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To: Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako


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RP Date
5月 YE 43
Hanako-dono, my apologies for sending this message for I wish I could do so in person. While she is not one of our number, the youngest daughter of the Tiger Mother, Kôsuka has made great strides in her short life. Having navigated a potentially disastrous situation over eight years ago as a Santo Hei fresh from training she took command of relief efforts on Asura. You are aware of the intrusion of our space by the Iromakuanhe in the year YE 35.

One of their ships had been shot down and crashed upon the planet. It was through her efforts and those of the special tasks group (which she was a part of) to thwart a diplomatic incident that may have led to open war during a time of peace. I am not privy to all of the details of Operation Quiet Rage, yet this youngling assisted in saving the survivors of the Iromakuanhe vessel from death and earned the trust of their leader where a long time member of SAINT had come within a hair's breadth of severing any chance of cooperation.

She has served at Black Sands for several years. Testing systems utilized within the newest iteration of the Mindy-series powered armor. SAINT recruited her thusly, as a member of their RISE group. Her knowledge of Iromakuanhe technology, however, briefly appeared to be quite beneficial should confrontation with this mysterious race. I pray that it does not but we will answer the call of our clan mistress if needed.

She has served with her sister before her disappearance, receiving education from the illustrious Tom Freeman (Briefly) as well as Kage, Yaichiro who became her commanding officer aboard the YSS Sakura II. Where she participated in the first battle of the Scrapyard system which had been renamed in their honor for their gallantry. As the sole engineer aboard, this girl managed to end a standoff against a Kuvexian gunship through ingenuity that may have turned the tide in our force's favor. And save her ship in the process.

Reports that I am allowed to review mention her actions upon Higaflan. A world infested by militaristic Rixxikor, who had enslaved the agrarian Rixxikor you so kindly left in peace upon the planet. With assistance from another member of the Sakura II's crew, another Elysian named Aradia Sivins with whom she serves with now aboard the Resurgence, Koyama-san eliminated these militaristic insects through clever use of hacking and dispersal of their improvised minefield in orbit. All electronic devices and technology had been rendered inert through the use of the escape pods turned mines as an EMP burst covering the inhabited areas. This caused the enemy to fight amongst themselves, thus wiping themselves out in a short yet brutal civil war with no Yamataian casualties. To which the peaceful Rixxikor were freed to begin anew with no casualties on their side and offered their thanks with the only working communication device known to survive.

Enemy elements in orbit had also been destroyed. A shipyard, station, and vessels were laden with eggs ready to infest several worlds within reach of Higaflan. This earned her a promotion from an Enlisted to the officer rank of Shoi in one stroke by Yaichiro-san's hand.

She has served aboard the flagship for the First Expeditionary Fleet, the YSS Tokyo whereas a chief engineer took part in the Battle of Glimmergold and survived. Before that battle, Koyama-san also served aboard a Sharie-class Battleship, the YSS Wakaba as a member of search and rescue. Koyama-san had been one of two survivors of an attack on their shuttle which crashed into the hangar of an abandoned UOC station. For over ten hours she survived, this had been her first foray into ground warfare. The girl pushed her body and training to its utmost limit with little rest and resources at hand and faced Death itself for Kuvexians had infested the station.

Another squad had been sent to investigate however, by this point she had been severely injured, armor functioning below prescribed limits and saved the other sole survivor of the crash. An Elysian male Santo Hei named 'Samandriel' was without armor and inadequate armament. A simple engineer (Though with informal training in our ways) fought through numerous Light Infantry, and survivors of the former Tange Clan that they colluded with to not only survive but save this boy's life without support. Heavy Infantry, armor killers had been eliminated also, one kill solely on her own, the other through the assistance of the other forces deployed while the Wakaba engaged enemy ships that had laid in wait in ambush.

Koyama-san has distinguished herself for nearly a decade. She joined the Star Army as soon as she matured and has since known nothing but service to our Empire. As is often the case, those amongst her profession go unnoticed, yet they are part of the beating heart of our ships. Vital to its survival just as much as our soldiers who face the enemy in combat be it upon the earth, skies, or space. She has contributed to our people, creating devices and other inventions to which we now use readily.

Should such dedication to our people, our Empire go unnoticed, Hanako-dono? I must once again apologize for my message being of such length. The written word is often more tedious than those spoken.

It is my recommendation as the daimyo of Samurai House, of the guardians of your great clan that she received recognition for her efforts. She was given the choice the same as those born to us, to serve amongst my sisters, or go their own way. And just as her elder sister, the younger chose another path. That path has led her to this point.

I reiterate the above, It is my desire for her to be recognized, to be rewarded for her service for the trials and tribulations she had been subjected to, and the positive outcomes she has helped bring forth with those that also serve our nation.

With regards,


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To: Tsuya
From: Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako

What are you suggesting, specifically, I should do to honor her service?
To: Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako
From: Tsuya

Would it not suit someone such as she to be made a member of your clan, Hanako-dono? To be adopted? It is often said that talent has a brand name, and that name is Ketsurui. I do not suggest this lightly, nor without care. Her actions and deeds speak louder than words. I will not as Nepleslians say 'upsale' her in this regard any further, yet the words of my message are simple truths that have gone overlooked for years, and she has born this quietly without complaint and has instead continued onward. Would you, Hanako-dono agree? Or our clan mistress, Yui-sama?