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SYNC To: Clan Elders and Clan Heir of the Motoyoshi Clan | From: Motoyoshi, Kazumi


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RP Date
2月 43
To: Motoyoshi Elders: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano, Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui, Motoyoshi Eri, Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka

To: Motoyoshi, Kaoru
From: Motoyoshi, Kazumi

Esteemed Elders and heir. First and foremost, I apologize for possibly drawing your attention from other matters. Second, I am contacting you thus to put forth a suggestion regarding one of my elder brothers, specifically Hiroki. You all are undoubtedly quite familiar with his history and I have become acquainted as well. He has left a mark on our clan's name however small. He has thus also left one on himself. A choice was forced upon him. However, I do not know if that will be enough to produce substantial positive change or outlook. While he now has to perform actual duties to which he cannot delegate his tasks to lower-ranked individuals he maintains his rank and privilege within the clan.

What has been done is a start. But perhaps more should be done? And thus I come to my suggestion regarding his placement within the Star Army.

As this is a new beginning for him within the ranks of the military. I believe that just as he should do his duty within the Star Army, and so be eligible for recognition, promotion and awards, and all of the privileges that come with such things. I too believe his status within the Clan should reflect where he is currently in his career. The beginning. A merit system. Based on his current status and progressing forward for a duration of time at your convenience, however, this would also include seizure or freezing of his ability to dip into clan accounts. Should he satisfactorily perform his duties or performs noteworthy acts in the name of and benefit of the Empire then consideration possibly be taken to reinstate a fragment of his old status and that which comes with it in the clan. In other words, he would have to work for a living and start at the bottom and work his way back up.

This has been sent to you all simultaneously in the off chance he attempts to protest to ensure none of you are unaware as... I have just told him of my intention and am waiting for a reply if he desires to send one. And that due to my profession, I am quite good at my work and would keep an eye on him where and when any of you are unable to or provide unfiltered and unbiased updates regarding his progress at your command if you approve of such action. The latter bit may have also come off as a little intimidating in stating my intentions to him. And while I believe such a thing was necessitated to show the seriousness of my resolve on the matter it was also a statement of fact as I am equipped and able to handle such tasks, if it is needed I will accept any punishment you deem fit.

As this is merely a suggestion and as I have just put it forward for your consideration, it is now yours to freely modify as you see fit, or use at all. I will patiently await your response to this suggestion if it pleases you.

Motoyoshi, Kazumi
Shoi Kohosei, YSS Mazu

To: Motoyoshi Kazumi
From: Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro

I have read your letter several times since you sent it. The letter troubles me on many levels; not just for Hiroki. I understand your concern for your older brother and your letter shows wording that is mindful of your love for him and our clan. I have complained about many of our younger family members; for their choices, actions, and conduct. It is one reason we've had you all assigned to the same command. Wounds fester over time, my dear "Azami"; you've had the luxury of growing up during a time of stability and with the love of two parents, something that Hiroki has not had. Your letter pains me in other ways though, though I am sure those pains will reflect like the mirrored surface of the pond as you grow within yourself and your chosen profession, even though it reveals hairline fractures within an orchid's blossom. Understand that it forms my words in somewhat bitter sentiment towards an old adversary with ugly blind eyes, sore mouths... and "faulty" computers. I will not bother you with my theories about rogues and severed excuses. My faith remains in the throne of our great nation, in the Empress and Mistress Taisho, and in the sovereign powerful fist of the Star Army which protects us.

I have the expectation that this deployment will help shape Hiroki, as for limitations to his accounts I see the freezing of his assets to be extreme; I don't wish to hinder that which could be the turning of a new leaf. I, however, will submit that his purchases over 5000 KS will require a sign-off from me as his guarantor, I believe this should adequately provide the message needed. We expect merit from all of you, your roles in the Star Army and the honor of our clan are on the line with every decision and action you take. I have eyes on the ship Kazumi; but if you wish to be another set for me, then you are welcome. Of course, anything classified must go through Ayano, I have no desire to compromise the security of our worthy officers and soldiers. For the personal, the family level information, I appreciate your input. I wish to remind you, my dear thistle, that your eyes should remain with the heart behind them.

I have recommended that the other elders should feel welcome to reply as well. Take care and may your voyages bring victory to Yamatai,

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To: Motoyoshi Kazumi
From: Kage Yaichiro

I've been forwarded this by Taro, and feel I must comment.

Though it is true that I fully advocate for clan members to be able to stand on their own individual merits as people rather than having the clan alone pull their weight, the path toward that is different for everyone. Hiroki's path requires corrective measures which were decided on by the leadership of the clan. Keep in mind that Hiroki now wears a Star Army uniform and carries all the obligations it requires. Not only does that limit him to a ship-based life that is constantly and perpetually monitored, but it also provides the tools needed to discipline Hiroki for the sort of trespasses he has shown in the past - doubly so since the one responsible for commanding and disciplining him as a superior officer is a Motoyoshi who is aware of the situation and our concerns. His ship-based life also limits the financial frivolities he may indulge in, regardless of if he has a spending limit or not.

The intent is clearly to have the existing framework of military service to tend to his day-to-day discipline and monitoring while having the Motoyoshi's more distant ultimatum be what binds him to that life. Having him be held to the expectations of 'a Star Army Officer' rather than of 'a Motoyoshi' carries a specific purpose. One hopefully makes him feel like he's being treated like the others on his assignment. The other makes him feel like he's being singled out and interfered with at every turn and makes him blame the clan for every inconvenience he endures in a given day. Which is more likely to make him resent the clan we seek to mold him to be a contributing member of? No, the weight of the clan must be used wisely.

To those of us who have lost everything and grown while rebuilding our lives afterward, or have otherwise adopted the concept of 'elevating the clan by our own merits' rather than 'elevating ourselves by the clan's merits', the idea of forcing Hiroki to do the same to enrich his character may seem appealing. He may 'deserve' it. We must remember, however, that to 'pass sentence' on him and take away the benefits the clan provides would take away the one anchor that allows the clan's ultimatum to work in the first place, perhaps giving him cause not to even bother trying to reform. Reforming a family member out of tough love while we still can is the true intent here, not to cast him down for his trespasses in anger.

I can accept that you may not have known the full scope of the situation or the intent behind it, Kazumi. I can also see that you may have been speaking out of love and concern for him in your own way. Still, I am concerned that you would unilaterally state your intent to alter an agreement made with him in good faith by the Motoyoshi clan's leadership. While I won't say 'it wasn't your place to question' since I feel the family should be able to communicate with each other and your on-site insight may even help his superior officer and the clan keep aware of his rehabilitative needs going forward, I will say that you should have communicated your misgivings and ideas with the clan's leadership in private before undermining their decision and authority with your words to him. We do not need him questioning if the clan's word is only as good as the latest Motoyoshi to judge his conduct through their own personal viewpoint.
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To: Motoyoshi Kazumi and Motoyoshi Hiroki (@Soresu @The KrimsonWulf )
From: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Private Encrypted- Destination Their Eyes Only

I apologize I did not answer this immediately. I'm writing you both, rather than separately.

First, if someone is to blame for the shortcomings of Hiroki, it is me. My lack of involvement in all of your lives is one of my many regrets. Hiroki knows his actions were dishonorable, however, otherwise it would not have been his choice to go along with joining the Star Army. Second chances are important, for we all are far from perfect, even if they might drill it through our digital minds when we are made that we are supreme. That said, it is out of love, and consideration for all of that you are on mission together; having an opportunity as siblings to make a difference in the universe. You both represent the Motoyoshi, our clan, and me. As different as you may seem to each other, you both represent a part of me. Of our clan. It may seem conflicting. We are complex and that is part of what makes us alive and separates us from mere machines created to serve.

I am proud of you both and contrary to what your Uncle Taro says; I am not ashamed of the career paths you have chosen. Times have changed in the Empire, and I think that despite some bitterness on the tongues of the older generation that it is an age of opportunity. Its true, I may not always agree with every organization, every move that is made, but my heart and our hearts beat for the Empire and we stand united as Motoyoshi under our traditions, as confusing as they may be. I am proud of you both, rather than focusing on the mistakes you made in the past, focus on the path forwards. Forgive each other. Love each other. It may not reflect on your service records, but it will pave the future road of our clan.

There will be no restrictions, I will tell Taro myself.

Forever Yours,
Your Mother.