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SYNC To: Yugumo Corporation Re: Hoverboard Commission


SAINT Director
🌟 Site Supporter
🎖️ Game Master
🎨 Media Gallery
RP Date
Ketsurui Clan Household Secretariat
The Empress' Palace
1 Ketsurui Avenue, Kyoto, Yamatai

To Whom It May Concern:

Craft one bespoke Master/Top Level Extreme-class Hoverboard appropriate for a user 180 centimeters tall. It should be made in an ivory color with additional furniture detailing that depicts a golden dragon motif, and upgraded with an additional Casual Lighting Kit that shines scarlet red. Include repair and cleaning kits as are appropriate for personal maintenance of such equipment. Please see the attached volumetric pictofiling for more exacting aesthetic inspiration.

Payment will be sent upon confirmation of this purchase order.

Authorized by the Imperial Provisions Office
On this 20th day of Ichigatsu, YE 45

Attachment: [akaryublade.3d.img]
To: Ketsurui Clan Household Secretariat, The Imperial Provisions Office
From: Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue, Jomu

To Honorable and noble Ketsurui Clan, Household Secretariat
I am honored and that a member of the honorable Empress’s family or even one working so closely with them, wishes to purchase one of our products, let alone a Hoverboard, as its creator I am honored and privileged in overseeing this request. I also wished to add my thanks in also adding the attachment, as it will help in the construction process.
The Repair and cleaning kits will also arrive in a separate package along side the Hoverboard, and I hope the intended recipient enjoys it immensely and please do contact us if there is any concern.

Jomu, Motoyoshi-Igarashi