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RP (18+): GM Cinematics The Wiff of Amphibian Stench at Jun


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RP Date
YE 43.8
RP Location
YSS Tokyo, Jun System

YSS Tokyo​

Jun System

Ayano stood in front of the massive aquarium that was the foci of the Taisho's Office on the First Expeditionary Fleet's Flagship. She had not changed much from how Katsuko had things laid out, some new sofas and desk since the old ones had been damaged when the Tokyo had taken the pounding at Glimmergold. She took a deep breath, frustrated by what she had just been informed of, "Miho, are you sure? Or is this just talk? If this is true it means that slippery fiend has once again slipped through our fingers," she said, then turned to face the Shosho as she leaned back against the transparent pane of the tank.

"Yes, Taisho. The evidence suggests that Baron Kordoon not only was hiding in this system when we arrived, but he also escaped thanks to the hold-out Kuvexians that had been his hosts. From what we can tell, from sensor logs and gathered information from ground forces - the strength of the resistance against us was certainly inspired by the Baron and if anything was to facilitate his exit from the system. When SAINT wraps up their investigations we might know more, but for certain he was here," the pink-haired blue-eyed Nekovalkyrja nodded in affirmation as she spoke. "Although perhaps not the best consolation, they claim he was headed the same way we are, towards a still loyal force of holdouts in the Nellrun System," she explained.

Ayano nodded, the situation with Baron Kordoon was the final piece of what so far had been a victory of settling old scores for the Star Army-bound members of the Motoyoshi. The Baron had been in cahoots with the traitor, Motoyoshi Kiyoko that had been put down by the YSS Mazu when the Akuro III was finally taken back under Star Army control. "I'm putting you in charge of making sure that we don't miss him again, when we arrive to begin operations to reclaim the Nellrun System we can discuss what you will need to make that happen," she stated in a firm voice, as she headed back to stand behind her desk, "Yui's orders were to liberate these systems, so thankfully this time it lines up. I doubt we will get another chance to take him down with our current mission schedule," she voiced, then sat down. "Is there any else?" she asked.

Miho walked over to join the Taisho at her desk, "The ships we tasked with searching the YSS Wakaba have come up empty-handed again, the Taisa in command has suggested we consider abandoning the search. The Ayumi Nebula don't seem to be giving up its secrets easily and the trail has gone cold," she reported and then said down facing her superior officer after following the gesture of Ayano's hand to take the seat.

"I'm not ready to let this fall into an old case file at PEARL, we're not giving up yet. Plus, Kat would kill me if I called off the search for Kazue or that ship. Tell Legacy Squadron that I am ordering the expansion of the search area, I don't care if we have to search the nebula from Tange to the Grand Passage. A Sharie-Class Battleship does not just vanish until I have Yui-Forbid the cracked hull of that ship or Kazue standing in front of me we're going to keep trying, so tell Taisa Kurahashi that the Sakura II and the rest of her squadrons orders have not changed," Ayano said, then reclined slightly n her posture against the back of the chair.

"Hai, Taisho. I will send a communication before we leave the system tomorrow," Miho nodded, she understood the pressure that Ayano was under and probably not just from Katsuko but Taro and even the Star Army when it came to finding out what happened to the Wakaba. "I'm confident we will find them, let's just hope that things stay quiet so we don't end up having to shift our priorities.," she gave a slight smile, then inquired in a softer more personal tone, "You mentioned Katsuko, have you heard from her since she became Premier?"

Ayano shook her head, "Just from Eri a short time ago, I'm sure Katsuko has her hands full. I suppose I'm not the only Motoyoshi watching it all with hawk eyes from across the sector. When she said she was throwing her hat into that arena I near held my breath, politicians are crueler than a demented Mishhuvurthyar," she said then paused as she thought about what it would be like to be in Katsuko's shoes then said, "I'd end up shooting someone if I had to deal with these new liberal anti-Imperial types, that or I'd send Sui in to straighten them out." She chuckled and was soon joined by Miho as it was obvious the thought would be shared about what would happen in that theoretical situation.