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Interest Check The Second Expeditionary Fleet: Exploring the Nashoba Sector


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While the First and Fifth Expeditionary fleets travel rimward, out into the far reaches of the Kikyō Sector's spiral arm, the Second is heading coreward, further into it, crossing the route the Kuvexians took into the Kikyō Sector across the gap between arms.

Located far, far to the Galactic West of the Kikyō Sector, coreward where the star systems are denser and older, lies the Nashoba Sector. The closely-packed star systems in this frontier No-One's-Space are islands in a sea of nothing, and the oldest groups there wend their way among them, while more recent arrivals claim individual systems, or even merely planets or parts of them, as petty warlords and microstates, and there are no large, organized nations. And many, many more that have never been explored, let alone settled. The gas giants and brown dwarves of these ancient systems offer many worlds of their own, archipelagos in a sea of night.

The planetary-aerospace-dominance-focused 2XF is in its element. Weeks or even months away from the core at the fastest speeds Yamatai's technology can muster, they're on their own.

Is Yamatai's future towards the Galactic Core?

The Second Expeditionary Fleet is a metaplot with individual plot threads weaving throught it. This will be a high-energy, Nyoom, Zoom, and Pew-Pew set of subplots focusing on the action of small craft pilots and weaponeers that themselves float in a sea of the open, general RP.

Looking for pilots and weapons officers for players, command and operations personnel for Co-GMs/subplot GMs.

Coming soon to a Star Army Roleplay near you.
Also looking for SSS Tanken teams, since the 2XF and SSS are inextricably linked.
Not going to lie, Zan would fucking LOVE to be in this, but I might need to make a new guy to be here.
Radical Idea: put the new guy on the Resurgence. It's why Zan picked up Emiko. I loved the Resurgence but Tachiko belonged in 5XF.
Working title is "Frontier Skies"
What does everyone want to fly?
So far we have Super Kawarime and Mozu 1B. I don't see as much a need for bombers, and i am giving older fighters to NPC squadrons if no one wants them.
I'd love to get into one of the variable frames - Banshee or Sparrowhawk - but I'm good with anything! If you want to stick to Yamatai craft, I don't mind. I think I'd go with a Mozu for those Arwing/R-Type vibes.
so what I am thinking is mozu are sort of a stealth interceptor/fast attack thing depending on loadout
Super Kawarime are more or less workhorse air superiority fighters
would variable frames be like mechanized infantry who get to the battle fast and fight dismounted?

so that would give a combined arms doctrine of something like

Mozu come in low fast and hot, out of orbit and over the horizon to do hits on air defenses, sensors, command and control
Super Kawarime establish no fly
Big Bois come in fast and hit the ground running, do what needs done on the ground? Are like giant pa infantry for assaulting capships?
Like little things that would come out of wing pods and fly around and help shoot stuff. It comes from R-Type and related games.