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SYNC To: Section 6/ New Dusk Conclave, From: Osman Heavy Industries

Alex Hart

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RP Date
YE 40 hachigatsu 31
Main message:

Hello to the New Dusk Conclave governing council!

It has come to our attention that the group known as Section 6 has reformed into the New Dusk Conclave. Over the past few months we have not been able to deliver our products to you, so now Osman Heavy Industries is pleased to announce that we are able to resume shipping. To make up for lost time, the current back-order of vehicles will be shipped to you free of charge. We hope to enjoy your continued patronage, and will partially refund any non-satisfactory items.

The fee for your vehicles is: 525,000 KS.

The Osman Heavy Industries customer service team

Attached message:

The video screen popped up, and the work-worn face of the CEO of Osman Heavy Industries looked into the camera hesitantly. "Is this thing working?" The man looked off to the side, apparently speaking to someone that was out of the camera's field of view. "I'll concede that distance would make it impractical, but I still think that meeting someone in person would be better."

He looked back at the screen. "I hope this message finds its way to whoever is runnin' the New Dusk Conclave, and I just want to apologize for us not bein' able to deliver things to you. It's been a hectic few months for us here at OHI, and we're just getting production lines and shipping lanes runnin' again. Anyhow, enjoy your tanks."

The man looked off to the side again just before the video cut out. "How do I turn this thing off and send it?"

Message ends.

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
TO: OHI - Customer Service Team
FROM: New Dusk Conclave - Department Of Military Assets(D.O.M.A.)

Dear Osman Heavy Industry Representative,

Thank you for reaching out to us, we have recently undergone some restructuring to become the young nation we are now. As things are organized and each department put in order with the formation of a governing council, as well as ruling line of nobility. We must admit that assets are tightly managed, and given the need to conserve resources as proper resource deposits are tapped. Any and all help is appreciated, and this backlog will be of immense help in that. This will eliminate part of the work load for the engineering department, who handles all manufacturing currently, as well as provide a generous reserve of military assets. We are appreciative of your willingness to do business with our government, I must ask that construction of the given item in question halt, at least for the time being. Payment will be transferred immediately with a bonus as apology for any inconvenience our move has caused. The NDC looks forward to your visit and arrival to our verdant world.

Kelly Carrson, DOMA Represenative

+[600,000 KS]