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Halloween [Trick Or Treat] Second Chance Salvage RP Competition


Convention Veteran
So I personally love the Salvage giveaway, you can get some delightful and utterly random items that can power your RP and development for your character. I remember with fondness how one of my characters got a truck and she turned it into one of her signature items. Sometimes the reaction to getting a 55 gallon barrel of lard is priceless. In whatever way your character deals with their salvage, you learn a bit more about who they are.

So here is how we are going to do this. The Salvage give away ends at the end of the month. On the first of November, I'll open a Open Roleplaying thread for submissions. You can post your story in the thread or leave a link to it. You are free to submit as many stories about what your characters received and what they did with them as you like. So you want to tell one story about how one of your characters dealt with receiving a Mishhuvurthyar Meat grinder and sausage making kit and a second story about how another one's Polished Marble Statuette lead to them to finally asking their crush on a date that's fine. Pretty much the only rule is you have to include the character who entered the giveaway, and at least one of the things they got. On the 15h of November, we'll close submissions and open up a voting thread. Voting will be until the 20th. At which point we will announce the winners.

First prize is a $50 dollar commission.
Second prize is a $30 commission.
Third prize is a $20 commission.
what if a few of us are planning to get together and like combine salvage items to like say make a new ship would that count?
I am under orders from the top to bump this thread. We're halfway through the open time, so make sure to get them in soon!
If someone needs me to officially make a 2nd Galactic Salvage Swap, I can do that.
Unless it is really small, post what you have. Plenty of incomplete JPs out there.
I personally loved this idea and immediately had RP ideas from the salvage I got so this was exciting, but logistically my character and myself were too busy to pick it up before the time limit. If done again, could the time limit be extended a whole lot? I also just want to say again, I really love the competition concept here ^0^ I still plan on busting out that RP, but it might be a bit too big conceptually to write in a less than a month. It's up in the noggin percolating and brewing though!
I could have linked operation fireplace since Zeck was trying to weaponize her salvage there but I also just forgot about this.
I still want to write more about the stuff my characters got. I haven't forgotten this even though the competition is over.