yui and some senior tacticians, strategists, and intelligence officers gathered and took their seats. After a moment for everyone to get situation, Yui started the meeting by simply saying, "I'm ready."

In the center of the table, the picture switched to an image of a strange black-skilled alien with three elongated arms and huge claws and red eyes covering its body. The image zoomed out to a an artificial planet, which charged up and blew up another planet. A older female officer began to speak. "These are the Essai. First encountered in YE 35 by the YSS Eucharis and last encountered two years ago in a trans-universal incident, they have a massive and wealthy empire, multiple mobile planets, and the ability to generate portals seemingly anywhere which allow them to step across vast distances. A reclusive people, all attempts to locate and contact them have failed...until today. Without orders, Chusa Blueberry of the YSS Firebird decided to take her ship to find the Essai Dreamworld the Eucharis once encountered and managed to do it and make contact with an Essai there."

Yui leaned in. "What did they have to say?"

"Well, it gets very interesting. Apparently the Essai are not interested in the war at all but they also are really sick of the Kuvexians. They've offered to set up a temporarily set up a wormhole from the Kikyo Sector to a star system called Glimmergold...which they picked because contains the six banking planets and treasury planet of the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia."

"What do they want in return?" Yui asked skeptically, taking a swig of tea.

"Protection. The system is guarded by some fifty thousand ships of the Kuvexian Navy, space stations, et cetera, and they can't just roll up in there. But with a Star Army to defend their machine planet..."

"I see. Opinions, everyone?"
Underlit by the volumetric table's cool glow that bled through their hot tea's steam rising up from where it'd been placed, Director Shida of Star Army Intelligence examined the images laid out before Yui's gathering with apparent interest. Of course, the old operative was well-versed on the information but knew to stay sharp-looking in front of the Taisho of the Star Army. They wore a white uniform today, too, for the same reason and reserved their preferred black panels for SAINT headquarters.

"My resources in-sector are still stretched thin," Shida admitted from behind crossed arms. Rebuilding the Star Army's shadowy scout ship fleet was going well after the Battle of Nataria. Replacing so many operatives and analysts lost to the ST corruption issue was quite another task. "But forward-deployed intelligence elements can be re-routed to this Glimmergold system in preparation for the Essai ploy and begin clandestine work to make the invasion simpler. Many Yui 7 are within reach — far more than can be of use here in the Kikyo Sector. I will pull what can be spared to enact chaos upon the enemy's communications and sensor cores."

Shida uncrossed their arms and placed them on the table's edge, glancing at the hinomaru on their mug of tea for a brief moment. It was growing cold quickly. Still, they declined to take a sip for now.

"The First Fleet's YSS Kaiyo II disrupted financial and commodities markets in the Interstellar Kingdom earlier this year," the spymaster added, not mentioning the more disgraceful elements of that mission wherein a member of the Imperial family had been captured. "Further intelligence reports indicate with some level of certainty that the Kuvexians' regular economic throughputs are still under stress. Fifty-thousand defenders will be a tough nut to crack but, based on our engagements in the Essia System and at Nataria, the Kuvexian force might break early if the risk outweighs what the various corporations and noble houses are willing to pay them.

"Glimmergold could be an exception, however," Shida said. "There's always the chance that these Kuvexians will be willing to die to save their coffers."
"Right," Yui nodded. "Building a force large enough to fight this battle is going to be a major effort. The Star Army simply doesn't have enough ships left after the Third Battle of Nataria. We're going to need to convince our allies that the risk--and this is a huge risk for millions of soldiers and our entire military forces--is worth it. If we don't take this opportunity to fight into enemy space and make a final strike, this war could go on forever. We need to get Nepleslia, the Poku, and anyone who will fight to save the Kikyo Sector, together and fast before we lose this chance. In the meantime, do whatever you can to help and advantage us, Shida. Surprise will be key. We have to have the initiative when the battle begins."

At Yui's command, secure calls went out to the military forces of all the Kikyo's factions, inviting them to join the Star Army's meeting as volumetric holograms.

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Sitting some distance away from Yui with a Chusa advisor, a Taisho sits quietly as he listens on. It could be forgiven by anyone not familiar with to think he was an Elysian statue of some sort with how still he was sitting. But after Shida spoke, he quickly broke that illusion. "If the Kuvexians are willing to die for their money, the irregular forces of the Rikugun are ready to help bury them." the new Rikugun Chief of Staff, Mizumitsu Benji, spoke in Yamataian.

"Working closely with Task Force 501, a small 2 battalion-sized expeditionary force of Rikugun SOFT, Rangers, and Giretsu could be inserted once a path is cleared. One of the Giretsu Centuries is currently en-route with Third Area Army to Ukmirt. But they will be able to quickly redeploy." Benji, continuing with what meager resources the Rikugun could contribute to a largely Naval engagement. Something he wasn't entirely thrilled about, thus why he also hadn't touched his tea yet.
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William Fletcher I, A older-looking Minkan Taisho with dark skin and white hair nodded, "In terms of ships, the seventh fleet has been rebuilding for a possible push into Kuvexian space. We were also too far away to participate at Nataria. With the Nubular battles now waning, I feel we can lend the bulk of our fleet to the attack on Glimmergold. This will also give Benji the spacelift he needs to land significant forces. The Separa'Shan Interstellar Patrol will be willing to lend their small fleet to this engagement. There is little doubt in my mind that the Kuvexians will stand and fight. We will be deep in their territory and attacking one of their key financial institutions. A loss here will wreck their economy, so the incentives will be high to defend it." Fletcher commented.

Ranga Havard spoke next, "There are several other species that I've contacted who may be willing to throw some ships, but nothing significant in the face of fifty thousand. That said, we need every fighter we can put our hands on. To get them, we will have to convince them that we are already able to win the battle." The blue neko with her hair in a complex braid noted.
The sheer volume of smoke was tangible even with the precise filtering of the volumetric display as one by one accounting for various delays and lag prominent members of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia filtered in.

The more prominent members; Grand admirals and high ranking generals, field marshals, admirals, and the like taking actual physical projections with their lesser ranking counterparts simply present through lower-priority audio channels as a sea of green and blue uniforms flooded a corner of the conference and even a couple black coated silhouettes lingering in the background as the less tolerated members of the IPG and its black fleet weaseled their way into the meeting through the connections of lesser officers but allowing their connections a heavy censure to ensure no attempt at data breaching could occur.

Though attempts had no doubt been made despite the clear importance of the situation.

Among the blue-clad NSN officers ranging from towering ID-SOL to augmented cyborgs and amazons; An ebony and pock-marked admiral took up his share of space. Lysander Calloway, Admiral (acting) of a small but not insignificant taskforce recently having cut its teeth against the more recent invasion of Kuvexian mercenaries took his place in a rare spot at the forefront of the SMDIoNs leaders having proved himself and being one of only a few blooded officers from the DIoNs engagements.

He represented no particular Assault Fleet but instead as a rare independent admiral with a taskforce and stood vigil almost protectively over the Kingdom Of Neshatens representative who participated at the behest of the SMDIoNs leadership whether they decided to participate and join their new allies beyond their isolationism or simply observe major military politicking between sector superpowers.

With his recent achievements, none of the upper leadership would deny him his place among them at the front, though many of his equal peers took notice and watched on with envy that admirals like he and Julia Brisk could stand beside the greats like Valke and De'luca.

So it was with no small amount of volume filtering that his normally oppressive cybernetically enhanced voice was toned down to a more tolerable level for the conference to the point it almost made him sound as though from far away when he daned to go so far as to step above his station and ask to everyone and no one in particular after reviewing all the information at hand;

"This portal of theirs, We are to assume it goes both ways? Opening such a gateway invites a force large enough to end this war should we fail. How far are we willing to go and what lines are we willing to cross to ensure this ends on our terms?"

His tone implied no-nonsense and the pure intensity of his gaze held any who met it that should it be required he alone would bring his meager taskforce to bare upon such numbers and drastic and costly measures should anyone else present find their courage lacking towards the lines they all knew may need to be crossed in order to achieve absolute victory.
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"I am going to bring this fight to them and cause as much destruction as I can," Yui told Calloway. "Let their be no doubt that this portal will be open even if I was going alone on a suicide mission. I am not afraid of them. Yes, it will likely give the Kuvexians a path to the Kikyo Sector. We can fight them there or fight them here where there will be collateral damage. Given the choice, we should fight them there with as large of a force we can afford to give us a better outcome. To minimize the risk, I can ask the Essai to close the portal once we are through and keep it closed until we have achieved victory."

Yui gave Fletcher and Harvard, "Ready the Seventh Fleet and get whoever you can to join us. I will also send the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Fleets. We fight to win, and shock and awe them with our numbers, boldness, speed, and viciousness."
The crystal-clear projection of Arvillael Castor did nothing to hide her expression as she was made aware of the current military situation - she was worried, and concerned.

"This plan would almost certainly cripple Kuvexian society as a whole, should it succeed - but if we fail, they may seek retribution on a level unanticipated so far. Elysia has already experienced this, on more than one occasion." Arvilla forgot to mention - or perhaps she preferred to withhold the detail - about how the destruction of The Heavens was in fact the reaction to something Elysia had not been involved in. Some things are best left buried.

Those who actually took a closer look at the senator would notice some changes to her body, compared to her previous public appearance at the IRC earlier this year; most notably, her abdomen had started to swell visibly, even beneath the layers of clothing she wore, and she was posturing herself in a rather "conservative" way, to save energy. She kept her arms still and to her sides, though, doing a fantastic job of remaining formal. "Unfortunately, our very first warships are still not fully built. Without the resources and the build-power to construct fleets in a matter of days, we will not be able to contribute to this offensive."

The blue-eyed Patrician took a deep breath, before she continued, "The most assistance we could provide is sending in a mass of the abandoned ships that had been mothballed; as shown by the engagement in the Scrapyard system, they can, at the least, take some attention away from the main fleets before they would be destroyed..."
From the crowd of Blue and green, within the holo of SMDION personnel, another stepped closer into frame. Her Small stature at a mere five foot two inches, though her piercing blue eyes did not leave the group of officers and foreign dignitaries, her clean pressed uniform bearing the insignia of Grand admiral, as her doleman jacket draped over her right shoulder, moved with the woman's right arm as it pressed to her hip. Before standing at attention briefly, saluting to the conglomerate. The chance to stand, in holo form with the top brass, was still Surreal. As her hand fell her voice betrayed her Stature with an almost booming and commanding tone, she waited for the Elysian politician to finish.

"Grand Admiral Irene Barná of the 3rd Nepleslian Assault fleet. If i am to understand this correctly, the goal is shock and awe? Move in with a massive force to match the sheer size of the Kuvexian fleet, and once we destroy the fleet, then what? Will there be planetary invasion? As for my fleet, though repairing. We can offer additional stealth capabilities, as well as firepower. If necessary, I will leave my Flagship on her current course and gather a specific task force for this mission. If and only IF we know for certain, two things. One: that this Alien race assisting us will for certain aid us in this battle, even if it is just the gate. Two: that if we are planning on ground forces to invade. That we deliberate and ensure ground to Ship communication between forces is crystal clear. As was said prior. We must work together for this mission to work. My Spooks and ground troops specialize in Shock and Awe. I just need to know I'm not sending them to their deaths like we did in Nataria with my taskforce."
"As I understand it, the Essai's machine planets will be using their anti-planet weapons to simply destroy everything in the system as fast as they can, and we are being asked to protect those machine planets in order to allow them to do this without being bombarded into oblivion, by way of destroying the Kuvexian ships that will attack them," Taisho Yui explained. "Given the scale of this battle it is likely to lose ships and lives, possibly with high casualties, and I don't go in with any expectations of safety for anyone there. SAINT estimates the banking planets are essentially world-sized computers. If we are going to land forces anywhere, which seems unwise and requiring a razor-thin timeline, it would be to see what's on the treasury planet. But the Star Army is not a pirate fleet, I am not going there to loot the Kuvexians of their riches, I am going there to ruin their Kingdom in revenge for them attacking us."

Yui also thanked Arvillael Castor. "Every ship we can get is helpful. Old ships and automated hulks can still distract the enemy's gunners, or ram themselves into Kuvexian capital ships for maximum damage. Thank you for your contribution to our task force. We go in, wreck as many ships as we can using the shock of the moment, hold until the enemy planets are destroyed, and then get out. We do not have to fight to the death like at Nataria. When the job is done, we cut losses, leave, return the Kikyo Sector. Hanging around would only bait Kuvexian reinforcements to arrive."
Benji did his best poker face upon hearing about the Essai death machines, it was something he knew nothing about. He grabbed and sipped his cup of tea as he thought of how his assets could actually contribute to. After finishing his sip, he started firing off encrypted communications to his fellow SAoY colleagues.

"Taisho Keitsurui, I will leave SAINT to operate at that razor-thin margin. Task Force 501 and my forces are not really designed for that task. If the Essai will permit it, that sub-regiment I mentioned earlier can be used defensively against any special operations they attempt on the planets. I request permission to convert one of the Giretsu Centuries that is currently undermanned into SOFT units for this operation." Benji said via one of those encrypted communications to Yui.
"Bombarded into... oblivion?" Calloway quoted, the curiosity in even his enhanced tone as if he had misheard being drowned out by the incredulity unmistakeable and in tune with other, more passionate voices in the conference who found offense at such a statement and how casually it was delivered.

"Billions of lives!-"

"Have no care for civilian casualties?!-"

"No honor in!-"

"Butchers the lot of!-"

"We'll all be war criminals by!-"

"Can take that and shove it up your!-"

He waited calmly until one by one the louder and out of control admirals were simply disconnected or muted by their superiors, the final statement before it quieted down enough for him to respond being muted just time having been by his own executive officer who had been silenced with a casual wave when he had declared from his flagship a string of curses and profanity towards the former empress that would have made Flint Vanderhuge proud.

He had been wise to make sure his own taskforces connection to the conference be moderated by his flagships ACE and ensure certain scenarios like this very one from passing.

"Admiral." He began with a pregnant pause, ensuring he would not be interrupted by any more interruptions. "The star military is no stranger to collateral damage, or even regrettable and unnecessary loss of life. That being said we, of the star military, do not have the same autonomy to act so independently as our respectable counterparts in the star empire and our the servants of the Nepleslian people, its sky marshal, and its senate who dictate our actions and the laws and rules we must abide by."

He paused again for the grumbling affirmatives from the more moderate and level-headed members of his faction to wither.

"And neither the Nepleslian senate nor its people will condone the star military taking part in the wanton genocide; For lack of a better term, of tens if not dozens of billions of innocent civilians by these unknown Essai. Not since the Planet X incident has the star military ever once had to resort to the destruction of a hostile world, so you must understand that going so far beyond simple collateral damage and taking such a course is not how we will allow ourselves to go down in history."

He nodded with deference towards the statement of the elysian representative about the destruction of their entire society and the invitation of such actions upon the kikyo sector if such acts were taken before finishing, the sheer intensity of his gaze indomitable that was the conference not full of some of the sectors most veteran military leaders few would have been able to meet his gaze despite his monotone.

"It is not the Nepleslian way."
"I knew you didn't have the guts," Yui growled. "You'll go down in history as cowards who sat on the sidelines while we won the war without you. None of their lives matter because they're not us. They are the enemy. It's us or them. Your lack of fortitude is unbelievable," Yui said and made a throat slitting gesture at her communications officer, who cut the Nepleslian transmission off.
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Violetta De Luca was not so sure, choosing to turn her violet eyes towards the Yamataian commanders, whose information led them to believe that the Essai would be bombarding "world-sized computers". When the Nepleslian transmission was cut, she signaled to the Navy crewmen behind her to simply call back.

"Is your saintly organization able to estimate the loss of life, or lack thereof, from these bombardments?" Violetta asked, connection permitting. "Logically, it would seem that a planet whose sole function is computing for banking purposes would not have the numbers my... colleagues are concerned about."
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"Certainly a plan," the taller Elysian accompanying Arvillael, while leaning back in his chair stated. "And yes, as my wife stated, we do not have the fleet power for this yet. Many years of war has been costly for most if not all of us here, and Elysia is no stranger to scarcity."

"But you say this is a bank planet, Admiral. And certainly, while reducing the planet to slag and turning it into an orbital junkyard with the remains of battle is certainly a colorful option, it would only cost both sides a good deal. And while I am sure it would be written down in the books for centuries to come, I fear the impact it will have economically for us. For instance, our recovering economy can barely scrape enough budget together to rebuild our orbital shipyard, much less afford to lose portions of our fleet that we are just beginning to reactivate. Yes, it would make the Senate look good -- for a week. Then as we need to squeeze our economy dry for funds again, our public opinion would plummet, causing us to once again fall into disfavor."

"You also bring up the fact that you wish to ruin their kingdom. Like I just said, there is no better way to make them bleed than crushing their economy. With their faith in their worldly possessions and their reverence for their bank accounts, what better way to fill their streets with tears than only the biggest heist ever planned."

"See, Admiral. Think for a second -- if we take all of their valuables and inject them directly into all of our economies, that alone may pay for the steep costs of war we have all been facing. We'll have ended this war with all the guts and glory we wanted, and no harm to our finances to boot. Sounds reasonable?"
Grand Admiral Barná stood tall, nodding in agreement to many of the comments of her compatriots. Waiting yet again for Admiral Calloway to finish.
The tension could be felt from every member, whom joined in the meeting with her.

Shocked at the Sheer audacity of the Yamataian Admiral. She nodded to her crew signalling to call once more. Not finished with her peace. S bring a message in the meantime on the Same frequency to ensure its positive relay.

"Currently this is Hypothetical until it goes to the Senate yes. However, I'd like to ask these members of the council, or meeting. How many of you have men, women and other Nationals under your Charge?" " Ponder, if you will, what it means to be a leader, as well as what their lives mean. I know it is a difficult concept for The likes of Yamatai, however, we are no cowards. A well thought out plan is what is required. Not the fit of what would be assumed is a spoiled child. This enemy is on equal, if not higher footing then most of our peoples. The way I see this. Communications must continue between our people. Or you will suffer worse than Nataria, do not forget."

Grand Admiral
Irene Barná
"If I may, Ketsurui-Taisho," Director Shida said in a knowing, creeping tone that sounded carefully confident given Yui's reaction to Nepleslia's cowardice. The old operative had patiently held their tongue as all manner of strategic experts made their own assessment of SAINT's intelligence, but now felt the need to perform their duty and provide advice. "The Nepleslians are a performative people and require their demands be heard, if not necessarily listened to. Mr. Calloway is not even a Grand Admiral within the Nepleslian Star Military, and Ms. Barná is a mere Commander holding the brevet rank of Grand Admiral. They are not the final arbiters of Nepleslia's might."

The spymaster stepped closer to Yui and brought up a little volumetric side map that only the two would be able to make out. It showed Nepleslia's military situation and probable territorial fleet assignments, as well as the Yamataian sectors that would be left with depleted defenses during the upcoming invasion of Glimmergold.

"Perhaps they are still paranoid after all these years that our great Empire covets their worlds," Shida said. They moved markers indicating Yamatai's Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth Fleets into Nepleslian territory to show a theoretical invasion. "If you could make assurances to them for their precocious Imperium's safety then perhaps they would come along. It isn't like them to shy away from a good fight."

Shida's eerily wide grin, almost ear-to-ear and full of sharp little teeth, grew across their pale face.

"And Glimmergold will be a fight for the ages."
"The Star Army isn't a bunch of pirates," Yui chuckled at Antoni's suggestion. "Besides if we stay more than ten minutes in that star system the chances of massive Kuvexian reinforcements, or simply the existing forces there becoming fully ready for battle, goes up exponentially. It's not our economy that is going to be affected, it's theirs. If you're asking for some sort of sweetener for participating I'm sure we can find tangible ways to show Elysia our gratitude."

After a few tense minutes went by, Yui answered the new call from Nepleslia and immediately began giving Nepleslia a piece of her mind.

"We all know that in Yamatai we rely on our own strength. We do what needs to be done and, when we fight wars, the Star Army is the strongest sword in the universe. I've never been under any illusions that we might have to do this essentially alone and if Nepleslia won't join us, we can live with it. Let's face it, this has always been Yamatai's war. The Kuvexians came here and specifically targeted Yamatai from the very start because they know we are the lynchpin that holds the Kikyo sector together. But you must know that if we were to lose, to collapse under the huge wealth, resources, and dozens of factions the Kuvexian Kingdom can throw at us...that you're next in line to be enslaved and exploited. So I look at this nation of Nepleslia where the core democraphic of person is literally an olive-green-wearing solider man with 20 personal firearms, which has a history of war after war, and I expect them to jump at the chance to join the fight, to be part of something big that will change the universe. Have we all gone soft? Yamatai isn't the Yamatai it was when I joined the Star Army. We don't have slaves anymore. Nekovalkyrja aren't considered equipment. We don't go around conquering our neighbors anymore or wiping out millions of Freespacers to prove a point. I have had to change too. And likewise so has Nepleslia. We're so concerned about rights and freedoms and being the good guys that when our survival is at stake it's clouding our judgement. So what is it exactly that you want to know that would assuage your conscience?"
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Violetta clenched her jaw, trying not to let her concerned gaze shift towards any other than Yamatai's military leader.

"On behalf of the Sky Marshal, I would like to know what you need from us," she said, voice unwavering, "to get our common enemy out of the Sector. Defensive tactics are a staple of any Nepleslian ship, we can protect the Essai's orbital bombardment installations. If that is all, the Essai have provided a manageable plan."

She went on, letting her vision shift to those she could see who had been up in arms moments earlier, "On behalf of any minority of concerned citizens of Nepleslia, I ask if the Glimmergold targets are considered civilian. Innocent lives lost will not have our complacency in their deaths."
Benji maintained the same poker face of before, though he was starting to take longer sips now. It was times like these he really retire and open up a Tea House in some remote part of the Empire. But he just had to bide his time and wait for a better opportunity to advocate for calmer minds.
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