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SYNC To:Chusa Taiyou Hoshi


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RP Date
5月 YE 42
Subject: Settling In

Chusa Taiyou,

I will keep this brief as writing this as I settle in at my new post. I can tell you about G/75 another time. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve under you. I have learned a lot and hope to incorporate what I can with the Giretsu. I do have a small personal favor, I recently discovered I have a daughter, a Nito Hei Mizumitsu Hiroshiko (encrypted file attached for your eyes only). She has been recently assigned to the 3rd Fleet. Could you, within your abilities, watch her for me? It is all I can do for now to make up being ignorant of her existence.

Great Thanks and Tenno Heika Banzai!

Mikael Harris
Shoi, Centurion of G/75
Shoi Mikael Harris,

It always astounds me how the male equivalents of Neko can be ignorant of such major details within even their own lives. I can only wonder if your leaving of the ship was synchronized with the arrival of the third fleet or not.

If I could play a role in your daughter's life, I might, but I can't. My own crew needs a pick me up at this time, as you can understand. Regrettably, I can only direct Hiroshiko-hei to Chusa Teien Eden, who could perhaps benefit from a firsthand account of the recent Battle of Nataria. Eden's longtime wife and daughter perished alongside their ST backups. Do you believe your daughter's emotional intelligence to be up to this daunting task? If not I can coerce myself to be the guardian you ask for, though Eden is better suited in more ways than me.

With love, hope, and warm regards,
Chusa Taiyou Hoshi,
Cpt. YSS Kaiyō II

((OOC: your original plan for where she can be within The Quiet is best))
Chusa Taiyou,

Yes, I understand. (IC: It was a very SAINT answer for more reasons than one)

I will ensure I will do what I can to find the ones responsible for the ST data corruption. As for my daughter, so long as she isn't reminded of Himiko or her time on the Dawn Hammer, she is fine. I believe that is why she was happy when the assignment came. If there is anything I can do to help you or the crew from here do let me know.

Tenno Heika Banzai!

Mikael Harris
Shoi, Centurion of G/75