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Rejected Character Tutala

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Hello Deleted User, my plot is only accepting Star Army of Yamatai characters and exchange officers from established allies at this time. The Random Alien are super new and the Star Army doesn't really have a history with the Rathenkans yet to build trust. But furthermore I just don't really want to deal with this character as a GM right now. I got an oversize group of players already which is creating a huge workload and I don't really want to add too much complexity, or to worry about my characters getting psionic'd by this guy. I get that you want to showcase your faction, and I'd be willing to do some sort of crossover/encounter but having this character on my ship as crew doesn't make sense. You're still welcome to join the Resurgence, but I'm looking for a Star Army character and I apologize for not making that more clear earlier.
I will be changing it to CMO on the Koun, AFTER our Friday JP, IF we establish an exchange programme.
@Miko So you gonna post approval or what, buddy? :p