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SYNC To: Ahn Ha-neul From: YTP Entertainment


Wiki-chan! Ganbatte yo!
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RP Date
Early YE44
YTP Entertainment
Yugumo Corporation Logo A Yugumo Corporation Company

Ahn Ha-neul,

We here at YTP Entertainment have become big fans of your YamaTube videos. We love your style, your look, and your singing and playing!

As such, we are happy to extend you an offer of a long-term contract as a model and performing artist here with us! Enclosed is a voucher for you and up to three guests in a Super Premium berth from Amatsu-Yamatai to Jiyuu Fleet Depot aboard the Spirit of Jiyuu and an all-expenses paid two-week stay in the Imperial Suite at Hotel Tokyo for you and your guests while we work out the business details. We'd love for you to join the YTP Entertainment family!

Your Biggest Fans at YTP Entertainment

To: YTP Entertainment
From: Ahn-Ha-neul

This is a most generous offer and accept! I would be happy to work with you in any capacity that does not interfere with my employment as spokesperson for the Star Army of Yamatai's Central Fleet depot. I will work to secure the necessary leave time.
YTP Entertainment
Yugumo Corporation Logo A Yugumo Corporation Company

Dear Ha-neul,

Welcome to the YTP Entertainment family! Don't worry, we're almost all Star Army here. I'm an active Taisa in command of the YSS Mazu, and I, along with the rest of Midnight Infinity schedule around our duties and obligations. We've got a lot of experience in that sort of thing.

We've enclosed our standard rate schedule. Now we just have to get everything signed and finalized so you can shine like the star you were meant to be!

Motoyoshi Kaoru, Shachō, YTP Entertainment
Lead Idol of Midnight Infinity

YTP Entertainment Three Year Contract Rates — Current YE 44
Net Physical salesAgency(50%), Artist (50%)
Net Physical sales renewedAgency(30%), Artist (70%)
Net EventsAgency(60%), Artist (40%)
Net Outside-of-Yamatai promotionsAgency(50%), Artist (50%)
Voice Over400KS/hr
Appearance Fee500KS
Still Photography500KS/hr