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SANDRA Third Fleet Moves Into Virgo, Launches Kuvexian Expedition

Virgo Star Fortress and Nataria - Taisho Hokusai Akiyo's Third Fleet solidified its wartime presence at Virgo Star Fortress earlier this month as Yamataian forces across the Kikyo Sector continue to hold the line against Kuvexian incursions. In a small Sangatsu 1日 ceremony aboard the station, officers from Eighth Fleet handed over command to Hokusai-taisho, whose Third Fleet stood as the largest Star Army formation remaining in the Samurai Sector after the Kuvexian military advance of YE 42. The Eighth Fleet retains command of another Zodiac-class in the sector, the Akarui Star Fortress.

During the change of command, Hokusai-taisho expressed her gratitude for the Eighth Fleet's cooperation and spoke on the sacrifices that all soldiers in the Star Army must make in times of war. Following her formal remarks and official transfer of Virgo, Hokusai-taisho announced the launch of a Third Fleet task force out of Nataria intended to strike out at the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia.

"Even as the Third Fleet entrenches itself here in the Samurai Sector today, a flotilla of our brave fleet comrades and Rikugun warriors have just embarked on a mission to send the Kuvexians our regards," Hokusai-taisho said to an audience of Star Army soldiers and officers. "Our sound defense will allow this new task force — and others being produced here at Virgo and across the Empire — to rob King Kalapom and his barons of any gains they think were made in our Empress' territory."

Although the task force's specific composition and targets have not been fully disclosed, the Office of Public Affairs at Star Army Command said several legions of Nekovalkyrja infantry along with their support craft and the warships required to protect them were among Hokusai's vanguard launched from Nataria. Soldiers from a group of legions designated Legions 634-1083, some of the 9,000,000 Nekovalkyrja who were created on Nataria in the summer of YE 37, make up the Rikugun elements accompanying the Third Fleet's new fighting vessels and Uchuugun squadrons.

The Third Fleet's stewardship of Virgo will allow it to better coordinate essential military production occurring at the star fortress, according to a Third Fleet spokeswoman. Employed since before the First Mishhuvurthyar War, Zodiac-class Star Fortresses can produce multiple warships per week alongside other equipment and munitions. These manufacturing facilities, protected against attack by the station's defense network that provides a ten light year safe haven against enemy harassment, are the Star Army's front-line bastions that allow Yamatai's patrols to continue uninterrupted as the war continues.