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RP [Tsenlan] A Moment to Grieve


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RP Date
YE 44.9
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Akina System

A Moment to Grieve​

Future Site of Asarthortar City, Akina
Yamatai Star Empire - YE 44.9
After: Operation Fireplace
(Anyone from Yamatai or Fireplace thread is welcome to attend)

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​

It was probably their last time in MERN uniforms, the grey, and black dress-style uniforms worn enmass as they had more made just for the funeral. Airwin wanted the MERN soldiers to honor their Aester(Empress) properly. The funeral which had originally been intended to happen at Ayenee was finally able to happen. The towering peaks of the Taisho Mountains reigned as the backdrop, with the City of Taisho glistening upon the slopes as the rising sun glistened across snow and rock. The thunder of the Builder's Gong roared across the landscape joined by the rhythmic thunder of drums and the sweet melodies of flutes and other woodwinds. On the future site of their new home, the people of Tsenlan, the Norians, and small enclaves of Lorath gathered upon the snow-dusted plain, freed from the grips of extinction thanks to their saviors in the Kikyo Sector. The journey of Aester Sinith Caeyara I's sarcophagus had been long; from the tragic place on Minatu Prime where she fell to Noria which crumbled soon after, to Lorenz which laid a broken debris field in space, to Ayenee, and finally to this place, a potential new home safe from the harms of their origin.

"Smug bitch, Why are they even here?" Jun commented as he watched the High Priestess walk away from where his father had been standing, "I'm sure they're gloating, the fact they get away with my mother being put to rest outside of a temple after all, " he stopped beside his father, and looked out over the rows of MERN soldiers and civilians that had come to pay their respects. It was a cold day, a good day for such an event, and the sky was as blue as a turquoise gem.

Arwin said quietly to Jun, "The entire multiverse is their creation, this is more of a temple than those buildings will ever be. Unya is with us here, for I know within my heart son that she did not frown the slightest at your mother." His gloved hand slid from the decorative, yet ancient veiled sarcophagus. The niranium, platinum, and gold glistened from the surface of the stylized tomb, displayed upon the same pedestal it had been upon the MERN Aiathogu. Airwin knew all eyes were on them, it was not like he was not used to it though. He was more concerned with logistics; Naika and Uaeso were supposed to arrive from Yamatai any minute, while other members of the Ysi had to make their way from other refugee cities. across the Empire.

Jun didn't push it further, it was not hard to understand his father's emotions through the vesper they shared.

The choirs sang the requiem hymns to the Builders and the Espra, and the echoing whale-like calls of Leviathan Mindhives who had also done all they could to be present for the funeral seemed in harmony with those hymns. Airwin lost himself in the moment, his thoughts were so far away; so far in the past, it made him so disconnected. His mind was not on work, not on the battle's past, his mind was on the stupid arguments about tomato soup, a human food that Sinith has introduced to him and they had fought over foolishly, a lasting bit of love and comedy for the frail threads that kept him up-right every day. It was hard to describe the type of woman Sinith was, but to Airwin it was very simple - she was the one who completed him, the one who raised him up to be who he was. No matter how much the Continuum protested, no matter how much the Church disagreed with their union - he had loved her, completely. They had seen each other through the darkest of times, from wading in the sewers of a fallen capital to free their family to the crippling addiction he had overcome with the asune-derived drugs. Airwin stood there just as lost as the day he had lost her - a broken man forced to carry the weight of something bigger in the sacrifice of his own broken heart.

Uaeso watched from the distance with Naika at his side, "We should probably wait over here until Rin or Arina get here," he suggested, his father was having a moment before his mother's tomb and he didn't want to interrupt it.


Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


It was a somber event that led Naika to be at this location in her MERN dress uniform once again. Her long black hair swept up into a neat bun. After many attempts at laying her mother-in-law to rest, the time had finally come. She surveyed the goings on spotting the High Priestess which caused dark thoughts to flow through her mind. "What are they doing here?! How dare they... the disrespectful twats. Why can't he have this one moment?" she thought silently, her features not betraying the feelings within. Uaeso's voice drew her attention, her hands parting from being crossed in front of her to give his a reassuring squeeze. "Then we wait here for their arrival," she said quietly releasing his hand after giving it one more squeeze. Her purpose here today was to support her husband, he had been through so much and now another attempt to lay his mother to rest. She wished this one would successfully be completed.


Aelya could count on one hand the number of people she'd get dressed like this for willingly. A long black high collared gown with a modest sweetheart neckline in the front, which just about covered everything, miraculously enough. It was the least attention drawing item she had managed to save. The Aester's funeral had come long over due, a dear friend lost to a horrible darkness. She openly grimaced at the thought of someone or something daring to interrupt. Her long red hair flowed behind her as she made her way to those that gathered. Dark ruby eyes scanned the crowd whilst she contemplated where to stand.

Ahead she saw the High Priestess, "Mmmmm not today you don't." she thought to herself. Not like there was anything she could do, other than stand near her brother Airwin until Rin arrived to ward off any unwelcome trouble. Surely other family would come if they were not there already. Quietly she slipped through the mourners coming to a stop behind the Aestaesys and her nephew Jun. The Tal'Cel was close enough to be of assistance if need be, but far enough as to hopefully not disturb the two.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​

Alastair had worn his full Star Army dress uniform to this fateful event. He had the opportunity to fight along side and in support of those who had fallen during the fight. Yet another fight he'd wish did not have to take place. He was getting far too use to these type of events. Though most of the time the fallen would respawn back in a tank. This however was permanent and left him feeling uneasy. A sense of being mortal flowed over him, thinking to himself that one day it might be him laying in a hole in the ground. Though would this many people come to mourn his passing. He quickly snapped himself out of this type of thinking. Knowing very well how quickly such thoughts could break ones resolve. He had a mission he would be departing on soon and best not get tied up in one's thoughts.

Alastair had agreed to attend to show Star Armies resolve to the new comers. That even in times like these we would stand together, strong. This also gave him means to learn more about their culture. Since the fighting began he had worked long and hard to learn their language and history. He could overhear the gossip that was going around. Clearly some were less invited than others to be here. He did his part not to draw attention, at least till he caught a glimpse of a pair who caught his attention. They did not seem to hide their feelings. While he could not make out all the words, clearly they had a few things to say. For Alastair, he always did his part to seek out those who seemed at odds. One could say he had a habit of seeking out the trouble makers though the cases seemed to be just. The least he could do was to introduce himself and take things from there.

Alastair walked over, removing his hat as he did so. "Excuse me, would you have a moment?" He said to Aelya as he stood near her. "I'd like to formally introduce myself if I may. I am Alastair Belmont of Star Army, Captain of the YSS Koun." He said proudly yet in a low tone. A sign that he meant the highest respect during time such as these.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


Slender ears twitched at the sound of a deep accented voice that seemed to be questioning her. What in the world did this delicious sounding creature approach her for? Slowly her eyes looked up to meet his with a daring fire in them. This Alastair fellow's appearance exceeded the expectations his voice had set. He provided an unexpectedly welcome distraction from the sadness she felt.

Delicate hands folded in front of her at her waist, gripping tight while her form turned to respond to him fully. "Most assuredly Captain Belmont," she said in sultry low voice. It did not seem Alastair was here to cause any untowardly disturbance, so she proceeded. "I am Tal'Cel Aelya Caeyara, what is it you need a moment for?" she inquired quietly so as not to disturb the Aestaesys or Jun. Afterall, she wasn't entirely sure they knew she was coming.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​

Alastair tipped his head to one side for a moment as she introduced herself. He was thinking he had seen or heard that name come up before. If anything it meant she carried some level of importance but he could not in the moment place her. "Pleasure to meet you, Caeyara," he said with a slight bow towards here. "Oh nothing specific, I wish the circumstances were better but I did not wish to pass up the chance to speak with more people." He stood at attention and placed his hands behind his back. "I have very much taken an interest in your culture and thought we could enjoy some ideal chat." He paused and leaned to look towards who he assumed to be the High Priestess. "For starters, I feel there is some misgivings towards the one over there." He said with a node of his head in her direction. "I do not wish to pry but I am most curious to learn." His calm eyes and soft smile looking towards her. His eyes clearly not hiding the fact he was looking her over. A small glint sparkled in his eye showing his approval.
Among the people stood two that seemed to be out of place, one was a long ears snowshoe hare, the other a human, around them sit the crew of the Sobek made up of random races all dressed alike. The hare was dressed up in hand sown uniform of her homeship that was for times of mourning like this such event, The human was dressed up in what some might mistake for a Star Army uniform, It looked like one but there were subtitle differences that even the Star army will tell. On her chest was the nameplate of "ISS Sobek" markings on her arm that would denote that she was a captain. On her side rested her family's Katana, the normal place where a hoister that held Lenna's slug pistol was empty, there was no need for that here.

Nikicon spotting Alastair as he moved up to the front to speak to someone bumps Lenna and makes a motion with her nose toward them. " Hey isn't that the one Star army captain that tried to pay for the repair stuff back at Sood Zadra?" in a soft hushed voice.

Lenna blinks some and then nods responding in a hushed voice also "yes that it is, I hope he knows what he is doing. I would not mind going up there to pay my respects, but I hardly know these people, their traditions, and most of all the one they are laying to rest. "

Nikicon responds back, " but you plan on having the ship do a 21-gun salute is that not their Tradition?"

Lenna smiles some and then says "I don't know, but it is one of my family's traditions for people of importance, and may even be from Yamatai itself. I can not recall fully, I left home at a young age remember?"

Nikicon would nod some and then say "I did also, and I've not looked back since!" Nikicon would smile and then fall silent once more looking all around her at the gathered crowd.

Nearby and waiting for the right time was the Merchant gunship ISS Sobek the AI awaiting the moment so they could rise upward into view, and fire off the dorsal cannons for a 21-gun salute for the gathering below. Lenna hopes that the one she spoke about back on Gamma ark who reached out to send them a notice had got to the ones holding the funeral to signal Sobek at the proper time so it can pay honor to their Aeser funeral.
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Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


A smirk could not help but to spread across Aelya's lips. "How deliciously bold," she thought to herself. "You can call me Aelya, if we're alone." she said taking her turn to look him over in a quite obvious manner while he was at attention. She dipped her head respectfully, "If you would like some lessons on culture, I'd be more than happy to be of personal assistance in that matter. Perhaps you wouldn't mind chatting with me about your culture as well. If it is as interesting as you seem to be, then it shall be a grand time. However, I wish this conversation were occurring under less somber circumstances Captain." she paused restraining herself from inappropriate behavior. Her gaze followed his to where the High Priestess had gone, a dark fire storming in Aelya's eyes at the site of her. Immediately she switched back to a sweet smile looking back to Alastair's blue eyes.

Time for a quick lesson it seemed. "You see those two up there?" she said gesturing to Airwin and Jun in front of her. "That is my Aestaesys or head of state in your terms, I think...He also happens to be my brother, next to him is my nephew Jun. If you wish to know more about why you're sensing misgiving, we should continue this outside of their presence." she paused briefly gesturing to the two in front of them. "I do find you are a welcome distraction from grief, but I don't wish to hold you up," she said quieter.

A raised voice behind them caught her attention, she looked over her shoulder. "Do you know them?" she asked Alastair gesturing to an adorable creature next to a human.
Alastair smiled and tilted his head towards her. "Very well, Aelya. I do say that you have the most pretty of name." He said with a grin. "Yes, this is some sad times. While I did not know them well, it pains me to see the lose of life." With his hand by his said, his fist clenched. He also gave a nod of approval to agree on them exchanging culture details. He listened closely to the information she share regarding the people in question. He smiled at her, to give the impression nothing ill was being spoken should they look his way. "Yes, I'd be most curious to learn. Gives reason for us to meet up at the party either way."

Alastair was about to say he did not mind her keeping him company. She then pointed out a pair not far from them. At first he was unsure how to respond but then it all clicked who it was. "Oh would you look at that, my friends from a prior mission. I believe it was a Lenna and Nikicon." He reached up and ran his hand through his thick hair. He was doing his best to hide his smile, though was glad to see some friendly faces during this sad time. "If it isn't asking to much, do you want to go greet them? Maybe nice to move around and chat with others." Alastair then reached out his hand in offer of escort.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


She found herself enjoying his presence more with each moment that passed. It was such a welcome distraction from the sinking darkness she existed in being at the funeral. Aelya winced at the mention of death noting his clenched fist, "This funeral is for the Aestaesys wife." she whispered. A hand reached out to touch his clenched fist in a soothing manner, but she cut herself short placing it back atop her own. His smile to distract those that might be watching did not go unnoticed by her. Alastair's intention made known about the party delighted her ears causing them to twitch happily. "That it does," she said with a chaotic twinkle in her eyes.

Aelya's head tilted to the side curiously not knowing what a Lenna and a Nikicon was. Perhaps these were names, but she was almost certain one of the two were human. This caused a momentary rare look of confusion to cross her face. This was an entirely new place with new things to learn, so she could be wrong. Her hand reached up to twirl a strand of her hair to distract her from what he did with his. She left the strand to fall where it may taking his hand as she did so. Despite how much she would love to run off socializing with him, she felt a need to stay here and watch over her brother. Gently she tugged his hand and raised to her tip toes to tell him something. "I would love to, but I cannot leave my brother. Even if he doesn't know I am here, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened that I could stop." she whispered into his ear. The length of her dress being what it was, likely he would be the only one to notice she had tip toed. "Please, do not feel any obligation to stay here if you want to go to them. They can also come over here if you like." she said not wanting to hold him back from his friends.
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As time passed, Alastair find himself enjoying the company. He then took notice of her reaching her hand towards his. His grip released once he caught that he had clinched his fist. It felt nice to see another while just freshly met be open to helping. He considered himself lucky to have picked one out of many who seemed much like himself. "Then we shall make a date of it Aelya." He said with a big smile on his face Despite the sadness around them, for a brief moment things felt at peace.

Alastair listened hoping she'd follow him over. His heart skipped a beat when she touched his hand, he could feel a little blush formed on his cheeks. Her on tip toes was also a nice touch adding to the wholesome moment. One could almost say it was endearing even. Then his heart sank when she had to turn down the offer. Though he fully understood he was being too bold to pull her from this obligation. Though on the other hand he was impressed with her loyalty to family. Something he found most attractive. He then reached out and took her hand into both of his. "Then I shall bring them over Aelya. My gut is saying it would be good for you to meet them." Alastair then looked down and seen he was holding her hand in his. He blushed then quickly release her hand. Before she could say a word, he had turned away with a wave and walked over towards Lenna and a Nikicon.

Once he was near he called out to them. "Hello friends," he spoke as he approached. "It has been far too long. I hope all has been well." He paused to give time for them to reply before he continued. "Come, my acquittance would like to meet you." He said as he gestured towards Aelya.
Nikicon watched the two as they spoke and then seeing the female gesturing to them she blinks a little and then leans into Lenna and then says " I think there are talking about us now?"

Lenna sighs some and then looks over at Nikicon first and then over toward Alastair and the one that he was talking to a Norian woman. Mhmm, i wonder what he is up to now.

After a while, Alastair moved to start walking back toward them as Nikicon bumps Lenna and then says softly "uh oh he is coming over here."

Once getting to the point that Alastair spoke to them Lenna smiles some and then says "Oh if it isn't Captain Belmont? How are you doing?" Hearing that he wished them well and nods a little and then Lenna looks over at Nikicon and says " Shall we?"

Nikicon nods and then moves to stand up as she looks to Lenna and then to Alastair, as Lenna moves to stand up as Lenna nods saying "Sure thing, let's go Niki." Nikicon nods as she moves out into the hallway.

Lenna steps away and nods some as she says "Sure why not." Nikicon moves to join Lenna as she looks up toward the front where the one Alastair was talking to moments ago. The two look to Alastair and wait for him to move forward once more. Lenna moved to straighten out her uniform and straighten her family katana at her side.
Rakel was in the crowd mourning. The healer was dressed in her attire of her healing order her hat was off and held in her hands in front of as she watched the proceedings. She was not with her clan she wasn't sure where they were. She was still a bit weak from her time on the alpha ark so she sat off to one side when she could.


Zeck was with the rest of the Sobek crew dressed in her nicest white button up shirt and pants. She watched the funeral out of respect for the dead and because she was curious. On her world the dead were placed into volcanos where eventually the body would turn into rock and become one with the world. Weather this was true or not Zeck didn't want to find out however she did like to bathe in the lava lakes and rivers of her world. It was good for the skin after all especially as the lava got into the pores of one's skin to destroy dirt.

"You want Zeck go with?"

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


Aelya's eyes opened a little wider, somewhat caught off guard by Alastair's gesture holding her hand in between his. Not many people were this affectionate with her right off the bat. Then again, maybe this was one of those cultural lessons he'd teach her later. Her head dipped in acknowledgement when he said he would bring the two over. However, that last part made her curious, "Why would he think it would be good for me to meet them?" she thought to herself. The blushing made her smile a bit as she tilted her head to the side. "If holding hands makes him blush..." she smiled as her thoughts distracted by notice of her acquaintance's gesture.

Her position shifted so she could keep an eye on the two in front of her, while watching what was going on behind her. What exactly was being said she couldn't make out, but it seemed they had agreed to come over. Another from the group appeared to have said something to the two already approaching Alastair. This creature was another she had not encountered before and it seemed to know the two who were invited. She thought "Why not?" and waved the third over with a positive nod. Anyone who showed up to pay respects to the deceased was more than welcome to come stand with her.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


From another part of the ceremony, Arina emerged from briefly speaking with the groups of mourners. She had mostly been with Rin since the battle, and she only really had slept once exhaustion caved her resolve in shortly after her aunt had awakened.

It still felt so unreal, and after mourning for so long already, there they were walking towards her father and the rest of the retinue. She spotted the Priestess and stopped from narrowing her eyes too much, though the string of creative expletives in her head accidentally bubbled over to Aelya. She had a long view of her family from their approach that included her other lovely Aunt.

"I'm here." She announced with an empty voice. She stood off from her father until acknowledged her, to give herself a brief moment to compose herself more. Aelya caught her eye as much as the aliens, friends, but her manner upon observation grated her slightly. If she was flirting at her mother's funeral she might shave her bald-headed. If she was feeling nice. The man with her would be up to a whim. After giving them a serious look, she felt that hollow pang throughout herself again when she saw the tomb, it felt like a wound being wrought open again. What is going on with him and...them? Aeyla picked up through her Vesper.

In reality, she was just grieving and so angry.

"I'm here." Arina repeated to Uaeso and Naika. With so much weeping done before they even came to Kikyo, she did not want her mother to see it as they sent her off. The thought of finding a way to mask how red and puffy her eyes were had not found her before the ceremony.


Amidst the large group of Star Army personnel present were Akina and the three sisters, each of them in their dress uniforms and in a row. She felt compelled to come after the battle, and still wondered what to do to help Katara, as well as how to feel. The ceremonies and songs made her feel the sadness in the chill air. It was strange being back in the system, much less the world, strange but heartening to know it was home for their new compatriots.

Miyako stood at the end of the line, next to Miu, the captain of the ship they served on during the rescue.

In orbit, an orderly honor guard was formed from the group of ships with the Mazu, and some others that were no longer being repaired. She was flanked by two Yamato class vessels, with a line of smaller ones trailing in two columns behind them.


One of the other survivors of the battle had decided to wear a mofuku kimono she had managed to get made out of respect. Her hair was back in a plaited bun, and the extra layer she wore underneath took care of the temperature for her as much as anything else. The price their people had paid for their survival had been high, how many other funerals would there be for them?
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Alastair looked out at the team that assembled. It was starting to feel like his possy just rolled up. Though it was true he had much respect for Lenna and Nikicon after spending time with them both in and out of fighting. They seemed to know just how to help and make a huge impact. Alastair paused and looked towards Zack. He did not know much of them but figured why not bring another. Aelya he thought might just find interest in yet another. Without going far out of his way, he felt that he was getting her to be the center of attention. While this was not planned, he was happy since maybe in some small way this would ruffle the feathers of the High Priestess.

"Come on Zeck, lets go. One more will make it a party." He said waving his hand to indicate they were to follow. Within a quick few steps they had made their way back over to Aelya. "And we are back. Sorry to dart off like that but I felt it would be nice for them to come pay respects up close and personal." Alastair then reached over and gave Lenna a bump against her hip. "This one is Lenna, and she is Nikicon. I met them during a battle not too long ago. Are some good people I must say." He smiled and paused before he continued. "And this is Zeck, we just met but if they hang with these two, no doubt they are A-OK." He said as he reached over and gave Zeck a pat on the back.
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Lenna nods over toward Zeck and nods some " sure might as well Zeck, if you want to." looking back over to Alastair and as he says let's go she'll nods and then smiles some "ok"

Nikicon nods some as Zeck speaks up and then says " Sure, sounds good to me also. " then looks over at the rest of the crew and then says " I think it will be too much if the whole crew comes along so best if they stay yes?"

Once they got back Lenna and Nikicon would nod some and when Alastair moves to bump her hip she'll blink some and then nods saying. "I'm the captain of ISS Sobek an independent cargo ship that is an old escort gunship. You might have spotted us near the Gamma ark firing away at that "thing!" and trying to protect the ark from the smaller things. Nikicon here is my engineer and weapons officer. Zeck is my new Engineering if she is not busy elsewhere and was here for this battle and was also present at the one I believe Alastair is talking about. "

Nikicon would smile some, her long ears of her's started to move upward off the back of her head as she smiles nodding as Lenna introduced her. Nikicon's ears stay upright as she starts to listen to those around her as she smiles enjoying meeting some more of the people she helped saved and even gone as far as begging Lenna to go help as with getting the food that was dropped off to Gamma ark.
Aliset was hating her life. A Yamataian dress uniform, worn over a Shuristan space suit, with her soft featured face hidden behind black plastic and burial steel, advanced homeostasis units designed for deep space, and an oxygen tank that should have lasted nearly a week.

And that was where the usefulness ended. The oxygen tanks hadn't been refilled, so they had only a few hours left in them, and, more annoyingly, this was not deep space. Where there should only be radiation, there was conduction, convection, heat losses that left her uncomfortably, bitterly cold. Not lethal, not risking hypothermia... Yet. But that flashing and beeping in her helmet told her everything she needed to know. 15% battery. Estimated system failure: 1.5 hour

But she was here for her Captain's benefit. Her eyes watching the ceremony, her tongue held. Until this would become a social event. Not so much of a formal one. As soon as that happened, she planned to ask permission to depart for warmer areas, where she could safely pull her helmet, where she could finally feel warmth again, and not take a deep breath that would congeal the oils of her blood and body fluids, cause near instantaneous heat losses and shrinkage of her skin, bones, muscles and organs, or the screaming of her nervous system as she fell unconscious in... Checking her suit's exterior thermometer, she guessed between ten and thirty seconds.

The soft crunch of snow sounded as she approached, her grey uniform top seeming to blend with the black and gold of her suit, or were it just that, the silver of her skin, and she moved behind Alastair. "Captain. While this was a beautiful ceremony, and I feel for the losses of our nation's newfound friends, my suit is having some trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature. May I go warm up in one of the shuttles, or a building?"

Finally seeing the woman he had been talking to, the suited figure offered a smile hidden by the faceplate arch, and then a deep bow. "Deepest apologies, ma'am. I'll be out of your hair soon. My suit has about an hour and a half left before it starts losing power."
Sacre stood next to Aliset, the tall Separa'Shan had the advantage of being able to use the heating elements in her uniform to help her stay warm. However, it didn't make standing on the snow less uncomfortable. Her dress uniform included the medals, which normally she rarely wore. However, with a heavy black uniform coat on because of the weather, only one award showed; The Order Of The Blazing Sun hung around her neck. Her eyes narrowed perhaps a bit disapprovingly at what she presumed was Alistair's antics, not that she approved of much her Captain did. "I would also like to request to not be turned into a Popsicle as well." She added.

Marigold stood behind Aliset and Sacre in a black turtleneck and dark blue jeans. The fading into the background was something that came naturally to the quiet Helashio.

Taisho Fletcher stood with some dignitaries, including Ranga Havard. The big black uniform coat he wore over his class A uniform helped to keep him warm in the cold. Standing nearby was his aide, Subaru.
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Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


Aelya felt the connection from her niece agreeing completely, "I can't believe they had the audacity to show up here" she communicated back to Arina via vesper. Partly paying attention to the ongoing conversations while also being cognizant of how the group might come off to her niece. She felt an explanation would be due to help offset any misconceptions.

Arina's serious look did not go unnoticed, the poor girl had been through so much Aelya could understand her misgivings. "No worries, as long as we stay far enough behind the Aestaesys it should be okay." she said to Alastair when he paused bumping into one of the newcomers. "Greetings everyone, thank you for coming to pay respects to the Aester." she said to Lenna, Nikicon, Zeck, and of course the captain. Any wonder about what battle they had been in not too long ago was rapidly cleared up by Lenna. "Captain, you and your crew have my deepest gratitude for defending our people in time of great need." she spoke solemnly. "I am Tal'Cel Aelya Caeyara and unfortunately, I have only heard about what happened during that incident and did not see anything directly due to other circumstances." she said looking to Alastair. "Is this the battle you are referring to?" she inquired of him.

At that point she caught through vesper her niece Arina asking about her company.
"I do not mean to cause you anguish niece. There are no ill intentions with this group and I apologize if it seems so. These are part of the crew that rendered aid and provided food to the Gamma ark. I will fill you in if you wish. If it helps the one known as Alastair expresses his utter distaste for the High Priestess. No, I haven't explained to him why he senses we feel the same." she sent to her niece via vesper without betraying any hint as to what was going on to her other companions.

Sorrow was still ever present in this moment, even as she watched Nikicon's ears raise which normally would have made her smile. It did make her eyes hopefully twinkle, one day maybe things would be okay again, just maybe. Someone in a space suit approached and it caught her attention. The variation was unknown to her, but she'd gather rather quickly from the person's words it seemed to be some kind of support suit. While it talked Aelya's eyes flitted to Alastair for any sign of recognition. Whoever it was addressed him as Captain which would indicate to any sane person that whoever or whatever was inside was part of the crew that aided the Gamma ark. Hopefully he would release this person to go be in a more suitable climate, she had no place to do so herself. Aelya bowed out of respect in return, "Thank you for coming to honor the lost, hopefully you are able to get to some warmth soon," she stated.

Two more had approached behind the mysterious one in the space suit. Clearly the half-human, half snake appearance would indicate that she should not be out in this climate. There was an award apparent, which on exactly she didn't know, but it seemed important. The Norian's face remained stoic not alluding at all to the fact she was curious why the new arrival's eyes narrowed. There was another behind the wearer of the space suit and half-snake woman her eyes couldn't quite catch. "Will this one seek refuge from the cold as well?" she thought to herself.
171st CRS - Taisa Maynard "Bungie" Hu
Apparently it took the funeral of a foreign Empress to actually force a Rescue Jumper into a uniform, let alone service dress. The thought struck Bungie with a sort of grim amusement. Thankfully their black cold weather coats kept his officers and senior NCOs from ruining the scene of somber mourning with a cluster of garish safety green chest panels. It was enough to make the Taisa wonder if the weather had been a tick warmer, would they have been better off simply coming in civilian suits. He and High Note would have been lucky either way, her black Intel Officer’s panel and his white Command Staff panel wouldn’t look too out of sorts. Hermes in his medical teal fared only slightly better than the majority in their EMS green. Their puffs of condensed breath were a stark reminder of the fashion disaster they’d almost been forced to unleash upon the funeral.
“Hey, High Note,” he muttered to the unusually tall Nekovalkyrja standing to his right, “Keep an eye out for any safety concerns.”

“I assume you mean, in a socio-political sense,” she said with the slightest tinge of amusement.

“Of course, this isn’t exactly a deniable op,” Bungie replied.

“It’s a funeral, Bungie,” Hermes said from his other side.

“Exactly,” the Taisa said with a small shrug. “So, High Note?”

“Our friend, Arina, seems to be glaring daggers at everybody, especially the religious leaders,” the intel officer reported, “Tread carefully and don’t look like you’re part of a faction.”

“Roger that, pass it along,” Bungie said, honestly wishing he was in a fire fight instead of here.

YSS Kōun - Pft. Saga Lindqvist
Sharply dressed in a dark green and white NSMC dress uniform and with her short hair combed back, Saga wondered if anybody from back home would even recognize her. The fact that she was about 20 cm shorter than the average Marine might tip them off. Today was the true test of an exchange soldier, she had to be the best representative for both the NSMC and the YSS Kōun. Now if only her dear captain could remember that he was a representative of the Star Army of Yamatai. There were deep social currents here. The kinds Military Intelligence trained her to watch for, but also the kinds she as an antisocial young woman preferred to steer clear of. She tried to simply remain Captain Belmont’s green clad shadow. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to find out if kicking her Captain in the shin at a funeral was the social equivalent of jumping on a grenade.