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Nepleslian Orders Trade agreements from ITC


Inactive Member
To: Charlie Coast, premier of DIoN
From: Takahashi Kenichi, Director of ITC

At first, greetings from the ITC. I write on behalfe of this company, over which I have the privilege to lead. I write concerning trade agreements between the ITC and the Neplesians.

First off, before you start linking the ITC to a faction, please listen to this. While our HQ and other facilities are indeed in Yamatai space, we are close to the borders and offer our services to anyone in need(except the NMX
off course) and we stay neutral and unaligned. In fact, we depend on our neutrality to maintain sufficable market.
Now that you know our intentions and neutrality, we are requesting two trade agreements.

1 free movement through Nepleslian space. In exchange of free travel, we will offer you our services should the need arise.

2. Free border passing. We need free travel between Nepleslian and Yamatai space, since our HQ is on a Yamatai controlled planet.

May the Imperium continue to flourish, and I sincerely hope the Neplesiangovernment will accept the request. If you do, we will not let you down.

Takahashi Kenichi
Intergalactic Transport Corporation
To: Takahashi Kenichi, Director of ITC

Currently, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia has infrastructure set in place to effectively provide such services to its own people.

As there is no state of emergency that would necessitate the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia opening its borders and allowing free travel to unauthorized parties, we must politely deny your requests.

Please be aware that there is currently an ongoing investigation as to how you were able to access and directly contact the Premier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Office of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
Internal Pacification Group
To: Nepleslian Government
From: Kinzo Odaka, DM of the ICT's ICD

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your quick answer.

Now onto business. We regret the fact that apparently there has been a security breach from Kenichi his office. It will not happen again, and if you are investigating, I'd like to preclude any hostilities between ITC and the Imperium. May we proceed with our relations peacefully.

We are however struck by the fact that you rejected our proposals. While we are sure you have considered well before you came to response, but let me try to persuade you. Here are some of our top features:

1. We offer state-of-the-art maintenance to our clients. While you have said before that the infrastructure is good enough to provide for itself, we are able to take the job of maintenance out of your hands and even do it cheaper and faster than the governmental maintenance teams.

2. We can provide any client with a substantial amount of our freshly new Tsiukiakari-class space stations for an low price of merely 10,000,000 DH

3. We can also provide massive amounts of our powerful Sugureta engine. It combines the best of Ion and Rocket engines into one. Three classes are available, for an maximal price of 5,000 DH for the Kyukyoku version.

4. Sure the infrastructure can use some expansion, right? The ITC can offer you services ranging from merely street building to star-base module attachments. We can offer a lot more than just building, we can also maintain and repairs these infrastructure.

I hope that with my persuasion attempts you might reconsider our agreements, and we will from this moment forward refer simply to the Nepleslian government instead of the premier itself. We will offer you two Tsukiakari stations if you agree, which will actually act as the ITC border passages.

May the Imperium continue to flourish.

Kinzo Odaka
Intergalactic Transport Corporation