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SACN To: SAoY Personnel RE: Wyatt Alder Re-Training Request From: Chusa Taiyou Hoshi


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RP Date
RP Location
YSS Kaiyō II
To: Star Army Personnel, Ketsurui-Chinomai Minori-Chujo
From: 1 XF, YSS Kaiyō II, NG-X1-501, Chusa Taiyou Hoshi

It is at the professional request of the former XO of the YSS Kaiyō II and the former captain of the YSS Kaiyō, Teien Eden-shosa, and myself, Chusa Taiyou Hoshi, that Wyatt Alder-heisho of my command be re-trained beyond that of his current occupation of infantrymen. It is on our combined recommendation as his commanding officers that he be tested in the process of entering Star Army of Yamatai's intelligence corps. I believe his intuitive mind and quick witted responses could use refining. If he does not secure a position within this corps, I request his transfer back to my command under his current occupation as infantrymen.

Chusa Taiyou Hoshi
CO, YSS Kaiyō II