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SYNC To: Ketsurui-Shinujuku Hanako, Premier from Rurunaru Kamatara (and Narapara Aparatta) Re: Things like citizenship and Amnesty


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RP Date
YE 45.2.25
Your Premierness or whatever,

First, we can't thank the Empress enough for the ship and ticket out of Cold Snowdra, but we were wondering how to make sure we don't get scruffed up by our necks like the naughty kittens we used to be but aren't any more? We promise we are good and will continue to be.

Yay Yamatai, Boo SMN,
Rurunaru Kamatara (and Narapara Aparatta)

To: Rurunaru Kamatara (and Narapara Aparatta)
From: Imperial Premier Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako

I have forwarded your request for citizenship to the Department of Immigration, and they say they are happy to welcome you to the Yamatai Star Empire, under the condition that you serve the Yamataian public for a period of 3 years, for example by soldiering in the Star Army of Yamatai.
To: Imperial Premier Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako
From: Rurunaru Kamatara (and Narapara Aparatta)

Dear Your Ketsuruiness,
See, about that, Nara was a senior NCO and I was an upper-mid-ranking officer. As much as we love shooting stuff, excuse my skepticism, I don't feel like the SAoY would be inclined to let us trade that in one-for-one, and we're not inclined to start over at the bottom. What else you got in the "serving the Yamataian public" department. Preferably where we can still maybe shoot some stuff if it came up sometimes and what not.

We think the Empress is totally rad,
Rurunaru Kamatara (and Narapara Aparatta)

PS We're more interested in the "not being arrested for shooting at you 15 years ago" bit more than the citizenship thing, but that's cool too.
PPS Sorry we forgot to ask for pardons and amnesty when we asked for the ship, but they didn't arrest us on the spot when we delivered it so we thought it was cool, but it would still be nice to get it in writing.
PPPS We're super sorry about that btw
To: Rurunaru Kamatara (and Narapara Aparatta)
From: Imperial Premier Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako

I suggest you visit a Department of Immigration location in person to discuss your options and/or visit the Star Army Recruiting Center in Kyoto, the Uesureyan Fortress, and speak about possibly using your experience for a rank advance so you are not necessarily starting from the bottom. Many NMX Nekovalkyrja have been successfully accepted into Yamataian society, especially through service in the Star Army.